Wednesday, April 20, 2011





Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, LOL
Like the cartoon very much!
The picture says it all!

Le Abeille

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ha Ha..
The picture says it all!
Like it!
Someone should tell that Pee M we want free WIFI; not "not so free" email!

Anonymous said...

Now I know what the 1 mean.
You app me 1 I app you 1.

Sorry lah , baby pronounce help as app.

Ah Beng say You thank me too(two) I thank you three lah.
Like this nothing is left in the vault if opposistion happen to take over.

Nothing better to do meh , Jib ?

Pak Zawi said...

If it comes with a free laptop, I want it too. So far the million who have got the free laptop didn't include me. Giving out free laptops is the best business to be in.

Miz Love said...

Anon 12.09am

Typical Chinaman. Want everything free one.
Dowan to vote BN. Where can like that one.

Anonymous said...

TBH case now revealing an ill-conceived DAP controlled government program.

Rocket scientists aah?

Hamiz said...

BN keep covering up their lies. Initially Najib said it is a PFI project, which means it is initiated by the private sector but subsidised, either via grants or via cheap loans, by the government as there is the element of social benefits. By demonstrating yet again their flip-flopping policy, after the public outcry, now he is saying that it is a fully private initiative that doesn’t require government funding.

(Sarawakians must be shivering at the thought that those pre-election BN promises could be flip-flopped!)

If it doesn’t require government funding, it will probably require EPF and Inland Revenue to make periodic payments for the use of the portal. Or it could be funded by Amanah Saham 1Malaysia?

What rakyat want is Free Wifi like the Singapore's Wireless@SG. But BN has failed to listen to the rakyat. Rakyat dibelakangkan?

Ahmad Sobri said...

The rise in voters sentiments against the BN is broadbase. It is not only in the urban areas alone as judged by the recent Sarawak elections.

Even those in the semi urban and rural areas had awaken. This does not bode well for the BN. And the supposed bad feelings between Taib and the Federal Government who wants him to be removed soonest, may see Taib sabotaging BN's efforts. Taib actions can easily cause BN to lose 20 Parliamentary seats. As it is, judging by the recent Parliamentary election, PR is expected to win 10 Parliamentary seats from Sarawak alone! Further erosion of confidence, agitated by the likes of Perkasa, Pembela, Utusan Malaysia will definitely see BN losing further seats!

Elections today are no longer like yesteryears. The young are wailing for change, and they had shown in Sarawak and this effect is contagious as everyone knows. It will spill over to Sabah and West Malaysian Youths are equally looking for change! They have less monies in their pockets, they have too much sexual stories to read which is corrupting their minds and now they are also anxious to try out the sexual fantasies, all propagated by UMNO and Utusan Malaysia! Productivity will continue to deteriorate, the country will continue to slump in every aspect of the economy, and will lagged behind many countries in Southeast Asia!

The best and only way for Malaysians to go forward is to go for change! We cannot depend on these old UMNO warlords like Mahathir, whose mindset are still in the sixties! We need to have competitive, well educated leaders to lead Malaysians. All those old leaders in UMNO/McA/MIC/SUPP/Gerakan MUST go in order for Malaysia to go forward.

There is no other avenue for Malaysians, if you keep up with the likes of Perkasa, Pembela, etc. Malaysia will go back 50 years backwards! For the good of all Malaysians, we need to change and vote out all those oldies that cannot contribute to change in the UMNOled Barisan!

Anonymous said...

Going by this report, PM Najib has indirectly said that UBAH is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Can trust him meh ?
One day say he dont know saifool and the next day say yes he met him .

Remain silent in most of the teething issues but will jump out for credit once issue being solved by someone.

Still trying to figure out what he has done to cheer for since the first day he took over but 1 thing for sure you can notice many shops and enteprises begin with 1 and whether it's of any significance is immaterial as long you feel cool
1 Todye clinic.
1 Ash Hole cleaning service.
1 Eye jack optical.
1 Kaotim dim sum eatery.
1 Tan Mee noodles.
1 Way or another AH Long.
1 way ticket brotel.
1 Freethenpaid consultant.

Navi said...

Acai acai claims that the idea of 1Malaysia email is his and that his proposal had been hijacked. (MT 21/4/11) How true is it? Will Jibby deny it?
I suppose that natives in Sarawak and Sabah who live in the rural areas are jubilant that they are getting their own emails free. Now they have to wait for TM to provide them electricity and laptops to start emailing.
Hurray for BN

Charlie Oscar said...

Everything for the Good of the Rakyat is an ISSUE!!!
How Unusual!!!

Oskar Kecik said...

Hey Charlie Oscar

Are you the one who caused a stampede to get that 1Tupperware?