Sunday, March 6, 2011


This report will follow a different format. I will try to upload every 15 minutes. Fauzi and Ariff are on their rounds sending me their sms. I have to record these myself....put them together in sequence. I apologise. But we try to do the best with what we have. I am at the DAP op centre.

This media centre has stopped giving us the results. No reasons given. I am sorry....we sign off and thanks for your support.

On-the-spot analysis: Malaysiakini

As expected, BN will retain both of its stronghold state seats. The winning margin for seats is much higher than in 2008.

In that general election, BN won Merlimau by 2,154 votes, and Kerdau by 1,615.

All eyes are now on whether BN is able to regain its winning majority which it obtained in the 2004 general election.

In 2004, BN won Merlimau by 5,087 votes, and Kerdau by 2,565.

750pm Official

BN 3214

PAS 1239

MAJ 1575


BN 5962

PAS 2339

Chinese votes going to BN


BN 5872

PAS 2319


BN 4632

PAS 1756

630pm centre

Yes, we can wait for the results at the PAS media…and I have FMT's attractive Stephanie Sta Maria beside me.



Was just informed that facilities to get voting returns would not be available at this DAP centre. Have to head for the PAS sedang Media. Was there yesterday but was not impressed with assistance for today. Late last night I was told that the UG (Unity Group)group in PAS was running the show. I’ll be off there in a bit and hope to bring you the results as they come in. Stay well everyone.


Throughout the day, just outside this DAP centre Pakatan supporters have been bantering NON STOP against a BN crowd across the road. Ah Mei Chay is still in the front waving her PAS flag andjoining in the chants. BN called for reinforcement and a group of Indians in orange tees joined them and was welcomed by Pakatan chants: Beli apa, dapat berapa.

The most popular chant was of course “Altantunya” and consistently punctuated with: BN, BN, SIAL.

Sarawak’s Taib was also the subject of the Pakatan chants. It is hot inside here but I am appropriately entertained.


Voter turnout in Kerdau is 75.62% or 6,805 voters having cast their ballots whilst over here at Merlimau the voter turnout in is 66.8% or 7,133 voters having cast their ballots.

310pm…..USB not with Ariff….must be with my other things…but thankfully connection is restored.

Over lunch, my PAS UNTUK SEMUA cap attracted a group of 3 Chinese resident. They asked me to join them. I never miss an opportunity like this. Strangely they did not ask me about PAS. Instead they asked me what I thought of MCA. I directed that question to them. Tong answered: We are MCA members but did not vote BN this morning. MCA can’t find a decent leader. What type of party is this? Porno star is now leading the Chinese. 2 top guys are being charged. MCA is now very quiet about this and tell us this rubbish about PAS. We are not stupid!

Looks like “loyalty” is no more the cheap commodity that MCA peddles all along. I took the opportunity to mention what Michael Chong is doing now for Hisham. Tong said: “MCA will do anything for UMNO….even…..(I can’t put this in print…..but you are free to deduce…..).

I told them that I had to get back to blogging. They did not allow me to pay for my lunch.


Lost internet connection…..waiting for my USB that is with Ariff


MP Kota Melaka Sing Tong Him is reported to have lodged a report at the Merlimau police station after he received information from PAS and DAP supporters that RM100 cash was being distributed at a house near the Multipurpose Hall at Permatang Bukit Merlimau .

A reporter just informed me that Sim a China Press photographer and two others went to the house and photographed an MCA councillor and three others giving money to voters. He was asked to delete the pics. Don’t know if he did. This is vote-buying no?


Taking a lunch break as my two guys have gone missing… dispatch from them.

So, think about this – this from the WHISTLER

MCA Michael Chong is some special aide to Keris Hisham. Mike is on a recruiting spree to recruit RELA membership amongst the media people and giving them ranks from Major up.

Comedic, the things that are happening. Michael Chong has been recruited to partner Umi in UMNO campaign against Pakatan??????

Uppercaise…..give us your sense on this, can?


Voter turnout as of 12noon in Kerdau is 65.29% (5,874). In Merlimau, it is 54% (5,746).


DAVE in KL asked to have this checked out:

Military presence with AK47 heavy around Masjid Negara since Friday. 6 truck-loads seen around Medah Tuanku.

Anyone with information?


A reader sent me this from Malaysiakini . I reported this incident earlier:

"No ,Umno is clean. It's they (the Pakatan states) are corrupt", he (ALI RUSTAM) adds, citing the 'robbery' of timber in Kelantan over the past 21 years , and the stealing of sand in Selangor.

When asked the disciplinary action taken by Umno for money politics, he is quiet.

Moments later, he lashes out at Pakatan, calling its supporters "bloody fools".

"They are bloody fools. They have no morals. Ya lah, they are bloody fools"he says.

This reminds me of that "shit, shit, shit" guy. I am told that he is not allowed in Merlimau.

Blogger shanghaistephen said...

Sybas to you, Ariff and Fauzi.Bet the weather is perfect for polling.
But shame on the police as usual for chasing away the AlJazeera team. Guess they are afraid of the power of blogs....remembering Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan,Libya and a host of other Arab nations waiting to strike back.
Take care Fauzi and Ariff on your rounds.

p.s. sitting at home, itchying and frustrated for not being in the thick of polling there with you guys.sigh !

March 6, 2011 11:56 AM

1130am Kerdau:

Voter turnout as of 12noon is 65% (12,5874).


Voter turnout in Merlimau as of 11am is 43% (4,571).


CM Ali Rustam is across the road from my post. I did not know until I hear: Rasuah, Rasuah Ali Rustam….Ali, Ali, samseng Rustam….This chant chased him away in quick time. The Special Branch videocam man is having a field day having us on file. This video man trained his video camera on Ah Mei Chay…..the hardcore DAP grandma from Kuantan. Since Sibu, I have never missed her at by-elections since. She is filmed waving her PAS flag and from where I am, she is engaging the BN crowd verbally. Such passion.


Voters turnout as of 10am - 30% or 3,175 voters.


Quite normal, this blood is thicker than water. Police did not allow PAS supporters from crossing their barrier whilst BN supporters can. The police still believe that they must kow tow to BN. Dang, we pay their salaries not BN! Of course they are too thick to understand that.


From a reader: Yesterday it was announced that teachers will get a raise. Firemen too have been promised a raise. Najib is confident….GE soon

My reply: Cheques were given out yesterday but postdated to Monday (if BN wins which they will.) But receipients of these cheques insist that Cash cheques be given. You know what that means……they don’t trust! Its “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” that even across the South China Sea chinaman and Deputy Chief Minister George Chan has been sucked into….

The chant going around in Merlimau yesterday: YB GO, MONEY COME. But those who prefer to die must do it before 28 April. After that, the law will not allow any more by-elections.


Picked this up from a reporter from a Chinese press who just returned from the Merlimau Pasir polling district: Two TV reporters from Aljazeera are chased out by the police from the school compound as they tried to interview voters. Who gave the orders? That’s not nice, knowing the part AlJazeera has been playing globally.


Merlimau has 64.9 percent Malay voters, 20.8 Chinese voters, 14.8 Indian voters and 0.2 others.

Most of its seven polling stations have a good mix of races, although Chinchin (PAS candidate Yuhaizad Abdullah's hometown), Permatang Serai (the only station won by PAS in 2008) and Penguin Samak have more than 60 percent Malay voters.

The largest number of Chinese voters at 273 votes reside in Ayer Merbau while Jasin Lalang and Merlimau Utara have large portions of Indian voters at 357 and 229 votes respectively.


Merlimau: Roslan Ahmad queues up at one of the polling saluran only to find himself entering the wrong room to cast his vote. I am told he is a decent fellow. I hope he will not be tainted by Ali Rustam… usually happens to new Aduns.


shanghaistephen said...

Sybas to you, Ariff and Fauzi.Bet the weather is perfect for polling.
But shame on the police as usual for chasing away the AlJazeera team. Guess they are afraid of the power of blogs....remembering Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan,Libya and a host of other Arab nations waiting to strike back.
Take care Fauzi and Ariff on your rounds.

p.s. sitting at home, itchying and frustrated for not being in the thick of polling there with you guys.sigh !

Vincent said...

shame on MCA, even though i'm chinese, they are fuckedup dont believe in them but take money pls, and vote what u know best.

Anonymous said...

Just RM 100!!! Bloody cheapskates, who the hell would like to take such money? Obviously an idiot with 0 morals. Truly these are the MORONS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Jong said...

Sybas and thank YOU Zorro, Fauzi and Ariff! You guys are doing a grrreeat job keeping us far and near informed!
Any more pix?

So MCA still selling off their grandmothers to get to the crumbs under UMNO's table?

Li Huat Chai said...

Zorro, thanks for reporting, really appreciate your effort and those involved.

However, my heart is weak, i dont want to know the results....

Asril Sani said...

Aiyayo Uncle, you went to Merlimau? I was so happy you didn't go.
You will be crying tonight. Come I give you a hanky.
You can also cry on my shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Merlimau chinese might as well invite CSL to their home to do you-know-what if they can accept such an immoral person.

Also why so cheapskate to settle for the lousy t-shirt? Stupid!

Anonymous said...

TWIN VICTORY FOR BN. How sweet. Well... Pakatan supporters, eat your hearts out. The people cannot be fooled all the time. Mere rhetorics from the Pakatan Rakyat is not what they wanted to hear anymore. BN proven track record of bringing development in tandem with racial harmony to the people is the axis for a happy life in this beloved Malaysia of ours. Congratulations to the courageous voters of Merlimau and Kerdau. You can never be wrong when you vote for BN. Congratulations to Barisan Nasional. BN should keep on its momentum as it is on the right track.

Melvin Mah said...

Thanks for the reporting. I'd suggest you try CoverItLive to save your posting space. Helps a lot.

Eric Vaillier said...

Thank you again Uncle Z!

Re Dave's message at 12.10 pm, there was sort of an army exhibition at Dataran Merdeka this afternoon. This may explain the military display.

Safe trip back home for all 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

Only one word for PAS and Hadi....GOBLOK....

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Thank you for all the ground works .
Most of us don't care whoever wins this time. The next hard battle will be on the Borneo side.
Looking at the way azmin is handling things over there..havoc,aiyo.
What good is a leader if one can't sit at the same table with an allied.

charlie oscar said...

Good results last nite:
Liverpool 3 Man Utd 1.

zorro said...

Asril, no crying for grown MEN.(some of course don't grow even if they are considered men). In fact, straight from Merlimau we landed at Sid's Pub and drained pints of Guiness and some delicious bangles.Pst,pst...dont forget to change your pads....they are showing.

zorro said...

Yo Charlie....I watched the second half when it was already 2-0 before it became 3-0. I remember telling I coached (RRI Centenary Games)who wanted to paint the town red when they won their first game, "You won because you played against a stupid team. Now get back to your dorm." Eventually RRI Selangor were National Champions. MU did not play as MU and they deserved to lose.MU lost but I enjoyed the pints and bangles at Sid's with Boom and Shanghai.How are you doing man...catch you at St Patrick's Day at Sid's?

Anonymous said...

'Bloody Fool' Ali Lasterm must be very happy, not on the wins, but seeing you guys out of Melaka immediately. They won yes, but not that convincingly if you consider the amount they spend to get that extra votes. Anyway, we all enjoyed Ali's 'Burnt Fish', a delicacy visitors to Melaka were all curioused about. They heard about 'Ikan Bakar' though. They thought 'Burnt Fish' was something else..

shanghaistephen said...

Asril Sani, you poor child.
Galant men walk with their heads held high even when the odds are stacked against them and even in battle. They don't cry nor will they run home to mama. Sure BN won so what, it was expected. Only we the tax-paying citizens know millions of our money has been spent to secure that win.It's not in the battle that counts but in winning the war come the next GE, when BN is bankrupt both of ideas and at the rate they are splashing in these "buy-elections", the all important "funds". Then you'd be needing a hanky or maybe mama's sarong to wipe away the tears poor infantile moron while we still continue to down a few pints of flavoured Guinnesses !hahahaha !

SureRock said...


Military presence at Dataran, Masjid Negara is because of the Army Day exhibition..was there the whole day since Saturday. More excitement then Merlimau and Kerdau. I didnt see Tony Pua tho'...he should be here since he like to know so much about military hardware...anyway our army dont wield AK 47...

Charlie Oscar said...

This is a different person.
"charlie oscar said...
Good results last nite:
Liverpool 3 Man Utd 1.
March 7, 2011 9:18 AM"

zorro said...

Charlie, same lah....same ip.

Kenny said...

That guy on your right (picture) looks like Liverpool's new striker Andy Carrol.

You certainly will never walk alone!

zorro said...

Kenny, that's Fauzi of Topeng Perak fame, blogger and facebooker. Sure, with Fauzi, I will never walk alone, you are spot on.