Wednesday, April 6, 2011


No! I did not expect this at first but on second thought and remembering that the natives before they converted to Christianity were animists. In fact, they still practice animism in spite of being Christians. That I am told is prevalent and still in practice.

This I received during dinner last night after the Press Conference to introduce the 4 DAP candidates for Sibu, this SMS, a plaintive plea, tinged with some element of desperation! I produce it here verbatim:

The following are circulating amongst praying Christians, the truth of
which only those of you on the ground can verify. Whatever the case
may be, it does show us that many earnest people are praying for
your safety and security.

Below is a plea for help from a FOS (Friends of Sarawak) friend in Sarawak.
He is moving around the longhouses and will not have access to the
Net. Please inform prayer groups, including NECF, MPN and any others that
you know of. A demonic ceremony is to take place 5April, Tuesday night,
8pm-12am at Betong. Below the urgent message to all of us.


Need urgent prayers.

I don't have internet access, pleases put up all these prayers points at
all network prayer...pls.

I am in Betong Areas - N30, N31,N32 - Saribas, Layar, and Bukit Saban.
The BN (ALFRED JABU -DCM and teams are preparing the offerings and
sacrifices to the gods on 5th April at 8pm sharp at Dewan Rentap-
Betong (a Civic center).

There will be many.......and they are cursing & putting spells to all
the opposition candidates, and those voters who votes for the
opposition. There will be slaughtering of chickens & piglets - for the
blood as offerings to the many gods....

This is the 1st time they are doing it.....All the respective BN
candidates will be coming for this offering/sacrifices event by
helicopters tomorrow. The ceremony will start at 8pm Tuesday evening
till midnight.

Doom and Hell fires will be called out from everywhere, using all all
the evil spirits to cast spells and curses to those against them.

These will have a bad impact, spiritual and physical on the IBAN
Natives for another few generation if we as soldiers of CHRIST don't
stand as the shields against these dark forces!

I predict there will be some supernatural manifestations tomorrow in
the surrounding areas.

I arrived in this area this noon, and moving around etc. The christians
and people don't like BN, but fears only uncertainties!!! They fear they
will be victimized if BN knew the longhouses are voting for opposition.
I have to rush now.....and no internet access. Lines now are bad. Please
inform all prayer network and friends...urgent.

Update -The BN candidates N32 Bukit Saban Robert Lawson Chuat aka
Vincent will not be joining this cursing/offering ceremony as
......this is wrong and un-christian, and I dont know whether the DCM
Alfred Jabu will get angry with his nephew Robert lawson Chuat..?.


Malaysiakini reported this:

A minor fracas breaks out when Independent candidate Salleh Jafaruddin raises his voice at a blonde wearing heavy make-up.

It was reported that Stella Kharleen Tashman ( below) is a bomoh linked to Taib.

"You want to put a spell on me, you want to put a spell on Malaysia," says Salleh, raising his voice.

However, she just laughed and walked away, while Salleh had to be restrained by his supporters.


azmie said...

well, they are the demons and evil spirits. what more can we say

Anonymous said...

Action lah Salleh!. for a decade and a little bit more he is known to be very religious. Why should he worry about the blond bomoh. Just want to make a scene lah! Shout at Taib lah .. your second cousin.

Antares said...

The whole country has been ruled by voodoo since that embodiment of Sauron took power in 1981. Now it has become more obvious, with a bona fide perempuan puaka installed in Putridjoyless!

Anonymous said...

Pray to Jesus: Lord God, save us from the forces of evils that have shrouded us for so long. In your name, show us the light and cast away all the bomohs that they have brought into this place. Show us that you care and we humbly ask you to intervene and cleanse us all the the evils forces of the bomohs and the politicians that are among them too, Amen.
In the name of the Lord Jesus and f the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Anonymous said...

So, did the meeting took place?

Anonymous said...

Jesus is the Lord of lords, the King of kings and the God of gods! Phil 2:10-11 says that "At the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (RSV) See, those demons have to bow to Jesus and confess Jesus is Lord! So, no fear, all who take refuge in Jesus!

pinsysu said...

demons/evil spirits feed on fear. the more fear you display the stronger they become. they nid not be invisible as some are in human forms. in watever circumstances our dear bros & sisters in the East pls remember this: if God is with us nothing can be against us. darkness recedes when light is shined upon it. we will pray for God's grace & protection for those who stand in the light. do not be afraid & stand firm!!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't UMMI coming to the party? She claimed she had 18 more videos but looks like she's missing the Mother of all Parties! May be, just may be, Jho might want to fly Paris in later??

Anonymous said...

Over each land such as Sawarak, there is what the Christians call a principality that tries to rule over the land and its people.

We are not called to engage in spiritual warfare with flesh and blood (i.e. mankind) but with principalities who often protray themselves (through their human subjects) as kings of the land.

Once you pull down these principalities thru prayer, repentance for the sins committed against the land and declaring that Jesus is the King of Kings, you will deal the biggest blow to the enemy. Then perhaps we may see a real change in the land come 16th April 2011.

So it is important for the opposing political candidates and voters to be courteous and loving to each other. Let us not demonise Taib no matter how much is vilified by certain people. Let us show love and mercy while praying hard for God's justice to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Tyrants and dictators have fallen in Tunisia and Egypt and even the prinicpality of Sendai was shaken. Is Sarawak next?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Why suddenly all the rush
With or without the hush
So much still hidden in the bush
Let's have a change with the right push

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Thur. 7th Apr. 2011.