Monday, March 7, 2011


Check this out people!


Anonymous said...

Hikayat Mamakutty will be launched tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The government is using GTP, NKRAs, NKEAs, SRIs, NEM, ETP, EPPs and SRIs to buy time. If the foundation of the country’s economy is shaky, the system (economic) will eventually collapse, no matter what cosmetic dressing the government tries to put on the sick economy.

Anonymous said...

Mamak says—“Some claim that my father was Malayalee and was fluent in both Tamil and Malayalam. Some have even written that he was a Hindu who converted to Islam to marry my mother. Others say they have seen documents clearly stating my ethnicity.”

Lee Ah Kau, born in Malaya, can now claim to be a MalayaLEE, and also a mamak, and bumi status!

Anonymous said...

OK to ban Magnum, Berjaya Toto and DaMaCai as their tax revenue will go to BN.

I bet underground channel - better return, discreet !

Anonymous said...

The declining of our nation competitiveness, the declining of our democracy, the brain drain, the deterioration of security system (PDRM, MACC and Judiciary), the so called racial intolerance (for me it only applies with BN political figure) and what is very alarming is the competitive level of our student is all due to the structure of our executive power. It is all being centralized with the federal government.

Therefore in honesty we the people of malaysia need an overhaul of the entire nation system, otherwise there is no way back.

Maha kecil said...

I am buying Mahathir's biography today.
I am willing to sponsor 10 copies to you all.
Want it Zorro? Any other takers?

zorro said...

Mahal kecil....don't be a scrooge...where 10 copies enough. At least 30 lah for my UMNO friends who are still deciding to cross over to DAP or PAS. Tell me where I can pick them up from you. Be a darling and get me thirty ok?

Maha kecil said...

Sorry Zorro, 10 is the only copy allocated for me as an UMNO cyber trooper.
But I will try to get Mahathir to give 20 more when I go for the book-signing.
Have a nice day.

Isa said...

Christians in Malaysia are still waiting to get back 5,000 Malay Bibles confiscated by the Home Ministry since 2009 on security grounds despite the Cabinet approving their release.

The long wait has prompted National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) secretary-general Sam Ang today to ask Christians in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia to pray for the “unconditional and immediate release” of the 5,000 Alkitab together with other Christian materials as approved by the Cabinet last year.

Rakyat Sarawak tak didahulukan?

Anonymous said...

FDI are peanuts compared to 889 billion ringgit which had gone out illegally during the last 9 years. The amount that left the country since NEP, which provided cover for corruption over the last 40 years had exceeded the cumulatively FDI over the years. NEP started before oil revenues came in, and the windfall could have allowed government assistance to the needy without the need for quota system. Yet, UMNO leaders found better utility of NEP for them in wealth creation and in life time tenure in office. The country as a whole suffers.

Now Malays face real dilemma. They have to choose easy money of chicken feeds or kick out the corrupted leaders and work as equal with non-Malays so that they would keep pace with rising prices through improved income. They have lost the luxury to feel good thinking that rich Malays make them proud, while they were able to live comfortable poor life. They will soon be living at subsistence level if the thieves are not driven out from their position of power.

zorro said...

Maha....use your power of persuasion mah! OK lah for where do I meet you for pickup. Can I buy you a few rounds of Yamasaki Single Malts in gratitude for thinking of me. Cheers kawan.Keep well.

Jong said...

Ptuii! Hasn't that sick cow caused enough damage to country and people, not forgetting the many lives he has destroyed?

Anonymous said...

That evil mamak kutty has been in denial since the time he put on the mantle of a Malay. He opted to join the ranks of a race that has no original culture, religion, language or race unless Malaise can be considered as race.

All the others have been hijacked from all the pendatangs as their own. Even teh tarik, roti canai or satay are claimed to be from their original recipes.

The evil mamak kutty has amnesia whenever anything unpalatable is thrown at him. He would deny on anything and everything if it suits him.

What to expect from a half-breed who at times claims that his father was an Arab as if to say an Arab is better than a Malayalee Muslim!

He is what he is today because in the world of the blind Malay, a half-breed Mamak is the king.

Anonymous said...

Christians in Malaysia say they are angry and fed up with the Najib government for what they see as a systematic move to deny their religious rights enshrined in the country’s highest law.

Spurred by the Home Ministry’s latest seizure of 30,000 Malay Bibles that cost US$26,000 (RM78,000) from Kuching port, the churches rallied together and issued a stinging rebuke today against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

They demanded he “prove their (the government) sincerity and integrity in dealing with the Malaysian Christian community on this and all other issues which we have been raising with them since the formation of the Christian Federation of Malaysia in 1985”.