Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What is planned

to happen.


How can Pakatan

prevent this from


Whilst many of us may be distracted by SNAP I would urge Christians in Sarawak to continue pressuring your pastors and priests to speak from the heart and FROM the PULPIT. 308 demonstrated the power of the pulpit. We are too familiar with how BN will play the Bible bit. They will be relentless in not giving in to pressure but can also turn magnanimous just before the election and “free” your bibles. Bet you if this happens, some Christians will be in euphoric fits whilst BN gives that knowing wink. Brethren, don’t be in high heaven too soon. Don’t be fooled again! Watch Jalal! How many times are you going to be DUPED?


SNAP has too long been in the doldrums. Baring aside this sudden resurgence plus an infusion of funds, perceptions are having a field day. Knee-jerk reactions invariably surface and experts freely give their 2cents. This thought occurred to me amidst all these. No way can SNAP and PKR be bed-mates after this tussle over seats. It is too late to form any pacts now. But when this is over, maybe SNAP could forge some new relationship. SNAP would latch on to a party that has proved itself in 2006 and 2010, DAP that is. The elusive goal in Sarawak is the native votes. This coming together would dispel the stigma that DAP is a race-based party. Just a thought….maybe worth another round of thinking, yah?


Anonymous said...

Ever since joining Malaya to form Malaysia, Sarawakian had been duped. It seems they will be duped for another millenneum or more.

Anonymous said...

There're a string of BN/PPB component parties in Sarawak, namely SPDP, PBDS, PRS, SNAP, SUPP etc. They are just like lotus leaves in a pond where the froggies hop from one leave to the other. The funniest thing is that some of the kingpins are not even Iban or Dayak. It's timely SR revealed the plot.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Good job in giving another perspective on the timing of the latest Anwar scandal by BN goons.

Thinking of it, the general public would surely be sidetracked by this scandalous expose but the main hidden agenda is to get SNAP politicians to become kataks which most would not have thought of!

From what I see , this is their (BN's) main agenda- a good ploy (or a good excuse) to get the SNAP politicians to switch sides once the Sarawak elections are over. The timing of the release so close to the Sarawak state elections is no co-incidence.

Please notify your blogger pals especially those in Sarawak about this nefarious plan by BN to continue to rape Sarawak.

Anonymous said...


Another good read We have all along told MCLM that SNAP is not good for PR and MCLM. Don't get hookwink by soldiers of fortune.

wandererAus said...

The Bumiputra of Sarawak were stripped completely naked by the BN leeches headed by a King of Corrupts!... the so called, "Protector" of their interests. If they still do not see the need for change, they deserve to be screwed! Ignorance and naivety cannot be used perpetually as an excuse for betterment of a community..."God helps those who help themselves"

Anonymous said...


nothing can be done though ... sarawakians are known back stabber.

the reason why they doubted the presence of outsiders was fearing the expose of their expertise on cutting each others throat.