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Lets not waste public

funds on Kangaroos

and Royal C I!


Go for



to benefit





"Remember the Hong Kong actor's case where his own private collection of sex clips were uploaded to the Internet by another man. They prosecuted the guy who uploaded them. But in Malaysia, the victim has to bear the consequences."


wandererAus said...

These 3 UMNO pimps should be placed in a Prostitute den and raped incessantly by sex entertainers... carrying the most dangerous aids!! I like to see their little dick falls off slowly, but surely....

Anonymous said...

3 dumb mice , 3 dumb mice..see how they run , see how they pant...

One without eyes , one without tail and one without ears but all have Big flat mouth , so funny , so funny.


Anonymous said...

Nobody upload the videos yet! You have seen them on the net?

The video is not porn btw.

its evidence.

Anyway, the proposed RCI is to include independent foreign experts - if you listened to the PC by the trio

Anonymous said...

This PKR's Johari Abdul actually believed it was really Anwar in the video!!

He was so sure that he brought along 6 / 7 other PKR MPs to watch and asked for money for every head he brought to defect ! Stupid. Why should RTC pay him? As far as RTC is concerned, defect or not, PKR is going for doom and the video is going out anyway. Why must pay?

And the idiot Johari Abdul made a u-turn, describing the man in the video in great detail as if he has seen Anwar naked. Maybe he has. Maybe he's another Saiful, buggered by anwar.

Anonymous said...

Najis is a desperate nincompoop... knowing that his sodomy trilogy is going nowhere.

So, this hare-brained fat boy can't take him out by his arse, now trying to grab him by his dicky!

While the senile mamak kutty got sodomy 1 smacked on his face...

Looks like Najis going to have sodomy 2 smearing his face & a dicky shoving into his mouth.

Anonymous said...

din u know? HK has no kangaroo courts. Malaysia has stray kangaroos even in my backyard!

elizabeth said...

Zaid was reported to have watched the video, and in his wisdom suggested that we get experts to look at them. Mind you, Zaid is suggesting any tom dick or harry, but the likes of Scotland Yard. If Malaysian govt allows us to call in Scotland Yard or FBI, priority is to get them to look over the Altantuya case or that of Teoh Beng Hock. Zaid, where is your priority?

Gerald Chong said...

Identifying why PDRM didn't apprehend DATUK TRIO is IMPORTANT, while, identifying whether the man in the sex tape is ANWAR IBRAHIM or not is NOT IMPORTANT.

Had u guys gone NUTS???

I think the KANGAROO COURT is in this blog instead. Can't even distinguish which is more IMPORTANT.

Bunch of LOST souls.

siewchinteo said...

Watch this video !!!!

Anonymous said...

Nazri already said it is legal now to show Sex Video in public. It is illegal in HK.

Can someone show CSL's Sex Video now? Even better if he can release 2nd part together. Last round, I have did not have the chance to watch it when police confisticate and arrest those distribute the videos.

Anonymous said...

Gerald, oh Gerald,I am not a supporter for the oppisition nor the ruling government, but you seem to blame everyone except yourself, you seem like you are smart and educated but what a pity you are childish,rude and arrogant. Like using other peoples wife or siblings as an example, what say if it was your daughter or sister who was that prostitute in the tape, you still want to call for the RCI? You like seeing others already in trouble pressed even further to the dumps. This whole episode of the sex scandle is not IMPORTANT, whats important is that we realize that we are not as low as those who put to shame another fellow human in this manner.Let the police do their job. You r just a Peanut who is trying to make loud noises invain. Pathetic loser you are, dont you think so? Grow up my friend.

Anonymous said...

G Chong ahhhhh,
please pack bak kut teh tonight huh... Klang bak kut teh better woh, not Jinjang one hah.

Ejen Aminah said...

With the weight of the entire government machinery behind UMNO (judiciary, police, EC, MACC, etc) it may be difficult to remove UMNO from power bacause there can never be fair and transparent elections.

There may come a time when only PEOPLE POWER can dislodge UMNO.

Therefore I appreciate all the wrtings of bloggers like Zorro in the effort to educate the rakyat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This stupid sex video escapade is the most telling evidence that Umno is a suspect behind it all.

Hopefully this will wake up some bumis that they have been led down the wrong garden path all along. Hopefully this sordid episode should reach the heartland of Sarawak so the people there will fully realize what they have been missing and how much they have been robbed by those greedy barons.

Godfather said...

I remember the story about the No. 1 guy being caught in Port Dickson with a TV3 presenter, but that didn’t affect my life. There was this hoo-ha about the MCA guy admitting to being a porn star, but that didn’t affect my life either. Then I ran into a senior UMNO minister in Eastern Europe with his girlfriend. I assumed they just met and were staying in different hotels, and that didn’t affect my life.

In my career, I know of so many UMNOputras taking their girlfriends to Thailand, Indonesia. I know many of them kept girlfriends in Bandung, Surabaya, Medan. These don’t affect my life.

They don’t affect me because I had expected all these to happen with people in power, with billions in their pockets stolen from the rakyat. But with Anwar, these goons have stooped to a new low. These goons are so paranoid that their days of pillaging are over, or that a new regime would start investigating the commercial crimes of the past 30 years. Now THAT affects my life, cos I want accountability to happen.

zorro said...

Siew Chin....if it ain't country it ain't music. I put this up some time ago in a post....but it is so refreshing to see it again. Thanks. so relevant considering the shit that is flying around.

Anonymous said...

So, these are the scumbags. It was amazing, scumbags like these can be a "datuk", actually should be my "buttock" sounds better la. Today with scumbags like these few carrying a "datuk" title, a monkey can claim one.
Anyway, what is this country coming to when politicians try to oust each other by showing porno movies of sex scenes which were obviously set up to entrap the victims for purely political motives? Decent and credible politicians and political parties debate with their opponents on matters and issues of public interest and see who comes out on top, not by trying to force politicians out with this kind of smut.UMNO/BN and especially scums like these 3 "buttock" T should just grow up and get back to the business of governing for the interest of the rakyat.
UMNO/BN politicians has nothing better to do . First they tried using a male dickhead "Saifool", now a female. Whats next la?? A "lembu" ??????? Shame on UMNO/BN.