Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yes, I am getting the whiff of it….

Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt

The rats went into their sewers

To release their mongrels

The people bared their fangs

Some mangy pups peed in their pants.

Anwar launched his DNA

Datuk Najib Altantuya, yeh, yeh,yeh!

Can screen porno

Ceramah, no, no, no!

Keep your RCI,

We have OUR RCI!


UMNO’S RCI, proven squeaky.

ANWAR and Pakatan beh toh*

Sarawak will show!

*cannot fall in Hokkien.




Anonymous said...

Fat chance!
PKR & DAP will have to fight each other first for seats!

Anwar is in deep shit oredi. More videos from OKT ( a DAP supporter ) . Hoping to get more Spa license and protection when Anwar becomes PM. And projects too!!

Anonymous said...

malaysia is now turning can book a hotel n invite honest journalists to see a movie. but ANWAR n PAKATAN cnnot get a permit to hold a cERAMAH. THis is malaysia now in 2011 where lies , slander n corruption rules. integrity nhonesty are all destroyed n our country is in economic ruins. high inflation n high costs of living has destroyed the livelihood of many poor malaysians like the pensiners n senior citizens

Anonymous said...

Malaysia today has many present & clear buzzwords.

Desperate Najib ! Tragic Rosmah ! WTF UMNO ! Idiot Nazri ! Pondan Hisha ! Snake Muhyi ! Liar liar Mamaktir ! Zaid bin Hypocrite ! Rocky traitor ! MCA chickens ! MIC hydras !

Anwar the Fighter of the Century !

Anonymous said...

Anwar was a bit panic thinking he was about to get arrested.

Anonymous said...

UMNO's political survival strategy throughout Malaysia's modern history hinges on its ability to tickle & sway the majority Malays, who are mostly naive & dumb, with the carrot approach of cash & projects & the fear of the stick of Allah's wrath, as manifested by the misteachings of those despicable witch doctors ( aka Muftis ). UMNOPutras are corrupt & rich ( as Zaid, Daim, Taib , Toyo & Mulkriz etc etc ). While the mainstream Malays are lowly educated & mostly dumb & lost.

Can PKR ( mostly Malays from UMNO ) be any different? The odds are heavily stacked against convenient partners DAP & PAS.

But try Pakatan must, provided the problematic "glue" dun self destruct ( he has the gift of the gap & also the extreme weakness of being surrounded by very "close" friends )

Its a pity tho that our old overanxious try harder Zorro fell into the quick charms of that other rich smoothie hypocrite Zaid.

Just watch your step in future,Dear Zorro its never too late

Anonymous said...

wah, bravo polis, can teach politikus not to talk too long... now I can see why people say we are a police state?

Ejen Aminah said...

Ceramah tak boleh tapi tengok filem lucah di hotel boleh.

PDRM, dah mabuk-kah?

Observer said...

All these episodes just goes on to show how scared the BN goons are when Anwar opens his mouth to speak, hence the time limit.

SetiaSelalu said...

The RCIs we need are to investigate the Deaths in Polis Custody and the billions STOLEN by Corrupt Politicians.....hello Taib,hello Mahathir & you know we know who you are !!
We have to keep the spirit of REFORMASI alive !

Anonymous said...

It is unimaginable why UMNO fears Anwar so much that they want so badly to put him out to pasture at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Kehkehkeh....bodoh dan bengap sangat....takkan nak tayang vidoe lucah kat ceramah....makan taik lg baik...apa punyer bingai....

Anonymous said...

These are the works of COWARDS. Eveyone except umno's bodohs can see that this is a conspiracy against Anwar. WHY target Kak Azizah to step down?? So obvious lanuns at work in this but get caught and exposed again.

WB-I said...

I am so angry reading this from Singapore.

Pakatan will always have my support. These thugs are TOO MUCH!!!!!!


WB-I said...

I dun care if Anwar is really involved, but all I know is that my country will fall in the hands of these thugs.

I am only concerned about my kids' future. Its officially them against us.

Please Pakatan, get united and fight the war.

Anonymous said...

Either party gets involved in sex scandal one way or another.

So the main concern now is not about who possess the most porn videos but who can HONESTLY lead the nation that counts..

Whichever positions they do it , be it side way , back way ,top way , bottom way it does not matter but IT HAVE TO BE THE RIGHT WAY.

I did it my way.

Anonymous said...

General observation- Urban Votes goes to Pakatan Rakyat while rural folks are for Umno.Old habbit dies hard.

Old story- One senior voter regretted for not voting the current regime and returned to the voting centre to inform the officier that he wanted a change.

The officer smile and said to him , dont worry we have already changed for you.

Dont harbour too much hope in Sarawak though we hope for another tsunami. A reduced majority for Umno wud consider a victory for the Rakyat.

Good luck to Pakatan Rakyat and still cherishing the oldie- Nothing is Impossible.

Lawan tetap Lawan.

Anonymous said...

The time has come....

It may be now or never...

Sarawakians can choose to save this country ...or bury it....

But if DAP and PKR dont get their act right....we will buried anyway...

Anonymous said...

DAP and PKR in Sarawak please learn to cooperate.

There could be moles in PKR again to cause the trouble. History has proven this. The moles are now active before election.

Zorro please do something when you are in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Here we have the white hair guy on Youtube trying to justify something so outright haram as somewhat halal with regards to his family's business empire, for which all sound-minded Malaysians are aware, was fuelled by his plundering of Sarawak over the past 30 years.

The other truly Malaysian dictator, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had also once implied that his son is a billionaire out of his own business acumen, and that he as prime minister had not helped Mokhzani in any way. Believable or not?

Other renowned dictators in the Asean region - Marcos, Suharto and the Burmese junta - all have plundered their nation bone dry but on camera are ever willing to justify their actions as safeguarding national interests.

Does Taib really think people are that stupid? I mean, come on, he is stooping so low as to create a clone website, 'Sarawak Reports'. This suggests that he is more than interested to try to hide the truth. Sarawakians must, i repeat must wake up now to wrest your rights and wealth back before you folks become irrelevant. WAKE UP NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen to the THIEF Minister and Finance-Me Minister interview see youtube 'Jamillah ', you will hear a THIEF trying to hide his loot.
Why do Opportunist THIEF Minister like Taib and MahaTHIEF thinks the Country belong to them and no one else.
Our forefathers built the Country from nothing dying defending communists and japs and we have these Crooks& Fakes telling us they own it and robbing the wealth in front of our eyes and denying it with impunity.
Reform cannot come soon enough for the sake of our future generations.