Thursday, April 21, 2011


TERRENCE NETTO WROTE: “If a mature politics is a pattern of creative responses to society's vast inertia and small margin for change, then the idea of a merger between DAP and Snap is one of the more stimulating propositions to emerge in recent times.

With one stroke, Alexander of Macedon solved all the mystery of the Gordian knot. A DAP-Snap merger, in one fell swoop, would break the racial mould in which Sarawak's politics has for the last four decades been mired.

Floated by the DAP's strategic director, Lim Kit Siang, in the immediate aftermath of his party's redoubtable showing in the Sarawak polls last Saturday, the idea is a win-win proposition for both parties.


I am glad that someone besides me thinks likewise. At Uncle Doms, just across the street from the DAP Bukit Assek Service Centre where I worked from, I told three DAP operatives that DAP at worst will win 12 out of 15 and at best 13 out of 15. I was told that I was too optimistic. When I said what I said in my posting of 23March HERE, one of my DAP friends told me I can dream on. But that’s me. Thinking the impossible and toying with probabilities… lose nothing anyway, this way.

In brief conversations with YB Lim Kit Siang we never talked about this possibility although it was at the tip of my tongue during supper after a ceremah. Neither did I broached this subject to YB Liew Chin Tong except to tell him that the Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto failed to include the 18 Point Agreement (Sarawak). Terrence, basing himself in Kuching, did communicate often with me but here again our conversations were more on what was happening than what could happen.

But I am glad that three people independently think alike. But others will say “Fools seldom differ”. Meantime, let’s just see how this develops, yah?


bumi-non-malay said...

That is no merger...that is call survival for SNAP.....and perhaps potential Expensive Katak.... DAP be better off inviting people like Jeffery Kitingan , Baru Bian....and remove PKR from Sabah/Sarawak....

If Anwar and Azmin know what is humility and admit other party are better than them then they should encourage those PAS candidates to also join DAP and END the UMNO-BN racist games once and for all.....

PKR Get out of Sabah and Sarawak ..that is the wishes of the people unless your skin is so thick that your 3 seats victory. PKR seems to be stunbling block in Sabah / Sarawak......when will those thick skin exco of PKR learn.....Have PKR heard of DELEGATE???....Your days are numbered and so is Malaysia window of opportunity....meanwhile carry on the little Mat Kilau....leave UMNO-BN tools something to think about DAILY!!

Anonymous said...

Not close to this but given the recent bad blood between SNAP and PKR fighting over the same seats, I'm not sure if it is a good idea for SNAP and DAP to merge.

Sure, in politics, one could be friend today, foe tomorrow, friend again the day after. But in the eyes of the rakyat (the more informed ones), the credibility of a political party is judged by among others, who they go to bed with and what happens after the honeymoon is over.

Maybe a coalition ... but a merger?

awang samiun said...

Dont be too arrogant! There were a lot of PKR supporters who voted for DAP candidates in the recent election!Try leaving out PKR and lets see where this will lead DAP to?

Bumi Boy said...


Yes indeed. PKR should just leave Sarawak well alone.
Baru Bian should join SNAP. Revive the party and fight for the Dayaks.
No point hanging out with a loser party.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
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Well, don't you think how precarious najib.....Don't you think Calpernia looks like Rosemah.....Hey Calpernia is much prettier

Anonymous said...

By the way, I believe you would have enjoyed this one.....Kenneth Williams is superb

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Anonymous said...

Credible Sarawakians esp the bumis, including those from SNAP, should just join DAP and work quietly. No need to raise so much noise and insult PKR, knowing very well of their bad blood with SNAP and their UMNO-mentality, kecik hati!!

fatcat said...

politics is about making the impossible possible, but then it can only happen in a Tom Cruise's movie, good luck Jim eh..I mean YB Lim

Charlie Oscar said...

LKS knew DAP is a RACIST Party!!!
That is why he mooted the idea of merging with SNAP.
Trying to Hood-wink the Rakyat???

Jong said...

It was only a suggestion from LKS, his way to test reaction. No need for newly elected BaruBian on pkr's behalf to get confrontational.

Anonymous said...

As I commented on LKS blog, I totally agree. Pick the good seeds from the chaff in SNAP & prepare for the GE.

Anonymous said...

Anything is possible in Msian politics. If that money faced turncoat, RPK can suddenly turn around and lick UMNO's balls, what else is not possible in Msia?

Jong said...

BaruBian still has alot to learn from the DAP senior politician, know the man - that's his master-stroke of diplomacy!:D

Anonymous said...

This is wat i c should on the next election, the govt of day falls.
1. The warlords will incite/pay for a riot even before the new government swear in.
2. The new govt cannot swear in without the minimum minister.
3. Even when the new govt swear in, will their employees follow the instructions? Look at the current havoc done at state level.
4. The military will seize control b4 the new swear in due to the riot. Malaysia will b the next Thai.
5. From then on, there will be constant colored tshirt holding demos
6. The economy will collapse.
7. It will take one generation to rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Uncle Bernard,
Introducing Carry on Cleo! Play it man. It's as good as Doctor in the House

Charlie Oscar said...

SNAP really need DAP more than DAP needs SNAP.

Anonymous said...

BN will never admit that non-chinese too are beginning to desert them.

UMNO & Che Det will then continue to pile all accusations that DAP is a racist party to scare the malays.

Meanwhile, mCA is still dreaming that it can recapture the chinese votes.

Rajan said...

Tun M's accusation of DAP is nothing but an effort of demonising the opponent so that the real issues are lost in translation amongst the less enlightened masses. It is his way of ensuring Umno stays in power so that one day his son might become PM.

The only reason Pakatan has not contested under a common banner is because ROS (Registrar of Societies) refused to register them as a coalition. Anyway, when does contesting under one banner itself make a coalition non-racist?

Racism is ultimately reflected in BN government NEP policies.

Marina Hasmah said...

The motive of Utusan Malaysia's call to adopt a 1Melayu, 1Bumi concept is to ask the regime to further alienate non-Melayu and non-bumis from sharing national resources rightfully belong to everyone.

So why Najib is still silent on this when his 1 malaysia vision is under attack?