Wednesday, March 23, 2011


*Ejen Nora said...


* To be honest, I couldn’t care less if my area’s Yang Berhormat has sex with transvestites, women, men but excepting animals and children.

I care more that he does his duty honestly, that he doesn’t take kickbacks and that he is qualified for the job.

This whole farce of “selective” morality is a waste of time, really.

Why is prostitution more immoral than taking bribes?

Or denuding rainforests?

Or enriching your nearest family and sycophants?

We are a nation that embraces hypocrisy and to be frank, I’m tired of it.

Sex is a cheap smear tactic and using it means that you haven’t much else in your reputation-destroying arsenal.

March 23, 2011 8:47 AM


wandererAus said...

Datuk T or more appropriately, UMNO Datuk Pimp!
This "coward bastard" who job was to solicitate china dolls to his political masters and got paid handsomely. One wonders if he was responsible supplying to Chua Sex Leg a Deep Throat entertainer that made MCA president so unwelcome famous. Perhaps, this was the same prick that fixed our sex lover up!!
MCA felt so comfortable having a porn king as their head, who are we to criticize them...
We have a Mafia boss running the country, did it both ways with a Mongolian beauty and blew her up to pieces with C4, what is a little sex game on the side compared to this unimaginable ugly murder?

Anonymous said...

The problem is this is mainly aim at those less educated rural folks. If they buy the story, what's Pakatan going to do? As long as the tactic works, why not? This is politic and in Malaysia politic is not meant to be clean.

Anonymous said...


Since when does unmo has good repute?

they are the ones with the cess pool as grey matters - nothing worthwhile oozing out from then since like 52 years ago.


Anonymous said...

So its true laa....

Sodomy and cheong...

Anonymous said...

Who is datuk t. its time for voters to vote for change. Ya, corruption and misuse of authority are more dangerous and shamfeful than have sex exposed. The so called datuk t should come out. Surely those journalists who are invited to see he illegal porn know who is datuk t why on earth being responsible journlists can expose the datuk t or even report to the police to take action.

Anonymous said...

i like your stand lah agent nora...
even if your own dad a womaniser, screwing girls/boys around every weekend (behind your mom), you don’t care as long as he feed you with good food.
How about you zorro? In your entire life, did you ever hire a prostitute? Oh it’s OK as long as it’s not recorded, is that what your heart telling you?

zorro said...


I will not attempt to answer for Ajen Nora.She can give as much as she receives (from goodie-two-shoes like your nameless self),I know.

I would be a liar and a hypocrite if my answer is NO. My answer is YES. But I did not hire them. When you hire, that person is "under" your employ....that would be slavery, yes? WHAT ABOUT YOU?

I am considering putting up a post to educate you on the good side of prostitution. Yea, I will do it shortly.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you've fired a good one at Anon @5.02pm. Sadly he is too much of a dumbass to take your cue.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I nods in agreement with "agen Nora".
Not just about sexual preference but race , religion and skin colour as well.
A Mamak was accepted by umno and the Mamak ruled for 22 years.
umno have no problem with that.
A lazy sleepy head who bonks his own sister in law replaces the Mamak and umno sees no problem too.
Abdul Rahman the 1st premier drinks his favourite fire water and smoke. Is that a problem?
Rahim chik bonks underage girls but he is still a Tan Sri.
Umno can also accept Azalina Lesbo as minister.
Malaysians also knew that many of our HRHs are womaniser and gambler but they are regarded as pillars of a certain religion in this country.

"We are a nation that embraces hypocrisy and to be frank, I’m tired of it. " well said.