Monday, March 21, 2011


Hantu III decided to come

out of retirement with a

contribution and appended

this note: allegedly BN’s

top OKT (ore kwee tau) PIMP

(in hokkien). Admittedly bestowed Datukship for his procuring expertise. Send him

into your Fart Room!

Dang! I will not desecrate my FR

with sludge! Fart is bad enough,



Anonymous said...

We have seen in the past that those Datuks identified themselves in alphabets are actually up to no good - creating sensational news to sell tabloids.

In the first place, the police should detain this datuk t to question him how he invaded people's privacy through secret filming. Is the hotel named? Then why is the hotel not taking action?

Like Tun M has said, with technology like movie Avatar, anything can be created in the studio with special effects. Even KRU studio can do special effects now in their movies...

Anonymous said...

You mean the same fella as the one who sodded Chua SL? And don't tell me the pros was Angela Yam again!

Anonymous said...

what a ridiculous story how he found the camera. as far as i know, mostly all mirrors in hotel room are fixed to the wall, meaning he have to pry open to get it!
what a bullshit! just send it to the police, why the media?


Anonymous said...

are we allowed to do privaste screening of porno movies in a hotel?

Polis seems to allow that.

Thor said...

It’ll backfire!!!
With sodomy case still going on, will Anwar be so stupid to cause another case to emerge?
These master planner are real stupid and could be of low IQ indeed.
Remember the first sodomy case which caused Pakatan to win 5 states?
Now with second part on-going and plus that idiot Mr T, will sure land Pakatan with a landslide victory for sure.
Keep on going with all your stupid ideas and tactics, all you Umno fellas!
At first, I thought that will all the money that you’ve and with all the government machinery under your thumb, Pakatan will have little chances of capturing Putrajaya but I was dead wrong.
If you UmnoBn fellas are real comfortable with all that, will you come up with all those low graded “show” just to smear Anwar.
You must be receiving some warning sign that you’re going to lose so you’re now desperate, are’nt you?
Well, another few more months to come and you’ll be doom!!!

江一官 said...

Satu lagi konspirasi ciptaan Umno.

bumi-non-malay said...

That is what 52+ years of UMNO-BN racist Munafik Islam rules brings.....

Orang Islam Malaysia.....dah bangkit belum macam orang dari Timur Tengah?? Korrupsi, Hina Allah itu adalah UMNO dan Sultan Mitos........

Cukup marah atau masih relax ...sabar....biar korrupsi Hina Islam asalkan dapat dipanggil 5 kali sehari untuk sembah Allah!!....Ingat Allah buta?? Biar orang Bumi non Malay turun padang kat Sarawak bagi satu ajaran besar kepada Munafik Islam Taib dan BN.........

So no infokah who Stamp the Bible in Custom...officer itu nama apa.....Kalau tak ada info....sekali gus I bagi beberapa kereta orang custom Parking kat sana cat warna warni....;-)) ...ini Mat Kilau / Tok Janggut era Twitter!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

PR aint gonna last. PKR, especially is dragging the coalition down.

mauriyaII said...

Wow, these UMNOputra scums have really become bankrupt of ideas. First the stupid and evil mamak who choreographed Sodomy 1. Bankrupt of ideas, Najis and company created a idiotic Sodomy 2 with the help of a shitful moron. Then they brought out a lying slut to campaign during the last 2 buy-elections.

These UMNOputra scums are so predictable. When they feel their position threatened they always resort to SEX. They had to get a doctored sleaze sex video to discredit their perceived arch enemy, Anwar Ibrahim.

What about their bedfellow the MCA president who admitted having sex with another slut in Batu Pahat? Why didn't they charge him in a court of law? Why wasn't his mug face splashed in all MSM toilet papers? After all our kangaroo courts would have acquitted without calling for his defence.

What takes the cake is the stupidity of MSM editors like that of The Star who sensationalize and give credit to fellow scums like Datuk T. Why is that peeping tom's name with-held? Is it because The Star is protecting itself and that moron from being sued for millions?

I do not consider a great leader capable of leading a multi-racial and multi-religious nation like Malaysia, not after his involvement in the PKR election process. Still, it goes beyond human decency to harass, demean and humiliate any leader with such crass insensitivity.

Asril Sani said...

Wah, last time you all laughed at MCA for having a porn star as president.
Now you have your fave leader as THE porn star.
Really pity Aunty Wan for once again having to defend hubby.
Hubby is indeed a gift, Aunty, a gift for women and young boys like me.

Anonymous said...

i am praying to god pls,Anwar dnt deserve this its time GOD to act..

Anonymous said...

It's just another attempt to frame DSAI. Nobody's going to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Si pundek lingam telah mempariahkan sistem kehakiman negara

tempias nama busuknya buat blogger panggil tdm - tun poondek...

datuk Tee

Now kita ada a new protaganis dalam sandiwarah 1 malaysia

kita search base tamil untuk panggil ini datuk,

teringat saya frasa tamil - peria koothie [translasi big cunt]

mungkin blogger beri gelaran datuk peria kooTee pada si datuk

yang dok mengintai pookie dalam video di hotel baru baru ini.

umee habisda

amacam dengan peria kooTee satu lagi :

dara-sepanjang-hayat-bee en cik umee-habisda..

takde vidio nak kasi hot lagi ke?

John kerang 3

Anonymous said...

Polis got no 'standard operating procedures'? Why never arrest Datuk T for screening porno in a hotel? How to trust Polis that has proven to practise selective prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Nazri : " it's ok lah to show sex tape but dun charge them ...hahahaha !! "

Anonymous said...

Lawan tetap lawan, go to hell with umco! Be patience Datuk Seri and Datin Seri, we, people are with you!

Anonymous said...

another black op becomes road kill. what will they think of next

Saudara Tee said...

Is this the best your hantu can reveal?

please do not lose your credibility.

zorro said...

Saudara Tee,
Why don't you tee off to another course if you find this one not credible....with too many index holes!Dang, this shot of yours went OB.

Anonymous said...

whats next UMNO?

King of Fitnah bestowed upon thee. Oouch, i thought muslims are supposed to refrain from FITNAH.


Datin Z said...

Anwar please be beware of one blardy bitch who might be involve in the making of the video.

She even claimed to’ve 18 more videos which she claimed she knew, and was hidden somewhere.

Another Ezam in the making!!!

Anonymous said...

The best defence is offence.

Get a couple of twats, one plump as Jib and the other slim like Altantu, with the same shapes and sizes, and upload their actions onto the net. Date the video to the time before the c4 incident and let the pm explain himself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i read in malaysiakini or somewhere one (1) stupid fella quoted 'he (the victim) could be filming himself' just to gain support... remember one (1) kera-lah monkey said 'he hit his own eye to make one-eyed man' back those days

the land we have indeed full of shitload two (2) legged carcasses surviving on peoples hardships.

Anonymous said...

Wow, whoever that mastermind this porn film must have the inspiration from watching too many Mission Impossible videos. Heck they would somehow managed to design a rubber mask and adjust body shapes, color, etc to to look like AI and get some backyard pros to do some tricks and action and voila - a new sensation!( Ha, reminds of that Lingam case; "looks like me but it is not me!"
Folks -Bolehwood is here!
Keep it up you UMMO dummies, you can fool some people sometime but not all the time! The folks that would believe all these crap will be those village idiots (read UmmO dummies) because they do not have proper vision!
AI we are with you!

The Sting

Merong Wangsa said...

We all know that Hollywood use stunt men to stand in for the main star. They will dress alike, walk alike and talk alike but normally done with the image in the distant. No close up shots have ever been seen.

You get someone with the height of Anwar, wearing a pair of specs and spot a goatee and a beard. The body movement has been rehearsed thoroughly so it will look unmistakably Anwar. This can be done by watching the many videos of Anwar enough to impersonate him. The film has blur images to hide any inperfections.

I think our KRU Studio has the expertise to do such thing, although I am not suggesting that they are responsible. This is simple compared to what they have done in cicakman or Merong movies.
Just prove a point that you do not need Hollywood to do the job.

Anonymous said...

Umi Hafilda Ali has claimed she has 18 sex videos involving an opposition politician. Polis should raid her house to search for those tapes.

Miz Love said...

Don't be so apologetic on behalf of Anwar.
The best recourse is for him to admit it and resign.
If the sex act is true,PAS has issued an ultimatum to quit PKR.
Anwar is squeezed into a tight spot with nowhere to go.

mauriyaII said...

Instead of being on the defensive, the opposition should go on the offensive. They should get videos or photographs of UMNO big shots like the ex-Chief Minister Musang of Melaka, our Jibbys sex romp with a local singer/starlet and all other UMNO men and women of questionable moral values and splash them on U-tube.

When UMNO/BN can go about slandering people non-stop especially when they employ pondans and itchy-chibais like that ummi slut, then why not pay back those scums in the same coin?

What is wrong with our PDRM? Looks like there is not even ONE officer who is clean and a gentleman. They are the ones who lack morals and integrity. The don't even bother to take action against pimps like the 'datuk' T or the forever virgin slut who claims to have 18 more sex videos in her collection. Why not raid her house and make her face the music in a court of law. Please note 'a court of law' and NOT our courts that has deteriorated into kangaroo courts.

Forget about the cowhead supporter, kerismooodin who says the police farce is not involved and they can't take any action unless a police report is made.

The police have make police reports on their own and taken action against innocent people. Why are they so selective when it involves the image and integrity of an opposition political figure?

All the sodomy and sex scandals are going to backfire on those who started these sandiwara as NOT ALL are gullible as the NEP supporting Malay parasites who support the present corrupted regime.

Unknown said...

there're 2 main points to clear DSAI name here.
1) hotel cctv recording on that day (especially reception area)
2) guest list for that particuler day (who's name registered for that room)
bet the police will overlook that


Anonymous said...

This case exposes two(2) important issues.
1. What was the police doing after the video was screened to the public?
2. Now tell me, who is the bigger culprit, the man in the video or the person who secretly masterminded the recording?

Lets go into details.

1. According to the law, it is an offence to possess/distribute/screen pornographic material.First thing that comes to my mind is simple logic.....arrest the people who violated this very law.Otherwise, a precedence has been set, meaning the police cannot excercise this right if any malaysian out there decides to screen pornographic materials.Of course, in BolehLand ,you can see every now and then, selective prosecution taking place.This is gonna waste plenty of time and tax payers' money and downgrade the peoples' trust in the police force.
2. Imagine you are having sex with your wife in your very own bedroom that has been secretly placed a hidden camera by a friend. This friend got hold of the recording and demands blackmail.Now, you please tell me after using all usable brain cells, who is the culprit that the police should go for? Entrapment into another person's privacy is a very serious offence, and my oh my, committed by three(3) Datuks. Stooges maybe.
The 3 stooges should be arrested, their tites revoked and put away to lick their wounds.
That way, public opinion will remain intact and people will regain trust in the administration.
As of now, I don't see it going this way.

Anonymous said...

The video saga proves one thing: the UMNO/BN leadership comprised a bunch of sex maniacs ESPECIALLY THAT THAMBI who raped a girl and got almost scot free because of our "highly respected" UMNO judiciary. In the first place Why wasn’t this exposed earlier? Why wait until now? The depth of this behaviour seems prevailing right across the board in an environment where morality is only questioned when you hold a different political view; otherwise we all can have fun together. It only reflect what is said to the public is mere propaganda; actions speak differently. And if Stupid Malaysians continue to have such leadership, we can only wait for an end similar to that of Nero’s. I hope this exposure will come back to haunt all those leaders!!