Saturday, March 5, 2011


Came into Malacca this morning at 6:00am with Ariff and spent the whole afternoon at Merlimau and meeting up with Fauzi and Jan for ikan bakar at Umbai. Its 10:39pm in the Irish Harrier at Hash House Hotel and I have to get this off my chest before writing about Merlimau.





Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Nither, because thier memory is so selective they have no scars from the death of Teo or any of their past experience.

Anonymous said...

Taib got immunity, at least for now.

However, when he is considered a liabiity, he will join Ling and Toyol to face MACC. So he better enjoy his new bride while he can, with or without viagra.

Anonymous said...

Common sense tells us that the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) is for the protection of the ruling regime and not for the protection of the students. University students form the intellectual elite of our society. This group of people can read, write, think, reason, criticize and have a good brain (that is why they can get into higher institutions of learning in the first place). By curtailing their freedom of expression and limiting their activities, the ruling regime, under such diminished opposition, is one step closer to holding power PERPETUALLY.

Anonymous said...

When MACC's very existence is phoney, what is a lie or two? And after reading TDM's latest take on what is a Malay and why NEP is still needed, MACC is now the shinning model of truth, isn't it?


wandererAUS said...

How do you compare these UMNO maggots to humans?! These were known bastards of the first degree who would kill to satisfy their p0litical masters. No point wasting or time with such deranged low lives!!

Jong said...

Bobblehead bureacrats!

That's dereliction of duty on part of MACC - deliberate or conscious, unless it's
"1Malaysia's YOU help me I help YOU"?

Anonymous said...

MACC? Malaysia Agency for Corrupt Crooks. Don't expect anything from them. They are birds of the same feather.

mauriyaII said...

If I am not mistaken the MACC chief was recognized as an able leader by the US. I wonder what criteria they used to award such an honour. Is being a servile, subservient dog without an iota of feelings for the oppressed rakyat and NOT bringing to book all the corrupted leaders like Taib Mahmud one of the most important criterion?

The US will wait until a civil war like situation that is happening in Libya to happen in Malaysia before they start to open their eyes to the situation. Even then they are only good for sanctions and sanctimonious rhetoric.

The US foreign policies are only for the welfare of its citizens. What happens to humanity in other parts of the world takes second place.

The US as of today exists on borrowed money from Communist China and they do not want to ruffle the feathers of anyone seen to be a friend of China. Why should the US or the FBI make a move on Taib Mahmud. The FBI being tenants of the building owned by Taib Mahmud does not want the embarrassment of being told to move out of Taib's assets.

If push comes to a shove, Taib Mahmud might be given political asylum because he comes as an asset to the US. What if those assets were made from the blood of the Sarawakians? Not the problem of the US!

Anonymous said...

We help you, YOU help us… my goodness, WHAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS THAT? You mean we help you by giving you POWER and AUTHORITY and you all abuse that power to ROB us of our RIGHTS TO LIFE and FREEDOM. Not anymore George! Our late granny bought and swallowed that CRAP but not US the grandchildren. We see right through you and your BN. YOU ARE PRACTICALLY BEGGING FOR OUR HELP! OUR VOTES! Sarawakians… THE BN IS BEGGING FOR OUR HELP!!! Are we going to help the very people who robbed us dry to the bone the last 47 years and let them continue for another 5 years. Better help stray dogs. Why must it be the RAKYAT that must help them first then they can help the RAKYAT on return? IT IS BECAUSE THE RAKYAT HAS THE ULTIMATE POWER TO DECIDE!!!!!!! This time we decide VOTE THE BN OUT. THEY HAVE BECOME THIEVES AND GANGSTERS. We don’t vote for THIEVES AND GANGSTERS!!!

VOTE PR!!!!!!

Jong said...

1Malaysia's "You help me, I help you"

Yes, openly buying votes yet such act of blatant corruption those MACC enuchs can't see, can't hear and choose not can't bite!

Anonymous said...

They have both but left home without them , hanging on the wall.

Ada tak ada serupa juga.

Boh Lam Pa.

Anonymous said...

UMNO allowed a few Chinamen to squander RM12.5 billion. UMNO may be incompetent but obviously they are not that stupid when come to pilfering public money. How does a minister deceive the Cabinet or the PM in their official capacity? Either the Cabinet or the PM are stupid or knowingly wanted to be deceived.

Then the letters of support issued by transport minister. Why in the hurry to interpret that these letters of support as obligations of the government. Kuala Dimensi and all the bond arrangers/issuers are sophisticated businessmen and investors. They are no nincompoops. They ought to know these letters of support are no letters of guarantee. So why billions of bonds were issued and bought based on a few worthless letters of support? It is that simple: there is a conspiracy to cheat the government and there is now a conspiracy to protect Kuala Dimensi and all the bond investors. All these can not be done by the Minister of transport alone, no way. Chinaman ministers should know better. First you have no power, and second you are stupid thinking that UMNO will protect you. Tan Koon Swan masuk penjara di Singapore and Malaysia bukan? It is a record that is hard to break.

Anonymous said...

Well, the voters have spoken. Congratulations to the winners, out with the whiners!


Anonymous said...

the chinese have shown once again that what is important to them is stability and the opportunity to make as much money for themselves......never mind the kind of bedfellows they have....they deserve their lot!

Anonymous said...

On the 8pm news last nite, Chua SL saying that DAP should not talk of this issue or DAP is in contempt of court, and said no body is guilty untill the court pronounce them guilty, this remark makes me think of immeadiately why ISA which jail people without even going to court is not objected by Chua Soi Lek or MCA?

The news followed by Ong Tee Kiat (former transport minister) who said that a poject this big, is approved and signed by all levels in the BN government, why do all this UMNOs big shot who signed the approvals do not fall together????.
It is clear that MCA are picked as scapegoat, the questions now is why these leaders in MCA voluntarily wanted to go through this embarrassment and disgrace, where are their dignity???. Double crossing their own people and race for the benefit of themselves. Is this a political party where we can depend on????.

The answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

The Govt. is telling Malaysians Port KLang Free Zone RM14.5 billion are stolen by MCA crooks where Mahathir was sleeping.
He bragged to be first in office..last to leave everyday of his 22 years as PM…and noted for his high IQ….yet he can become an idiot or forget easily.
He can cry and project how stupid he is.
He can cry and act wuth no shame.
We know he was a Dictator and is still dictating things after 8 years retiring.
So on PKFZ RM14.5 billion ripped off…do any Malaysians beleve MCA puppets can fool Mahathir?
No UMNO B kingh pins dare to touch Mahathir for al are made millionaires by him….and all are crooks.
Soon Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy…will go to court …postponed…on and on…hoping Malaysians are fools and vote for BN in 13th GE…and when UMNO B governs again..those two puppets will be happiest.
If BN looses Putra Jaya….non stop arrests and charges…plus oil prices go down…all essential items prices go down too.
Break that promise..PR will have one term and back to BN in 14th GE.

najib manaukau said...

The shenanigan Mahathir was not asleep, he was too busy with the stealing of his own aside from closing his eyes. Not to mention that he was sending the corrupted running dogs his signal that not only to say yes to everything the shenanigan had to propose but also to keep quite and close to close their eyes on everything these running dogs saw.
As long as the two running dogs do that they would be allowed to do whatever they want for then. Including giving away their daughters and mother and even the very people they are supposed to represent. That was and still is Malaysian politics for you, now you know why the true Chinese Malaysians are not with MCA.

Anonymous said...

CSL was caught on video with his pants down and a mouthful of action against the order of nature. By his own admission which was publicly declared to all and sundry CSL also offered hard evidence that he had indeed committed sex crimes under Malaysian laws. He was deemed politically dead amidst conspiracy theories, internal and external investigations and secrecy surrounding the movie of the year but why isn’t there a kangaroo trial?

Anonymous said...

Why anwar faced so much prosecution when there is no video evidence unlike CSL's sexcapade?