Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sarawak4Change pleads:

Attention all Sarawakians working in West Malaysia : Start booking your flight tickets now to come home to give our Paramount thief minister Taib Mahmud a permanent retirement and farewell.

I have checked with Airasia and the fare for Apr 14 and 15 is about RM68.00 and going back fare on Apr 17 or 18 is about RM103.00 . Inclusive of tax it should cost you around RM200.00

It is very crucial that as many Sarawakians who are eligible to vote in Sarawak should come home to vote for change and a new government.

I trust pro Pakatan NGOs based in West Malaysia will assist in the travel arrangements of Sarawakians wishing to come home to vote. Please publish or upload here your telephone contacts HERE.

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charleskiwi said...

It is time to go home and vote the dirty old man out of his gravy train !
He is too rich at your expense and you might as well spend a further RM200- to bring justice back to Sarawak. You have been fool long enough so enough is enough !

Foo Mee Har said...

Good job Zorro.

AsiaAsia should set up additional flights to help voters to go home to vote. I hope Tony Fernandes is not pressured by BN no to do so.

Those who are already at home have even greater responsibility to come up to vote, rain or shine, in order to effect the change!

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians who work in Peninsular Malaysia must go back to vote even if you need to sacrifice a few days pay, and a few hundred ringgit of travel expenses. It's the time to vote for change. It's now or never.

Joseph Intang said...

Yes I am going home to vote for BN.
My parents live in a long house where we have all amenities.
We don't have a problem in getting our tanah adat.
I also received scholarship from my state government.
Hidup Taib. Hidup Najib.

Anonymous said...

Time to go home, tiem to tell my people they have been cheated and robbed all these years. Time to tell them we had a constitution much better then the present before they came, yes Sarawak had a constitution. Time to tell them that if we don't Indonesians and Filipina's (moros) will gain citizenship and kick us out. Time for Dayak action!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tony Fernandes please make it 'Now Everyone Can Fly Home To Vote' as your tagline!!!

sampalee said...

Do not let west malaysian politician control and there is hope yet.