Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The penitential month

begins with

Ash Wednesday.






Anonymous said...

you are way behind, sir.

Still believe i conspiracies? aka Anwar's bullshit.

Check all the facts.

Now criminals, murders can get away with their crime if the DNA obtained is not legal. They walk free.

zorro said...

Anon314pm....you sound, I repeat, SOUND intelligent, so why remain anonymous.Be brave, can?

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir, I have no respect with your "TUN" title as you runs down your ex DPM with sex scandal. previously you runs him down with sodomy cases, at the end of tunnel, you seem unable to convinced us with sodomy case, now you try your luck to runs him down with another subject - having sex with ladies!

You gain no respect from me!! May your GOD have mercy on you!!

Tsunami No More said...



bumi-non-malay said...

Mat Kilau and Tok Janggut thinking Kidnap the kid and make a Farce bothh sides.........sounds interesting??? Wonder how many UTK assigned to jage little lying corrupted Munafik Islam Budak.......

Shall we instead go and line up 10 km to Jumpa Najis for Scholarship?? Otherwise we accuse him of pure Racism......or Bias if he don't entertain rakyat...??? hmm lots of disruption needs to continue!!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Its been aeon away since i jot my thoughts on your ever lively, thot-provoking blog.

Thanks to Paulo Coelho's "The Winner Stands Alone", i was introduced to Prof Philip Zimbardo's mind-blowing book called "The Lucifer Effect". It explains why a person like Jude Pereira could succumb to devilish acts, where his famous Stanford Prison Experimen clearly shows how we could turn evil when the situation pressured us to accept such evil acts as acceptable.

Having read that book, I am convinced, there is no other way we could attain peace and justice in this country except to change the government of the day. Period.

Old Fart said...

You know Zorro, none of my neighbours can accuse my dog for impregnating their bitches. you see, its been spayed and this is certified. I actually pay a lower annual license fee because its spayed!! boy do I love my dog!! no worries!!

Now I'd like to..err...continue supporting Anwar... If he gets out of this one, like my dog, I want peace of mind when I let it out to roam the neighbourhood. You think we can send Anwar straight to the vet? To be spayed I mean!!

donplaypuks said...

Those who have sold their souls to Satan won't give 2 hoots if its Shrove or Pancake Tuesday, Ash Wednesday or Easter Sunday.

There's no salvation for the damned!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Does this mean all existing prisoners should be released? Many of their blood samples were obtained without permission, so innocent prisoners should be released immediately to continue with their molesations.

Well done, for a judge that nearly got recused.


Miriam said...

Jude Pereira was probably forced to undertake the 'mission' for reasons beyond our ken. Note, that he is the only non Malay in the whole sordid scheme. Ash Wednesday & all, we need to be more discerning in our own judgement & forgiving as well. Only with compassion towards the misguided can we give ourselves the promise of any future victory.

Unknown said...

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