Thursday, March 24, 2011


“They would demonise him as a loyal friend of the Zionists, denigrate him as a spy for the US, defame him as a CIA agent, disparage him as a political chameleon and denounce him as a traitor.

They would deploy anyone to demolish him, whether they be in Umno, Apco or a bozo in the police, AG’s Chambers and especially the judiciary, people who would dance to their tune at the drop of a hat.

They would get deserters, detractors and disgruntled leaders of his party and within the coalition to discredit him with their stale and silly exposé and to derail the process of change that the PR wants to bring about.”

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Anonymous said...

Beside cutting ribbons, going on oversea trips and now making sex movies, what do you think all the ministers in barisan najis are good for...?

Maybe humping some pro in sleazy hotel room?

Raping 15 year old child?

Screwing & blowing up mongolian doll?

Grabbing butts in some cigar joint?

Screwing his indon maid ?


Anonymous said...

Info starts to trickle in.

The cameras were installed by OKT of the hotel spa.

SK room was also wired as he began to suspect after discovering them on Anwar's room.

Anwar has been placed in that same room every time by the OKT.

So that could possibly means a hell lot of other videos kept by the OKT for future blackmail if he becomes PM - clever. Which raises the question, who else caught on tape.

That OKT better run fast and hide those videos!!!!

Looks like same modus of those that caught Chua Soi Lek.

Anonymous said...

Why Polis never detain the Trio for owning and distributing porno?

This is a basic question that the polis has yet to answer to the public.

Anonymous said...

And what happen to the so-called chinese prostitute?

If can show the sex tape, why not produce her at the same time?

Don't tell us she got C4 also in some jungle just like the mongolian girl.

telur dua said...

DSAI must be a Superhuman. Malaysia's got talent. Those UMNOputras couldn't hold a candle to him.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Forget the porn tape and anwar.
PKR screwed up Sarawak for us.
Might as well pkr contest all the seats in sarawak and go solo.

mauriyaII said...

PKR is on self destruct mode. Ever since the PKR election fiasco and Azmin Ali emerging as the DP of PKR with Anwar's blessing, it has been one downhill slide.

Anwar and Azmin could not agree to Jeffrey Kittingan becoming the head of PKR in Sabah. They wanted their own stooge in name and religion who turned out to be a whimp disliked by the Sabahans themselves. Then their appointed replacement killer just jumped ship and joined BN.

Now in Sarawak Anwar and Azmin can't even agree or compromise with the allocation of seats with the other component PR parties, namely DAP.

PKR wants to contest the most number of seats even if it means sidelining their political friends in the hope they will get the majority to form a PKR government.
Fat hopes! Anwar with Azmin as his right-hand man is just digging his own political future.

These two nincompoops seem to have forgotten their enemy is UMNO/BN and not DAP, PAS, etc.

Their mule headed adamant stand during the PKR election fiasco had depleted the strength of PKR with many leaders leaving the party along with their supporters but who can stop a person bent on committing suicide?

The sandiwara staged by UMNO/BN to discredit may bring in sympathy votes but people do not want exUMNO guys with vested interest like Anwar and Azmin bulldozing their way into Putra Jaya.


wandererAus said...

These Allah fearing peeled dicks' actions were quite expected!...
Just have a look at their records. An UMNO "Indian" PM who screwed the country for 22 years...making him and his siblings one of the richest families in Bolehland!...also, an architect of the infamous Sodomy I. Then, we have another UMNO PM famous for bonking foreign models with his specialty, "I did it both ways".
Now with his "BOTOX Built" Fat Mama
became the author for the laugable, unbelievable Sodomy II

Merong Wangsa Maju said...

The doctor on the house is likely to be the mastermind (dalang) behind the 3 stooges of Datuk T. He failed to understand that what did not kill anwar has made Anwar stronger.

yasin ahmed said...

Sex conspiracy aside, have you ever noticed that our national leaders have stopped commenting or giving views on gross abuse of power, endemic corruption, mega wastage and daylight stealing?

It shows one thing – they have lost the moral decency to govern. They have too many skeletons in the closet to say anything on these issues. Instead, they just go on hoodwinking the people with its endless slogans, ETP, GTP, NKRA, NEM, high etc. All these would have happened naturally (no need to waste money to pay those CONsultants) if we have got rid of the ills inflicting this country.

We need to vote wisely for CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Kalau polis nak tangkap, tiga-tiga Datuk T harus ditangkap barulah adil. Tetapi polis sekarang pening kepala kerana Tambik terlibat dalam hal ini juga. Dialah yang pada suatu ketika merogol anak perempuan yang belum berbulu lagi !!! Mahathir pun terpaksa mengarahkan polis menutup kes, menunjukkan betapa kuat Tambik ini.

Jadi, kes sekarang IGP baru sudah tentu tidak berani buat apa-apa. Siasat…. OK. Heret mereka ke Makamah seperti dengan cari mati.

Akhirnya, penamatan perkara sex paling baru ini rakyat sudah tahukan???????

Anonymous said...

Uncle, are you coming over to Sarawak?

zorro said...

Anon306pm...YES probably to Sibu from 4 April with Fauzi.Seeking sponsor for airfare for Fauzi.

Anonymous said...

Any details regarding the business dealing of encik Asskay as I suspect he is connected to Tun Apanama in the bridge project?