Friday, March 11, 2011


She (Clare Rewcastle), knew that Sarawak was being deforested – over-logged – losing a full square mile a day.

She also knew that Sarawak’s rate of depletion was estimated to be the fastest and worst in the world.



wandererAus said...

Hopefully, Sarawakians will not behaved like long caged birds!...even, when the door is opened, to set them free, they will not not take this fine opportunity to fly out for their freedom.
Is there a strong leader to lead these miserable souls out of their self imposed "prison"?

Anonymous said...

While Clare must be commended for her role in exposing this Sarawak fatal disease, it is also pertinent to acknowledge that she is really a foreigner who has bend over backwards to help out. It is a fact ( but indeed a trajedy) that Sarawak's own people appear so helpless and need help from outside. Sarawakians are either really stupid or have no balls.

This has been the general malaise afflicting Malaysia as a whole.

Moving away from side issues such as this journalistic advertising expose, so what are Sarawakians or Malaysians doing about this ?

Is there anything concrete being done on a massive scale ? Or will this bee another old news soon ?

As the local hero Zorro with thousands of followers, dun you think you shud do something more solid instead of being another media house ? Like go tho the ground, and risk your life perhaps ?

Start the ball rolling, and I will be there behind you ( since I am no Zorro )

wannabe hero

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. We sarawakians have dropped our balls and are still looking for it. we are so afraid to lose or sacrifice our rice bowls that we just look the other way, thinking its another's problem. the best way to wake up is to have the rubbish shoved right in our kitchen

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown could have done something against this biggest environmental crime while he was the Britain PM.

At least now he is now talking against Taib.

We need more foreign media to cover this piece of news.

SetiaSelalu said...

Sarawak THIEF Minister has stolen and is stealing billions and rightly the Sarawak people should wake up and vote against the BIG THIEF.

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians have lost their forest and their sou.l to the Taib family

Anonymous said...

I see you have prominently displayed Baru Bian's pic on your top right hand bar, as a sort of reminder of your open admiration for him

How come there is no official word from your much beloved Hero, a Sarawakian on this particular matter ?

Why does it take a foreigner to bring this up and for you to replay the news ?

Baru Bian, where art thou ?

Typical of Zorro's recurring misplaced hero worship ? OMG

zorro said...

Anon525...I dont know what you are about. Either you don't get the picture or you refuse to understand.I do not hero-worship. I worship change. BB is Sarawak's change agent. If you dont understand that you then remind me of a dog that visits a either barks at the wrong tree or it pees on that tree.Looks like you are doing both.

Anonymous said...

How to get Taib fall? First you must ready to fall him alone said some BN priv stry minister.Example where/place he was stand.Find first who again him in that place?Not all melanau likes him.
If he fall, others minister frm PBB will die too.Then to change this tye person just caught B4 running away after he lose.

snow said...

Despite the expose on Taib's ill found wealth there is no sign of action from MACC. On the other hand, Hishamuddin is investigating Clare's radio station. Is this not obvious that Taib is being protected? Come on Sarawakians, do the right thing and save your forest and your people.

Anonymous said...

to all swkn. let us pull out that old man. no more respect to him (tait mamut@ben ali@ gadafi" and his cronies.

and i knew,not only me,but the young voters will do our own part this coming election.

Anonymous said...

The recent detention or seizure of 30,000 copies of Malay-language Bibles at Port Klang and the Port of Kuching by the federal government authorities is clearly against the spirit of the Federal Constitution, as it denies the basic right to freedom of religion.

It is depriving the Sarawakians the spiritual support from the reading ov Bible.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, Sarawakians practicing Christian faith were not allowed to refer to Allah as the God, or calling God Allah. They went to schools using Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction and having learned Bahasa Malaysia they are prevented from reading Bible in Bahasa Malaysia by the government banning the import of Bible written in Bahasa Malaysia from Indonesia. Before joining Malaysia Sarawakians had English schools which would have allowed them to read Bible in English. In giving English, they are now forced to give up religious knowledge too.

Sarawakians were happy before joining Malaysia. Now they are not allowed to think about their happy days aloud.


Why vote for BN to destroy your future?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Fear not the Holy Bible
Helping in spirit to enable
you all to become more capable
In connecting with the spiritual cable

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.13th Mar. 2011.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

SOUL AS SOLD - 130311

Why should one's soul be sold
To be placed under the devil's sole
When rightly your very own soul
Is beyond need for anyone to scold

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.13th Mar. 2011.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When there's a total rape of the land
What's left behind may be bare sand
With native natural diet turned totally bland
Will you be able to distinguish between friend and fiend?

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.13th Mar. 2011.