Tuesday, March 8, 2011


DANG! Its already 3 years and PR is still holding on despite the nefarious onslaught of the government apparatus the scurrilously opprobrious media invertebrates, rheumatoid judiciary, decadently effete EC, purchasable and obnubilate civil service, the namby-pamby wishy-washy venal Police, and the two-bit densely dumb and inefficacious MACC.

Congrats Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course we lost Perak because the DEVIL(s) and the above-mentioned played their roles to the T! Admittedly Pakatan collected a few strays pre308, but thankfully like all sewage they flowed effortlessly into where they rightfully belonged – the sludge pond of ejected rejects either to biodegrade or contaminate whosoever is insane enough to consort with them.

So how is Pakatan faring?

Stoically well, let me volunteer; admirably acceptable despite all the unscrupulous hurdles put up every step they progressed. Of course, like most fledglings some flexed their muscles ahead of time and stumbled embarrassingly. But like everything, weaknesses, missteps and faults are part and parcel of the learning curve and maturing process. I always hold that we must not dwell too much on weaknesses. Nobody can claim infallibility! If we know our strengths, we need to nurture and work assiduously on these strengths and invariably weaknesses will either disappear or be less obvious. Like vultures the government in office will scavenge and make capital of Pakatan witnesses.

What then are Pakatan strengths?

Good incorruptible governance, despite grudging federal aid, if any, and cooperation. The rakyat’s needs are very basic. Give them good governance whereby everybody gets a share of the economic cake that they worked for and are thus entitled to.

It is believed that the 4 Pakatan states collectively have surpassed economically against the BN controlled states.

I produce here a Penang CM Lim Guan Eng’s press release that never appeared in the BN controlled media. This may have appeared in the alternative media but I have purposely embargoed it for this occasion, the 3rd Anniversary of Pakatan governance in Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and Kedah:

Penang Is The No.1 State For Total Capital Investments In 2010 Attracting RM 12,238 Million, Up Nearly 5 Times As Compared To RM 2,165 Million In 2009 And Comprising 26% Of Malaysia’s Total Investments Of RM47,177 Million For 2010.

According to Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), Penang is the No.1 state for total capital investments in manufacturing projects in 2010 attracting RM 12,238 million, up nearly 5 times as compared to RM 2,165 million in 2009. This is the first time in history that Penang has topped the list of investments amongst all states and is the highest investment received ever. This success is due to the hard work by the 1.6 million Penangites together with state government leaders and agencies as well as federal government agencies from MIDA and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Penang’s investments were derived from new investments of RM 2,846 million and expansion by existing investors of RM 9,392 million. Clearly these figures only captured those industries that sought incentives from MIDA and not the new or expansion investments that did not require grants from the federal government.

The significance of this historic achievement is highlighted by Penang contribution of RM 12,238 million to Malaysia investment constituting 26% of Malaysia’s total investments of RM 47,177 million of 2010. Yesterday Minister of international trade and industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed announced a 45% increase in Malaysia 2010 investment performance from RM 32,637 million in 2009 to RM 47,177 million in 2010. Penang moved up from No. 4 in 2009 to Nol 1 in 2010, increasing by 465% from RM 2,165 million in 2009 to RM 12,238 million in 2010.(see attached)

The 465% increase in investments in Penang reflects confidence in the energy, expertise and entrepreneurship of our human talent. Further this is an affirmation of the state government’s strategy of promoting Penang as a location of choice based on 7 critical success factors(CSF) of growth:-

1. Ready availability of skilled human talent;

2. Effective and efficient supply chain management;

3. Competent and reliable logistics and communications hub;

4. Strong Intellectual Property protection;

5. Good governance and effective leadership;

6. Building creativity and innovation in science and technology;

7. Livable and intelligent city.

Penang believes that CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency have also built confidence that a government with integrity can make things happen and both execute and deliver. Penang was not only the best performer in managing state finances in Malaysia according to the Auditor-General Report for 2009 but also received accolades for anti-corruption from Transparency International.

As the newly-crowned champion amongst all states in attracting investments, the Penang state government wishes to congratulate the people of Penang. With the best financial performance, the best state in clean governance, the best green practices and now the top performer in investments, Penangites can now proudly say “Penang Leads!”.


new fart said...

Hi Zor...we just gotta keep digging at it man. When u r up against the ruling party machinery, u r up against all the apparatus they have under their control. Nothing much we can do really except keep grinding. These suckers sure know how to play their game and will continue playing the way it was for the last 30 years. I'm afraid the ordinary folks just got sucked up to it and the status quo will remain as long as there is food on the table! The opposition states are doing extremely well and should continue to do well so let's give them all the support.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Zorro for this wonderful article on the day MPH is selling 'The Book of Doctored Lies'.

Kudos to LGE!!!

Anonymous said...


Do attend the Ning Baizura concert at PISA Penang on 12 March (Sat) 8pm, courtesy of Penang government.

Anonymous said...

He did not utter- Lu tolong gua , gua tolong lu cos he knows it's a leader job.Rakyat di dahulukan.

Did not he utter do I look like a Liar ? Cos he never feel like one .

All in all he is trying hard to do a good job.He may not please everyone and ifthere is any open survey and you guess who are those against him ?

The great pretenders adn the sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of Government we want. I hope the Rakyat are following these development in Penang. I hope Yb LGE care to share his expertise with the other PR states.

wandererAus said...

It seemed there are more ball suckers to the evil regime than True Believers committed to PR, wanting change. There is still a long way to go before we approach Putrajaya...so let us not kid ourselves!

TheWhisperer said...

uncle B, forget about all the smokescreen and hoodwink about the fragility of pakatan..

Attention should be given to our so-called independent election commission for their postal votes engineering for the coming GE13

zorro said...

Duke, you telling me or asking me?
What smokescreen? Are you reading me correct at 11:38pm?

Jong said...

# Admittedly Pakatan collected a few strays pre308, but thankfully like all sewage they flowed effortlessly into where they rightfully belonged – the sludge pond of ejected rejects either to biodegrade or contaminate whosoever is insane enough to consort with them.#

- Clap Clap Clap, you said so well, don't think anyone could have said it better! Love the last part. LOL!!!

Yes, Perak was a total letdown, betrayed by the very people who pride to be Perakians' guardian! What a shame.

Tai Chee said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

3 years already, still MB do not want to return UKRC's right to its recreational land. So many applications were to sent to him, I heard
from the Club Committee. Election promise Zero. My family and neighbours are already losing hope with the elected representative and MB. Election coming soon.
Wondering and wondering, why so difficult for Pakatan politicans to deliver promise made. politicans.

zorro said...

Tai Chee, I feel for the frustration of UKRC members. The former State Secretary was your stumbling block. Test the new fellow. Also go back to your Adun and to Eli Wong. I reminded both when I met them separately at a forum. Let's constantly harass the State Sec., Adun and Eli Wong who promised to help. Unless reminded these will think that it is not priority.The UKRC committee must strategise the next move. What is it? We got to help ourselves.

nono said...

The wonders of having a CAT (Competency,Accountability and Transparency)in the state! Penang let its CAT runs free. And it brought investment and development to the people and the island.

If the BN run states were to release their CATs, many dirty rats would be caught. But BN would prefer the rats to be fat rather than their citizens and states.

This is what caused the downfall of the Tunisian and Egyptian government respectively. They forgot that one day their sleeping CATs would awaken from their sleep.

And presto! All hell would break loose!

Anonymous said...

While looking at the bright side, you should also revisit the DARK side of Pakatan too ... or perhaps look forward. There is one guy in Pakatan now whom I don't trust ... and my gut feeling tells me that he's going show his true colour just when Pakatan is about to legitimately takeover and run the country. He's the ultimate mole planted by the corrupted federal government of today. You probably know who I meant. He holds a high position but has never been in the limelight for serving the rakyat or saying something intelligent. He's more in the limelight for telling off his party members or Pakatan members to toe the line or get out!!! He bears all the hallmark of the political party that he claimed to have left behind.

He, whose name is not to be spoken (no, not valdemort), will be the bane of Pakatan and Malaysia.

I don't have any proof, nor do I have any real explanation. It's just one of the indescrible feelings that you have when you see a person either in real life or in a photo ... you know what I mean. The fairer sex tends to claim it's a woman's instinct.

Bogey said...

Dang, masked man! you had me looking up the dict. on at least words on your first paragraph, LOL!!!

Bogey said...

Anon 1:27 pm

I know who u talking about.... the same person who's estranged sister suddenly rears her ugly head after lying low for 13 yrs and was seen in Merlimau and Kerdau.
It's a shame that i voted for him for MP.... didn't know he'd turn out like that.

Anonymous said...

The Director General of MIDA is from Penng

Anonymous said...

remember kampung buah pala .to the chinese party ,pork is more important than people. whatever dap promises before the election are all lies! and the 300 vote comment for that arogant sod lim guan eng, payback is going to be sweet!

Tai Chee said...

Thanks for the advice uncle Zorro.
Will inform the UKRC guys of your feedback, to harass the Adun and Eli.

Anonymous said...

Say NO to a return to dark racist days of MahaTHIEF YES to REFORMASI !!!

SetiaSelalu said...

Hidup Keadilan,Pas,Hindraf,Dap,
Human Rights NGOs and Rakyat !

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising Penang has all other States to be the top choice of foreign investors. The resolve to fight corruption can beat all the BN controlled States. DAP and its PR allies will continue to rule in the foreseeable future.