Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Anonymous said...

The release of the Bibles points to the Sarawak State Elections and the General Elections too. As I've commented in one of my earlier postings to one of Malaysian insider's article: This is all a sandiwara. The whole sketch is to portray that the BN government is a fair government and is willing to discuss issues at a round table.

A posting like mine will receive a standard reply by the government: "If we don't release the Bibles, the people will say that we are not fair; and when we release them they say that it's all a ploy to win votes".

My dear people, please don't be easily hoodwinked. Look around, open your eyes. The alleged guilty ones have not been charged or charged but acquitted or charged and given a slap on the wrist. Among them the cow head protesters, the journalist who desecrated Holy Communion, Razak Baginda and many more.

Let's boot out the BN. It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Krismuddin said that the government applied to the High Court to stay on High Court decision which ruled that the ban on the word Allah was unconstitutional.

In the Perak legal tussle, the stay of the decision to declare the elected MB of Perak the legitimate MB was because an immediate appeal had been submitted, and that the decision of the appeal was imminent. The Appeal went through immediately.

The government chose to appeal the decision of High Court on Allah dispute without following through it immediately. So the stay granted by the high court is as good as overturning the High Court decision which ruled that the government in connection of the Allah ban is unconstitutional. If Najib is a capable PM, he should have reversed the cabinet decision in banning the use of Allah by non-Muslims. That decision is clearly unconstitutional. If Najib is not willing to be counted on the correct approach to religious freedom which has no relevant to placing Malays at the special position, can we trust him to promote 1Malaysia beyond using it as a slogan to gain votes from those who had nothing between their ears?

Anonymous said...


You missed out a third bag.....the C4'ed remains of the poor mongolian lady and her unborn child. He should be carrying the third bag on his back like a giant rucksack for the rest of his life.

kay said...

Mahatir is neither a supreme malay leader nor a Righteous muslim convert….So pls Dont waste our precious time reading this Irresponsible Ex PM idiotic spinning story…absolutely no morale lesson to gain BUT pure lies afte all ,the consequences of it further destroy Malaysia FDI ,GDP,creates more economic futures uncetainties and disparities with this unthinkable memior garbarges toxic…
What Mahatir deserves for 22yrs ruling malusia???
No Honor and dignity from all malaysians includes this entire globalised communities .
He display a character of shames among the malusia malay majority ,no wonder evading taxes,steal corruption $$$$$$$$$$$$$billions,display dishonesty and hatredness of others except for his own race.

Anonymous said...

To date, this corrupted to the core and the father of all racist has not uttered a word about the billions or riggit that he took out of the Malaysian kitty to save his stupid son's business enterprises and that of his cronies.

This half breed did not make any of these corrupted businessmen to pay back the money that was given to them to salvage their sinking businesses.

Now that this mamak's son has been recorded as one of the richest men in Asia, why is the UMNO led government not making any effort to get back the money? The amount is not in the hundreds or millions but more than a billion.

Is it because they are afraid of what the evil Indian Muslim would do?

SetiaSelalu said...

The sad state of our country can be hugely attributed to the Mamak THIEF who has destroyed all the good noble work of our beloved Tengku, Tun Razak & Hussein Onn.
They all focus on being PM NOT being finance minister as well. His latest book cover of a nice cute guy image hides the Real DECEITFUL & CORRUPT & CUNNING RACIST Mahathir. To frame his deputy Anwar Ibrahim and grabbed the finance post resulting in he and his Sons being among the RICHEST billionaires in Malaysia is most vommiting disgusting.
No wonder Good democratic world leaders avoid Mahathir like the plague whenever they visit Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

BN may require all Islamic and other religious publications to bear 'For Muslims Only', 'For Hindus only', 'For Buddhists Only', 'For Bahais Only' and so on. Same thing may apply to religious programmes on TV.

BN do so for Islamic programmes too. Otherwise it will be deemed double standards when the federal constitution's Article 11 allows freedom of religion.

This is wake-up call for East Malaysians and others who support BN. I guess PAS would be more liberal.

Anonymous said...

setia selalu. you r another pariah. an ungrateful pariah.