Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Anonymous said...

rn't these low life from ameno?

Anonymous said...

Pot calling the kettle black, one shouldn't listen to a teenage raper

wandererAus said...

"Let's cross the river without getting our dick wet!" (UMNO favorite game).

Gerald Chong said...


This recent SEX TAPE is indeed EXPLOSIVE. This will certainly add more SPICE & HERBS into Malaysia’s political cuisine.

Now that the so-called DATUK had been revealed & RAHIM THAMBY CHIK-SHAZRYL ESKAY dare CONFIRM the man in the tape is indeed ANWAR IBRAHIM…we ought to set-up a RCI to determine the TRUTH. ‘The rakyat’ deserve & must know the truth!!!

What’s even more DARING & BOLD is that the DATUK TRIO welcomes Pakatan Rakyat leaders such as LIM KIT SIANG, WAN AZIZAH & NIK AZIZ to be part of the panel. DATUK TRIO even invite FOREIGNERS to be part of the panel. Thus, I think the findings of this proposed RCI would be a "NON BIASED" one, while I sense there could be some TRUTH behind DATUK TRIO’s allegation.

What PUZZLE me most is that leaders such as LIM KIT SIANG & other Pakatan Rakyat leaders are QUESTIONING the POLICE instead. Can’t these GOONS understand that it’s MORE IMPORTANT to determine whether is the man is his sexual act ANWAR IBRAHIM or not??? Whether the viewing session of the tape in Carcosa is legal or illegal is NOT that IMPORTANT. Somehow these Pakatan Rakyat leaders simply couldn’t understand the word “PRIORITY”. They can’t distinguish what’s IMPORTANT and what’s SECONDARY IMPORTANT or is that they simply choose to IGNORE what’s IMPORTANT as to try AVOID the topic??? How lame & sad, right???

I look forward to a RCI pertaining to this. This will enable ‘the rakyat’ to know whether should they continue to VOTE for Pakatan Rakyat or not. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT instead of barking whether did the Police take action for this & that.

“Address the issue rather than to avoid or divert it should be the way!!!”

VP said...

Gerald Chong,
Pls give me a shout when u need help to get yr head out of the kangaroos butt it's stuck,i will do it for free!

i saw my neighbours dog fcukin a stray..i need a RCI to pacify the UMNO dogs !

Gerald Chong said...

Hi VP,

No offence but I think you had allowed your views to be ONE SIDED.

Humans ought to look at things at a NEUTRAL position before taking sides.

I think you need to be more MATURE to even understand this. As for stray dogs & kangaroos, please contact ANTHONY THANASAYAN. He's the expert in taking care of ANIMALS WELFARE.

Get smart, VP!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with setting up a RCI, VP?

Don't you think it's important to know the real truth? or are the one that is stuck in the dog's butt making you not understanding the real issue here?

Anonymous said...

it looks like if you are a bn supporter, the trio has done the country a favour by exposing the man who could become pm for what he is.

if you are an opposition supporter, the police must first take action against the trio for showing porn to the public, never mind if they are acting to save their country from a sex manaic.

to which category do you belong zorro?

Anonymous said...

Gerald Chong, which blooming peeled hole that you crept out from?..calling a RCI to establish, UMNO as a sex craze political party?... bankrupt with ideas, except, having only sex cells in their rotten heads!

Anonymous said...

Gerald Chong, what is wrong with you, is it so important to have a RCI, there r more serious matter at hand then to waste precious time, and money wth this latest scandle. did anything come out of the RCI regarding Lingams case, now wth the TBH case in progress. And here you, making it like as thou it is upmost important to form a RCI, of who F..K who? God, then u r no better then just another busy body like those who have reveal the tape to light. Gerald my friend, we r only citizens and layman, How could this people even sleep at night, if u watch the news earlier, and i cant believe my ears, that RTC as an educated and elderly man saying that he wants the wife of the person in the tape to view it, isnt that low to the highest degree, as i see it, the poor guy is already in a lot of trouble and has a lot of explaining to do and not to mention that he also has to face the world. And a peanut like you making noise, crying out for what ever reason only known to you,does it actually benefit us even if it is proven. Come on, who r u kidding, there r even worst cases, this is just another sex scandle and it matters so much for you and the blokes who reveal it to bring the nation to a standstill. Grow up Gerald.

Anonymous said...

Gerald, I think you have your priorities wrong and your sense of justice and fairplay all messed up.

Please go and read the 2 articles written by Malaysia Insider writers Yusseri Yusoff and Erna Mahyuni and learn how to think straight.


Anonymous said...

We need RCI to establish if Gerald is an idoit

Gerald Chong said...


You fellas still DON'T understand, huh??? Hmmm...OK, OK...let me put it this way

Someone placed a CCTV in a hotel room & so happened this CCTV caught your wife having her rodeo ride with another man. Later, you got hold of the CCTV footage. Next, you choose to say your wife is 'NOT WRONG' & there's no need to determine whether is it really her or not. Instead, you push the blame to the person who placed the CCTV in the hotel room.

How pathetic & lame, right???

Do you fellas really enjoy living in the beautiful world of DENIAL???

Time to wake-up, dudes!!! Bangun ooi!!!

Anonymous said...


Why use other peoples wife, and family as an example. As educated and learned you are,you are full of arrogance and ill mannered in every sense. Now let me put it this way, if it was your daughther, sister or even mother who was that prostitute, would still cry out loud calling for a RCI? You are just a PEANUT making noise for all the wrong reason, PHATETIC LOSER YOU ARE, dont you think so? Grow up PEANUT.

Anonymous said...

My dear boy Gerald,

You still do not get the whole picture. You are either young and have not gone through the mill or our present education system has failed us. Let me take 30 minutes of my life to try to open up your eyes to the real issue here.

Scenario 1. Some people install hidden cameras in the hotel rooms with the intention to capture the private(meaning naked) moments of the hotel guests. You and your wife or girlfriend check in and do your private stuff. They then view your capabilities and, not knowing you, sell the video to a pornsite for a fee. You find out through friends that you and partner are now pornstars. What do you do? I think you would demand these guys to give you part of the fees, right?

Scenario 2. They know you are some prominent and rich guy. They contact you and ask for money or else they will post the video on the internet for all to see. They will ask for more if your acting partner is not your wife and you are married with kids. What do you do? I think you will blame yourself for choosing that hotel, right?

Scenario 3. They contact your business rival who can pay them much more. Your rival contacts you and asks you to close shop or else they will give copies of you in all your glory to your business associates and customers. What do you do? I think you would curse your bad luck and change business, right?

Scenario 4. They make copies and carry out scenario 3 then 2 then 1 in sucession. What do you do? I think you would go do plastic surgery and change your identity, right?

So, do you now get the big picture? If no, then no hope for you and I have wasted 30 minutes of my precious life.