Sunday, March 27, 2011



Over 50 years of independence

But are we FREE

Why are we afraid of the TRUTH

Why are we afraid of CHANGE

Why are we AFRAID

Why are we being KEPT afraid

H0w long will we be SILENT

How long will we be IGNORANT

How long will we be THREATENED

More than 1.8million Malaysians of all races LEFT THE COUNTRY FOR GOOD.

Have we given up our FUTURE

Is ESCAPE the only way to go

When was the last time….

When was the last time you were ENRAGED by corruption

When was the last time you BRIBED a cop

Is INJUSTICE our problem

Is corruption our CULTURE

Does watching this make you uncomfortable

Do we need another SLOGAN

Malaysia boleh

Vision 2020

People First

Performance Now

1 Nation

1 People

1 Race

1 Malaysia

1 LIE!

Are we all just racists

Are we all just being turned into racists


FORWARD is the only way to go

Malaysians are you LISTENING



Let’s make our VOICES heard

Let’s make our PRESENCE felt

WE are the FUTURE



(thanks peter)




Anonymous said...

The protagonist for 1Malaysia is the prime murder suspect of that Mongolian girl, which is in fact the present un-elected PM of Malaysia, and who has in a widely publicised APCO funded official PC denied he ever knew the girl and for good measure swore in a mosque together with those famed muftis ( unholymen)that he has never met her. Mr Bala the famous PI however has been threatened to leave the country by unseen forces for it was feared by Najib's family members that he knew too much about Mr Najib's tryst with the girl at the time he was the Defence Minister, even to the fairly hot extent and matter of front & back.

With a dubious man saddled with extra heavy baggage & without any valid qualifications other than speaking with a faked engrish accent running the country, it was inevitable that some sharp Malaysians denounced him the Crime Minister while others simply shook their heads in disbelief !

So why is anybody surprised at all when Malaysia has sunk to rock bottom today ?

Soaring crime rates, rampant lawlesssness, corruption at breakneck pace, sex scandals & murder in police lockups.

All in all the tragic collapse of human rights et al.

This cancer must be blasted or Malaysia will soon blast into oblivion - aka Libya.

Mr Zorro , you just need to tell Malaysians to vote Pakatan in each & every seat in the GE13.

No need to give more boring examples of the dreadful UMNO at play

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro!
Dun be so long winded!

The answer is found in your helpless PM!
Prime murder suspect - connoisseur of billion ringgit bribes - sexual deviant - hostage to ambitious 2nd wife - puppet - mental retard

do I hv to say more?

Anonymous said...

Why want to leave?

Here we got entertained by stupid & incompetent leaders & ex-leader making fools of themselves day-in, day-out.

Anonymous said...


I wonder really whether all this battle cry will work because the Sarawakians by large have shown they are incapable of differentiating between right and wrong. They have accepted the beasts (Taib Mahmud & family and BN) for the last 3 decades and they will continue to bow down to Taib and BN. Despite all the expose of Taib Mahmud & family's continue pillage of Sarawak's resources, the Sarawakians just stood by idly as if the pillage did not happen.

I do not share your optimism that there will be any change in the Sarawak political scenario. If anything at all, BN will win by a bigger majority and more seats in this coming election. The reason is simple: Sarawakians are easily duped and bought for a couple of ringgit.

remie said...

Our biggest problem is there is simply NO alternative credible leader to lead the charge.
Wan Azizah? No
Azmin Ali? No
Anyone else from PKR? No
Lim Kit Siang? Non-Muslim, not acceptable
Lim Guan Eng? Same reasons
Baru Bian? Same reasons besides only Sarawak statewise .... for now
ZI? Destroyed his own reputation with uncontrolled outbursts & ill-advice(?)
PAS? Have not ditched their Islam agenda, yet.
Tengku Razaleigh? Maybe too old & have not offered himself publicly, yet.

We cannot have a NEW Govenment without leaders!

Closer to the problem, opposition Sarawak still have no Chief-designate, days to the polls. How are the voters to vote? Post state elections and the winners go into negotiations that they are having now?

Please! This is not the way to win and retain a State or Country.

Bottom line ...... I am utterly frustrated after such hope in 2008. In THREE years and the Government-in-waiting cannot come up with a leadership structure.

wandererAus said...

53 years of abuses by the corrupted, racist ruling administration have awakened even the most political indifferent rakyat. Time has come to
confront these Umno cowards...let them not have the pleasure to enjoy their devilish intentions… Patience has a limit!

Anonymous said...

you rock uncle

Anonymous said...

Well said zorro, Enough is Enough! Thou i am no politician or supports any party, I still feel that we are led by a bunch of blokes, i dont really know how many ministers and their portfolois are but this i know, we need a CHANGE. this blokes are making decisions for the whole somewhat 27 million of us. Decisions that we dont even have a say what so ever.Sad thing is, we have a choice to make that change but the simple fact remains that we simply dont care.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Sorry, just sidetrack a bit.

What happen to Zaid? Are you still in touch with him? Can you find out and let us know? Many just dissappointed with him when he get involved in latest sex video.

zorro said...

Anon713pm. I remember telling Zaid in his house to quit the race during their party elections. He quit the race and also the party. I was disappointed. Since then I have avoided communicating with him and his aides. I have not blogged about him. Thoroughly disappointed. I prefer to remain as friends even if he does want me as one. Pls do not ask me about him or I might say something hurtful. Let him be and wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Ya. forgive Him and earse him from the memory.
Just another false leader ,A wolf in the sheep's clothing.

In short , if he does not open his mouth atleast people dont know that he is dumb and start to question his qualification.

Sorry , sometimes I feel lost about how those with low mentality can sit on top as a chief or leader.

Even got on our nerve when he said it's a documentary. WTF if this happened to someone he loves ?


caravanserai said...

The pot of gold
The shining glow in the dark sky
You see it; you want it
Yet you can't take

It's the river
The man made manipulations
There's no way to row
No permission no bridge to cross

You see the dark shadows
Eyes of green lust of souls
Wings of greed and corruption
You want to go; you pay toll

They don't promise you
The pot of gold you think you see
Sparkling rays of golden lights
In the darkness fall you see the golden colors

One vision of lies
It never really belongs to you
Sharing it is out of your reach
The leprechauns hold it greedily

It's only through change
Where life can be free
The pursuits of wants and happiness
It's our duty to make it happens

Anonymous said...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Sorry Zorro, I got better things to do .

Anonymous said...

Taking a cue from (badly mauled still alive) Anwar's X close friends became deadly enemies (mostly Malays), there seems to be a similar pattern being played out in yr case aka Rocky & Zaid.

Well its never too late to learn about people close to you. like Brutus

But Zaid is a classis moron who somehow became rich then suddenly lost all respect from self respecting Malaysians.

take care Zorro - dun b cheated by your friends again

zorro said...

Hey has been some time you strayed in here. Welcome back. sleepwalked into this blog?...shooooo, out! I don't like strays.

Anon1042...even the luminaries like TDM and DSAI made wrong choices.So a commoner like me can be allowed to make mistakes, no? But the fault is mine - poor judgment.What makes you say they cheated me.They never did. But I do not back-stab my "friends". You take care too, yah?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Thanks for your reply regarding Zaid. I understand it hurts & very disappointed especially you have very high hope on him.

mauriyaII said...

Better to forget about this political has-been. He says a pornographic film is a documentary just to please his exUMNO pals who resorted to such underhand tactics to bring down a political foe.

He could condone such despicable acts of an immoral guy such as the paedophile musang who raped an under aged girl. As usual, he being an UMNO warlord, the charge was dropped. The other guys involved are no better. One is a corrupted UMNO standard bearer. The other is a staunch of the Malaysian chapter of the KKK.

Zaid in his zeal for vengeance has taken the shortest route to distance himself form all those who supported him for his stance on the ISA issue.

Even before KITA could endear to his diehard supporters and other well-wishers, Zaid has shot himself in his foot by taking in discards from PKR and GERAKAN.

Aren't there better men of high morals and integrity?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....stupid n hypocrites ppl....when he is in umno you all cursed him...when he join all said he is a good leader....when he quit all cursed him again...arent you all hypocrites too...rakyat are not stupid...if this the case....i dont think sarawak ppl will vote for pakatan....

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.08pm

Are you stupid to think? You must have stupid UMNO DNA.

We condemn and critise him based on his performance and behaviour and what he said. Not because he left UMNO or Join PKR!!

zorro said...

Anon443pm. Spot on!

nono said...

Like you said,

Malaysians must make a stand and face the truth.

That it is people's power that will make the change.

So people of Malaysia, be firm and committed to your goal of freeing this country from oppression.

Don't move back, advance and face the challenges head on.

Make a choice and select the party that can truly represent your interest and concern.