Tuesday, April 12, 2011


After taking a “test” I am informed that I am a right brain person, inherently impatient, assertive, aggressive and trying to be less abrasive. We “rightists” look first at the whole picture then the details as opposed to the left brain guy who look first at the pieces and then put them together to get the whole picture.

The whole picture is the eventual results in this Sarawak state Elections. Examining the details I conclusive say that the Elections will depend on the Tuai Rumah.

These are the formidable clutch of elected chiefs. My blog buddy Joe Tawie of the Broken Shield wrote: Today, the criteria for Tuai Rumah have changed; he must be educated at least up to Form Three, be pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) and not necessarily, as previously required, possess deep knowledge of Iban Adat (this he can learn from The Tusun Tunggu, a book containing all the customs, traditions, taboos, fines, etc.).

Indeed, they are the law unto themselves. Indeed, BN undoubtedly has their you-know-what firmly grasped, to be squeezed or fondled at will. Shameless of course, as a leader, but that is how it is. This is the scenario NOW as documented by Joe Tawie in “The Broken Shield Volume Two – The Dayak Dilemma” :

“In this 2006 election, the BN devised an entirely different campaign strategy, which caught the Opposition with their pants down. Previously the money was passed directly to the voters on the eve of polling. This time the distribution was done through their Tuai Rumah.

“Three days before polling all the headmen were summoned for a meeting, where they were coached to say something to their own people. And on their return to their respective longhouses, they were given some money that was to be shared with the voters of their own longhouses. In addition to this, there were also minor rural development projects that were promised to be implemented.

“The Tuai Rumah then called for a meeting of the longhouse folks and ordered them to vote for the Barisan Nasional candidates. Anyone who failed to follow his order or directive would not be given any share of the bounties or any project that the government had promised them. And he was also likely to be expelled from the longhouse.

“The Tuai Rumah must ensure that his followers must vote for the BN candidate, otherwise the BN candidate would report him to the District Officer, the Resident or the State Secretary. As Tuai Rumah is like a civil servant, action including the termination of his Tuai Rumahship could be taken against him. He might lose his monthly allowance of RM450 per month. And the promised minor rural development projects might be withdrawn.

“In Datuk Daniel Tajem’s constituency of Bukit Begunan, he was defeated by a man, Mong Dagang, whom he had picked to replace him in the 1996 state election. Tajem practically lost in all the longhouses in the five polling districts. Before the money came, many longhouse chiefs and their followers had pledged their support to him, who had represented them in six previous elections. After the distribution of money and the threats issued, everything changed; longhouse headmen, their followers and even Tajem’s own relatives voted against him. And a similar tale of vote buying had also been reported in other Dayak constituencies.”

Undoubtedly, money is power and the government has effectively used it as a "weapon" to intimidate the longhouse chiefs and their followers. And what makes it more frightening to the voters is the vote counting is done immediately after polling ends, revealing whether the voters from the longhouses voted for BN candidate or not.

Unless this system of counting is changed and the vote buying is curbed and the Tuai Rumah system is abolished, future elections will continue to be unfair to the Opposition candidates.

But the worst effect is that the system will create a government full of corrupted and dishonest elected representatives as well as inculcating into the people or voters a culture of corruption and a dishonest syndrome where money determines the election

A desperate BN has requested the presence of snake-oil (aka MONEY) and its chief peddler is in town to dispense in full view of an impotent and subservient Election Commission.

This Pakatan must confront head-on and as the countdown to 16 April has begun every effort and every minute must be dedicated to cause an about-turn in the rural heartland.



Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy for the fair comments.

Anonymous said...

When you are exorcising the evil spirits, it is very difficult, frustrating, frightening and the whole lots of negativity. You feel like you just wanna pack up and retire to some hermitage and forget about the world. We just have to keep remembering that it is the darkest of night before the sun rises.

Barisan Nasional no longer comprise of humans. They are evil spirits bereft of conscience, compassion and humanity. They probably pawn their family if that means they get more money. They probably slice of their own flesh piece by piece if that means they get more power. They are so intoxicated with power and money that there isn't anything that cannot be done anymore!

Ye Qin Xiang said...

BN is resorting to having concert with taiwanese singers to lure the chinese away from the DAP's ceramah.

Desperate move indded!

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of BN's broken promise. Janji tapi tak pasti!

BN's Plan to build New Sri Aman Hospital, 15 years on and the empty promise and posturing continues!

In a despicable act of pure political opportunism and desperation, Najib added to the 15 year long, litany of broken BN promises to the people of Sri Aman, by announcing that a new Sri Aman hospital worth RM200 million will be completed in 2013.

ahmad sobri said...

Sarawakians, shoo out BN in as many seats as possible! This is to teach the despicable Utusan Malaysia, who wants to corrupt Malaysian Youths with nothing but sex, sex and more sex! Lies, lies and more lies!

That video was first allegedly said to be shot in a hotel in KL and when the Thai subtitles came out, it said it was shot in Thailand. Just do not trust desperadoes, the more they try to lie, the more determined we are to vote BN out. Remember, Sarawakians, Utusan is UMNO's mouthpiece and it had been spewing lies. It claims to be the champion of Islam and the Malays, but, it works in cohort with gambing companies ( which is haram in Islam) by publishing the results of all gambling results. By doing so, it is actively promoting gambling which is haram to Malays and Islam!

Do not trust Utusan Malaysia! Its circulation is dropping every day with only a handful of readers who wants some fun.

Anonymous said...

China 11th 5-Year Plan produced nearly 1 million millionaires irrespective of races and statuses:



The nation progresses fast with only 30 years. There, Bullet-trains travelling, Shenzhou spacecrafts shooting up, space station-TianXong 1 will be blasted off in the second half of this year 2011 followed Shenzhou 8 experimenting of space docking system, building Commercial & Civil Aviation Planes are underway, home-grown AIDS vaccines were successfully tested in the first phase and heading for the 2nd phase, other vaccines, such as H1N1 Flu vaccine, are commercialized domestically and etc etc,,.

In our Bolehland, with 54 years of independence and over 11th NEP (i.e. 5-Year Plans), in fact over 15th NEP, produced only millionaires of their cohorts and cronies of BN/UMNO! The NEM is going to be the same, that is “OLD Wines Packed in New Bottles”. Malaysia was the top 2 after Japan in the Asian region! After 54 years, Malaysia is in the TOP-7 after Vietnam in the South-East Asian. Our Bolehland not even smell the farts of TOP-8 in the Asia…

What can we expect the BN/UMNO suckers to lead and govern? They only suck whatever they want for their own goods and advantages!