Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Between gulps of Paulaner black ale, sips of Single M and bites of white sausages at Mega Mall’s BROTZEIT, the conversation shifted into high gear when I moved our conversation into the Sarawak elections. Final score: BN 2 Pakatan 2. Extra time was declared. It was still 2-2 and we ruled out penalty shoot-out.

“The final outcome will depend on Tony Fernendes,” I volunteered. “He can bring about the WOW Factor.”

“How come?” my drinking buddies chorused.

I gave them a gist of the Lorraine Hann/Tony Fernendes recent interview in which he intimated that he thrived on challenges….challenges to prove people wrong. Thousands of Sarawakians work in West Malaysia. If only Tony could give them free flights the score would be an overwhelming win for Pakatan.

We all agreed that Tony might be pro-BN and he does not give free flights for altruistic reasons.

Here is a challenge Tony F.

Prove US wrong.


Cristopher Eravelly said...


You're displaying a MEGA LOW CLASS blogger to rope in TONY FERNANDEZ into politics. He's just an ordinary BUSINESSMAN trying to make a living.

The way you ask for FREE FLIGHTS from Air Asia is very much similar to a FREE LOADER who goes into a Bar/Pub drinking other peoples drink without intending to chip out a single cent for it.

Come some class lah!!! My drinking buddies call such FREE LOADERS....."Pariah"!!!

I don't wish to call you one but please at least show some class, ok??? Malu bapak to behave that way.

Shiok Guy said...

even if tony wants to help, his hand is tight unless PR has 80% sure of winning putrajaya.

Can you imagine what he is going to go through if he help!

Billy said...

Sorry Cristopher Ervelly, Tony F is already involved in politics when he started to campaign for Sharizat in the 2008 GE. He should have stayed out of the fray, but no, he has to put his finger into the pie. Zorro says Tony MIGHT be pro-BN. He is pro-BN, no doubt about it.

charleskiwi said...

Tony is saving up to buy SIA ! May be SIA's A380 or it spare part, how much is Air Asia, worth ?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, I too don't think Tony dares to take up your challenge. Let's focus on some other useful and tangible topics in time of urgency.

wandererAus said...

AirAsia is always engaged in promotional sales...just include Sarawak this time. 5 ringgit! Yes, we don't need charity but, we request a little understanding. After all, Tony Fernandez surely knows most AirAsia clients are from the opposition..budget travelers!!
Bukan orong kaya from UMNO/BN.

Cruzeiro said...

It's a critical factor- the Sarawakians in Semenanjung will have some difficulty to balik kampung to vote.
But ..... Adoi, zorro my man- how can you expect that from Tony lah .... you think PR going to pay him for the expenses ah?
I know la you're joking- but be more realistic la bro..... plus, some may think you're seriously expecting him to do so!!

shanghai fish said...

Christopher Eravelly,
Are you not being a little hard on el zorro ? Surely as hell we all love a good bargain at every sale anytime and when we have Tony giving away flights for RM1 what is wrong in zorro suggesting flights for voters going back to Sarawak for a ringgit or for free ?
Does it make you a "pariah" if you took advantage of that zero ringgit or even RM1 flight offered or even in a sale ? Does it make you a pariah if you hunted for the best bargain ? Better still if it was free, no ? You must have spent many a days in pubs and have a lot of free-loaders as friends too, to come to that rash conclusion.
Tony will be remembered fondly if he did such a special and generous service for all Sarawakian voters who are a little "tight" in their budget, during Lent time too,that's all. And after all he did say" now everyone can fly"....including Sarawakian voters !
Take care Chris.
It'll be like any mega-sale

TheWhisperer said...

Cristopher Eravelly,

TF is just an ordinary businessman with no relation to politics?

Get real, man..

And for you to come in here with those Mega Low insults, perhaps your kind of behavior is part of the reason the author of 'Interlok' perceived your kind to be..

Asril Sani said...

Aiya Uncle, Tony is a businessman.
He knows where his bread is buttered.
You think he will go so far without the help of the government.
Don't you see that he talks like bodek kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

Rafidah just came on board and you expect ...

Anonymous said...

dear Cristopher Eravelly,

the word pariah have been banned in malaysia,don't be a rascist b*****d

siewchin said...

flights to sarawak via AA not cheap now meh? LOL

Anonymous said...

Pls leave TF out of this, he is just a businessman whose core strategy depends on the political goodwill of the government of the day.If one were to be him, one would be foolhardy to get oneself entangle with or incur the wrath of the existing/incumbent government.Fight your own battle and learn not to depend on others to fight your battles for you.I am ashamed you have the cheek to write and appeal on this today... it is just so below you... if you blame UMNO for their subsidy/tongkat mentality, what then do you call this?

borisood said...

I gave them a gist of the Lorraine Hann/Tony Fernendes recent interview in which he intimated that he thrived on challenges….challenges to prove people wrong.
Cris NOT asking its a challenge thrown. Would Tony accept this challenge and prove Zorro wrong

Anonymous said...

To refer to TF as "just a businessman" is an grave insult to a multi-billionare who received tonnes of government help to build up his airline.
I am extremely sure the cocky TF will be fuming if he hear that he has been described as "just an ordinary" businessman.

sri hartamas

Make Everyone Fly said...

Successful businessman are usually BN cronies. do not forget Tony has roped in Rafidah for AirAsia.

I doubt Tony will risk his balls to anger BN.

Anyway, it is a good challenge to him to test his spirit as he always compared himself to Richard Branson.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christopher. Before some of you decide to slam me too, I like Uncle Zorro and his blog, and have even met and spoken with him during the 2008 pre-election campaign days when I was going around with the DAP.

The bigger question for me is - Tony today, which honest, hard working business man tomorrow?

Let's not mix politics and business, their affiliations aside. That is the true meaning of democracy that PR is trying so very hard to espouse.

Jong said...

"Tony, prove US wrong"
Hahaha! He may end up like Soosilawati, think he'll risk it? He's pro-BN of course!

Anonymous said...

Guys, forgive this old Senor. He was drunk when he put up the challenge to Tony F.

mauriyaII said...

Tony Fernandes is a businessman first, a lover of democracy and free enterprise second. He cannot give free flights because he is not the sole owner of Air Asia.

What he can do for democracy and freedom of expression of the Sarawakians is to offer promotional pro-democracy flights at a nominal price.

Whether it materializes depends on his BN cronies who won't hesitate to squeeze his balls to make him toe Barisan Neraka's philosophy of marginalizing all bumiputras except the UMNOputras.

Now that the AP free dispenser is on board Air Asia X, he has to think twice before he even thinks of farting.

sampalee said...

PKR in Sarawak?No way lah.Reason sarawakian not as stupid as those in Selangor.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, it is equivalent to asking Tony to commit suicide!

zorro said...

Retrieved this comment from anonymous that went to spam:


You got nothing else better to do is it?? Are you bored drinking yourself silly and talking cock at Fishermen Wharf??

Leave Tony alone. At least the man is doing something meaningful by providing Msians cheaper airfares. What have you been doing except gettinng drunk?

My response: Young are way behind time or your informers are handicapped: It has been more than a month since my visit to the Wharf. Change your informers before you shoot your mouth. Drunks can travel from Taman Desa to Lembah Subang after 2am? That one superman lah.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! TF loves his money!! and will put up with any shit who will help him to the bucks!! sorry uncle! no chance!!

zorro said...

Doc spot on lah, unlike Christopher Erevvelently who missed the nuance and just bestowed me the pariahship.

Tom, Dick & Harry said...

Dear Zorro,

You remind me of a friend who will usually mix with my gang for some beers after work. This friend will always come WITHOUT a single cent in his wallet.

All this friend does when he catches us at the pub is just pretending to be friendly. He will say all sort of GOOD things about the person who pays for his beer.

His intention is just to merely get FREE DRINKS every time. The way you behave asking TONY FERNENDES for FREE FLIGHTS reminds me EXACTLY of this CHEAP LOADING friend of mine.

Zorro, I think you should join us for beers after work too. Thus, I can have 2 CHEAP FREE LOADERS trying to polish my shoes whenever I pay for your beer.

shanghaistephen said...

Wait a minute la you bloody go around calling my friend zorro a free-loader and a pariah like you all are one and could recognise another fellow pariah ? Sure you have a right to have an opinion, but you know him enough to qualify to call him such names ? Why such degrading attitudes. Ask what you have done to make this country a better place first apart from sitting on your arses and complaining about what others have not done !Listen up morons...

I've known Bernard and his Missus a long time. Before you even think of calling him a free loader let me tell you of just one recent incident at the Backyard. And there are many other incidents you fools ! You hear me ....?
See the cricket match between India and Pakistan was on the other night and as we were downing our pints inside Backyard Pub, outside through a very narrow glass panel about 6 Indian nationals were craning their necks, peeking, each taking turns to see the match inside on the big tv screen. Know what Bernard did ? He went outside and spoke to them and next thing he was dragging those shy and poor Indians inside the pub to sit comfortably in the vacant seats and asked them to watch the match with us! And to add to their shy but eager fanatism of the silly ( cos I don't understand that game at all ) cricket match HE ordered them 2 jugs of beers and asked them to really enjoy the game gulping beers like the rest of us there. And this Christopher calls him a free-loader ? Go ask those 6 Indian Nationals their opinion of this old man you don't even know or have met. Damn you moron and the rest of you. Do you know how many poor families he and his missus support FINANCIALLY each month ? I mean FAMILIES bozos ! And they are all INDIAN families if you must know ! So stop this damn name calling you farkers and check your own asses to see if you are a pariah or a free-loader FIRST before you call my friend Bernard any names. He has and is still giving more to civil society in his twilight years then what you buggers have given collectively in your entire miserable low-lifetimes! Kapish ?

Anonymous said...

AirAsia has increased the convenience fee from RM5 to RM6 and now RM8 one way. What convenience do we get by paying for the payment? I am still sitting on the same chair & desk, using the same computer and credit card and yet the fee is raised. There is no extra benefit. Most rural folks would go to the Cyber Cafe and this is extra cost. AirAsia exploited the credit card tax announced by Najib in last year Budget by imposing the convenience (payment) fee. AirAsia is as arrogant as BN leaders and probably very costly to upkeep that necessitate for unrespectable fees to be imposed. Fellow East Malaysian, fly Firefly - its cheaper and you do not have to get wet during rainy days or climb the staircase.

zorro said...

Tom,Dick & Harry,
Meet you at Sid's Pub TTDI a few doors down from Tom,dick & Harry tomorrow 1 April.6pm should be a good time for a pit stop. We will start with a Guiness or Kil pints and proceed to malts. I will not play an April Fool's joke on you, being 1 April, so hope to meet up with YOU. Cheers.

zorro said...

Anon622pm. For my Sibu trip I had to pay RM644 for return AirAsia ticket. Never thought of Firefly....maybe next time for GE13.But it is small sacrifice to pay to help my Sarawak brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Morons, this Christopher and Tom,Dick and fucking Harry, the real free loaders are in BN, especially UMNO and their cronies. Tony is paying for excess baggage such as Rafidah. What value does she have in an airline operation? Zorro has thrown him an impossible challenge. Tony is not a businessman but a crony capitalist that will always lick the balls (not Rafidah) of his political masters in UMNO. Therefore the real pariah, going by reasoning is non other than Tony and the likes of him. I meet this type everyday in their Mercedeses, sponsored by the RAKYATS money.

Cheers Zorro.

Anonymous said...

If Tony F is smart he'll at least roll out extra flights on the week end of election day. every1 wins...

Anonymous said...

What a zero

Anonymous said...

Cristopher Eravelly

You are so drunk, please don't make comment here!! Go home!!

Did you hear what Shanghai fish say? Uncle Zorro has done so much for poor indian families and help fight for better future for our generation. What has you done? What? Tell us!!

Tom, Dick & Harry said...


Thanks for your reply.

However, I'm sorry I can't make it at SID's tomorrow. I've got another venue but sadly I will NOT tell you which pub I'll be at.

Otherwise, you'll FREE LOAD on me. Maybe try forking out money for your own drinks 1st before thinking of inviting people to join you, ok??? It's really shameful for people to pay your drinks each & everytime.

& to 'Shanghaistephen', you MUST be another FREE LOADER trying to polish ZORRO's shoe but "TOO BAD"...I don't think he's gonna pay for your pints (unless Zorro FREE LOAD some from others & pass it to you discreetly). Also, I like your CRICKET story. You MUST be a CREATIVE story teller hallucinating from the FREELOAD drinks you had.

Hmmm...FREE LOADERS all have 1 sign & that his POLISHING, POLISHING & POLISHING just to get a few drop of beers & malt.

No wonder they say DRUNKARDS go to great length just to CON some drinks.

Colin Micheal Johnson said...

OH NO!!!

I'll be at SID's tomorrow but I hope I won't bang into you, Zorro. If you do bang into me tomorrow, please, please DO NOT say any good things about me. I ain't gonna buy you free drinks, ok?

We can shake hands & be friends though but strictly NO free load drinks for you & your friend (shanghaistephen). Not even if you say I'm handsome, I'm smart or whatever.

Thanks on advance. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What? Did someone just said "done so much for poor indian families"?

Show me proof, will ya'? I too can say I've done much for all the poor families around the world & bla, bla, bla.

Talk only mah. Who also can lor. Cakap takda salah mah.

Cristopher Eravelly said...

I think TONY FERNENDES will LAUGH till his pants drop should he read the comments here.


Reading comments from FREE LOADERS asking him for FREE FLIGHTS & FREE DRINKS only add amusement to his daily hectic schedule.

Keep it up, Free Loaders!!! Good job!!!

Melvin Wilbury said...

Christopher Eravally, Tom, Dick & Armpit Harry and Colin Micheal Johnson you think you are smart? Sad so sad a genuine pathetic free loader to BN like you three only bring shame to your forefathers.

To zorro and Shanghai Stephen, GOD bless you.

Anonymous said...

TF made something out of nothing. You guys together with Zorro are just a bunch of hot air. A bunch of losers actually.

Anonymous said...

TF made something out of nothing? What cock are you talking about? He could not make anything out of anything if he did not kowtow and arselick his licensor. So do not talk crap anon 9:55. I am Zorro's friend and the last count I have 40 M British Pounds in my offshore account. A loser I am not. By the way I made it without having to lick Jibby's ball. TF should give free fllights to Sarawakians to return for voting. Is he scared his something may turn out to be NOTHING afterall?

Bollocks. Cheers Zorro

Sweet pea said...

Hello Zorro.

I watched Analisis Sarawak on Astro Awani last nite. One of the panelists said that the bloggers in Sarawak are very united, unlike those in the peninsular.

Do you agree?

Anyway, I did not watch the program but somehow listen to it while looking up for the running bar of stock price. Astro Awani is very biased in its reporting and only choose to see things from BN perspectives. I hope to see you invited to the program one day.

Anonymous said...

We should not give credit to Air Asia as it is no longer as economical as when it is first started.

I have experienced numerous delays, rescheduling etc. Tony has lost his focus since he tried to be a Branson to indulge in F1 - which is a failed venture just to please those Malaysia Boleh flers.

Bogey said...

Me thinks Christopher Eravally, Tom, Dick & Asshole Hairy and Colin Michael Johnson are one and the same person or at least know each other...haha
Hell,... could be TF himself :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CRISTOPHER Eravelly and Colin MICHEAL Johnson... interesting way the names are spelt. Very uncommon, especially Micheal. To the point where one could even surmise they could be a result of bad spelling. UMNO cybertroopers isit?? LOL

Ejen Nora said...


Tony with his newly acquired CBE title will not grant you free tickets to Sarawak in order to continue to please the BN government.

That is so obvious, right?

By the way, have you secured a ticket for Fauzi?

zorro said...

Ejen Nora...YES...he will be based in Kuching. Me Sibu bound.Thanks for asking. Keep well and safe.