Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It’s occasions like this listening to YB Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah, PAS adun of Titi Serong, Perak, that I am ashamed of myself. …..My friends are aware that I am OCBC….orang cina bukan cina….I can’t manage Mandarin, my Hokkien can get me out of tight situations and my Cantonese is pathetic…bits and pieces learnt in the early 60s in happy ending joints.

But I worry not because I AM MALAYSIAN FIRST and half-baked Chinese second.





TheWhisperer said...

Comfortably ignorant breed you are!

Did you call Karen every now and then?

You must thank your lucky star that you are on this informative age and not the chastity belt age. Going into battlefield as and when you wishes.

But worry you need not. She is in 'good hands'..

We are waiting for your return.

Fight On, Old Pal!

bumi-non-malay said...

OK Please pass my blog site and lets co-ordinate and Attack some UMNO-BN cronies Web Sites....Disrupt/stop their Bribery flow using online banks. Lets start with basic disruption....pass it along!!

Lets Disrupt UMNO-BN the Racist Genocide Killers of Sarawak Penans!!

FIGHT WE MUST......When Injustice becomes Law, Revolution is Duty!

Ejen Nora said...


OK if you cannot speak Chinese.
Your presence in Sarawak to rally the people to Ubah is a noble cause anyway.

Please tell (in whatever language) to the Sarawakians that they should not be blinded by the sweet talk of BN.

Ahmad Sobri said...

It is totally unfair to blame the anticipated political tsunami on Taib alone! Taib must stand firm against his political masters from the Peninsular.

Infact, his political masters from the Peninsular had done more harm to the fate of BN in the coming Sarawak State polls than Taib. Najib, Muhyddin, Kerismuddin are the greatest contributors if Sarawak BN fails to win with a 2/3 majority.

The Kalimah Allah issue should have been settled once the High Court decision was made, and rightfully so, as Christians had been using the word in their Bible since centuries ago. Is UMNO more Islamic than the Muslims in the Middle East and Africa? Instead, they challenged the decision of the High Court and the case is still lying in the Courts of Appeals and we all know what the judgment will be, once the appeal is heard.

The defacement and defacement of the Holy Bibles is too much to bear for the Sarawakians and Sabahans. What guarantee is there if after the Sarawak Elections, the Appeals Court rules that the Christians cannot use Allah in their Bibles?

The arrogance of Muhyddin, Kerismuddin and Perkasa have hurt the East Malaysians hard. Despite their enormous wealth which had been siphoned off both by Taib and the Federal Government, they obediently voted in BN elections after elections, but, there is a limit to everything and now the East Malaysians are saying enough is enough! They want back their rights to religion which is enshrined in the Constitution, they demand good governance, they demand equality, they demand good infrastructure, they do not want to depend on rain water for their use. They want more monies in their pockets!

The only way out for the East Malaysians now is to tell BN through their votes that justice and equality must not only said to be done but seen to be done, and the only way to teach BN a lesson is to vote them out in as many constituencies as possible and if possible to deny them their customary 2/3 majority!

Taib, fight for your rights, the failure of the BN is not yours alone, do not allow yourself to be the scapegoat. Fight Najib, Muhyddin and Kerismuddin. You have more support from Sarawakians than those who are making you the scapegoat!

Meantime, Sarawakians, make good use of this opportunity to send as many Pakatan candidates into the State Assembly as possible and deny BN the 2/3 majority! Selamatkan Sarawak, Salam Reformasi!

genesispassion said...

thank you zorro ..even we are away we are with you..we do call our friends on the tel and online

Charlie Oscar said...

You should not be ashamed of yourself.
As YB Lim Abdullah is only CHINESE Muslim!!!
You should be Ashamed of him because eventually his children and grandchildren will not claim to be Chinese!!!

Anonymous said...

I respect Zorro the blogger for his undying determination to ubah Malaysia, unlike Patrick Teoh who ical choose to keep quiet in this critical period.

Anonymous said...

Uncle zorro,
From today till the polling day, lets us sing Joan Boaz song. WE SHALL OVERCOME

Peter said...

Genesispassion is at it again! In case you do not know his real name is James Loh Chee Yuen who is a known pimp and conman. He is wanted by the police in connection with many cheating cases and any person who has information on his whereabouts should contact the Head of Commercial Crime at Balai Polis Jalan Travers.