Saturday, April 30, 2011


“Few things are as annoying as the pot calling the kettle black.












I read some many years ago on how an eastern European community punished a town rapist*. After ravaging the teen orphan he killed her. The town council kept the body of the victim in the morgue until the rapist was apprehended. He was after a week. He was strapped to a pole in a nearby forest. The ravaged victim was tied to him face to face. He died raving mad probably when decomposition set in and his cries jarred the still nights for two weeks. When the night cries ceased, the village elders went to the scene they found the murdered rape victim still in her funeral clothes curiously unblemished and no signs of decomposition. They buried her but left the rapist still tied to the pole. Months later the village elders went to the execution site but found no signs of skeletal parts except pieces of clothing. Months later some town folks found skeletal parts scattered over a vast area of the forest….probably the work of night scavenging carrions. Never again did a rape occur in that township. Lessons unlearned are lessons repeated. Lessons can be learned, yah?

*it could be Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I have no way of confirming as the book I lent to someone never boomeranged back to me. (You will remember that that book was given to me by my Xavierian teacher Mr. Tan Teik Hooi. HERE) Maybe somebody could confirm….but of course it is not important, the source, that is.


Anonymous said...

This story does not come from Doestoevsky's 'Crime and Punishment'. This book involves a young man who murders his landlady and is then hunted down by the cops.

Zorro and other readers, you may however be greatly interested in reading about how RPK's reputation and credibility is fast sinking down the toilet.

Read here, and here. Beautifully argued articles, and no RPK fan has so far managed to refute the points made (see the comments section).

Anonymous said...

Your tale of revenge, horror n gore is not relevant to higher Malaysia. This is a pseudo Islamic country where recitals in Koranic (Satanic) verses is King. Where adolescent girls wear shawl by day but becomes hooker by night. Where the Fence eats the padi.

RPK is finished the day he spoke with tv3. Haris is a fake in MCLM clothing.

Can Zorro last ? when whisky runs out? who knows?

Yr children's children? Did you drink too little?

Anonymous said...

.... and there is one more here - written earlier than the other 2. Check these articles out.

zorro said...

Anon750pm. Yes I did read both Breaking Views and also comments that followed. All comments have their value/merit except two by one menon which I found deplorable and shallow.Comments become such when it becomes a personal attack against the author.

Anonymous said...

Its staggering how heroic Zaid & night stalker RPK in 1 fell swoop became Malaysian Public enemy no 1 & 2. Followed by the free fall of Haris the People's Misparliament & I fear soon old Zorro himself may be unmasked.

The evil Empire is powerful & many prisoners will be taken. Mr Zorro, for yr past heroic deeds to continue untainted like a beacon & appropriately cast in stone for future generations, plse take refuge somewhere, as we flush out more tricky sewage.

During Badawis time, it was easy. Now the Mongolian curse is upon us. Soon the French will come. Take cover someplace new where they wont know

zorro said...

Anon1106pm....I have unmasked since my first posting in 2007. You have a face and a name...or taking cover?Be sport man, lets have a name...if you are named!I like to call you by your name. It is not polite if I call you "Hey, no name!" That would be rude, yah? And thanks for all the warning...the Special Branch have my details...there is no where for me to take cover because I dont need to take cover as you advised.

Miz Love said...

How about you, Haris, Art Harun and that RPK contest in the coming GE.
Can win or not? Or you will lose your deposit?
I dare you to do this for the Malaysia you wanted.

zorro said...

Miz Love, on condition that you be my election agent on nomination day and manage my campaign. I dare you.And I promise you one thing if you take up this key position. You will be a better person after this, a completely transformed human being capable of separating the grain from the about it ...are you up to it? One more thing...if you take this challenge and accept the post, I will have to put you thru a gruelling assessment centre sessions where a series of tests (actually 7 in total)will determine if you are equipped with all the qualities necessary for that particular position. For a start, you have failed in one....that is, YOU ARE JUDGEMENTAL,like the parent who tells his kid who is always questioning,"If you are so clever why don't you take over the running of this home?" Being judgemental, you fail in one other criteria which is INFLUENCING SKILLS. Like that parent, you are unable to influence the kid into why this is so, why this cannot be done, how it could be done, when it could be so.
I could go on, but I would not want to spoil your day which you want to enjoy until Labor day is over. By the way, (and don't be judgemental and say that I am boasting)I am an internationally accredited assessor of Assessment Centre testings....part of the science of head-hunting...placement of people into key positions in an organisation.
By the way, we cant all be politicians...I'd rather be a SNIPER...and not being a member of any political party I am a liberty and thus licensed to pick out my target(s) in the cross-hair - the errant amongst BN and Pakatan...yes Pakatan included. Surprised? So let me be what I am comfortable with, making others uncomfortable and I suggest you go hug the thighs of your master which would comfort you comfortably. Me, I will spend today and tomorrow oiling my .50 Cal. BMG which is perhaps the most prodigious man-stopper in the hisory of modern warfare, it's destructive potential is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I'm Joe.

You can stand as MCLM candidates. Go find your own agent through MCLM, just like how the other MCLM candidates found them. Your best friend is MCLM chairman.

Now don't avoid the question by asking the questioner a question. Old trick.

So let's get straight to the point, again.

We Malaysians who want change want to see people who can WALK THEIR TALK.

Will you, RPK and Haris stand as election candidates?

Yes or no?


One word. Let's here it from you.

Are you, Zorro, willing and ready to stand as an election candidate. Yes, or no?

We await your answer.

zorro said...

Evidently you did not read my response 1117am. I ain't want to be a politician....I am a sniper babe.BTW who is WE? But if you wrote "I await your answer." My reply is "You so not deserve an answer because you are anonymous." Get real man....dont shoot blanks. Be open. Never hide. It is not nice. Be nice.

zorro said...

Joe boy....are you sure I am MCLM? You think MCLM will want me as a candidate? Me at 71. Joey I refuse to engage in a battle of wits, as I will not take advantage of the handicapped.

The Wise Guy said...

hi bro Bernard..

go sock it 2 them...those pooohs

s..!@#$%^&*()(*()&^*%$%^$#@..t that's how i feel about them 2...


haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

Muar-Chee said...

The chinese community does not suuport MCA and its leaders are not our representatives, PERIOD. If the BN government is credible and their componnent parties did not perform to the requirements of the rakyat, they should be admonished and told to buck up. Instead this tainted PM and his cronies had the gall to tell the community that our representation is finished because of us practising our rights to choose and vote? Does our government have any commonsense at all? Their greed for power had blinded them so muc that they can no longer tell the difference between wrong and right or black and white? As for CSL, please prop up your pillow at night when you go to bed and think very carefully what principles do you upheld and what examples are you setting for the younger generation. I doubt very much you ever bother and care.