Monday, March 28, 2011


The WHISTLER flung this question at me over a kosher brunch?

“Why ask me, ask your friend the Police Inspector General?” I SNAPped.

“I DID!” as he swigged deeply from his ever-present hip flask. The Double Black was fragrantly overpowering.

“So?” as I reached out for his flask that swiftly went back into his hip pocket. That’s the Whistler….he never shares SOME good “stuff” …..never… on a Sunday.

Taking a discrete sip, he whistled Limbo Rock!

“Like in how low can you go” I volunteered.

“Exquisite BK, today you are sharper than your normal blunt self. Here have a sip. That was what the head cop said,” as W got up to leave, leaving me to pick up the tab. That Scrooge!

Sorry to leave you guys with this….but that’s what he left me with! So who is the snake charmer? Anyone?

Stop Press:

Why is Azmin’s house surrounded by cops?

Mata mata look for snake charmer?






wandererAus said...


May of us are fighting our guts out to put away these UMNO bastards from power, yet, GE after GE equal numbers are determined to return them to power...what a fcuk!! The worst culprits were the UMNO chins and thambys...the asshole lickers....
So blame ourselves,we have not worked hard enough and united as ONE. Look at PKR, behaving like UMNO...treating the component parties in the Alliance like a master and his servants. Damn these arrogant, greedy dickheads!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely him. Your friend, Zaid Ibrahim can confirm what we saw. Stop betting on the wrong horse.

zorro said...

Anon308pm...I PAY when I bet. You let others pay for your bets. If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.

Bogey said...

so what are u saying, Masked Man? .... that PKR set this whole thing up to fire-up the mob?

zorro said...

Far from it Bogey!You read me wrong!

Anonymous said...

The video episode whether Anwar or not whether authentic or not being hyped up by T is a disgrace to modern civilisation , smacking of hypocrisy of the highest order.

Shows what humans are capable of doing to their friends , absolutely no class

Muslims as a religion has failed tmiserably o inculcate basic manners & decency.

A sham

Kiew of Sarawak said...

Anon631pm...agreed with your first point. It shows the ugly side of men; irrespective of his religion. But, it is the failing of men, not the religion.

Islam by itself is a beautiful religion.

Anonymous said...

Halooo Asshole....what has this video got to do with yourself are racists shit....this video things only got to do with humans greeds...dont you see it....dont be like a shameless politicians who likes to create racial disunity among the rakyats with all this races & religions the end the rakyats are the ones who suffered....once and for all....stop all this religions & races talk...pls use your brain when you vote comes this election....lets vote for those who can bring bread & butter to your house & not to those racists shit

Bogey said...

got it zorro, just making sure we're on the same wavelength.

Some updates from my Pakatan source on the new sex scandal video...

- The man in the tape is not Anwar... that much is sure... but he looks very similar... but was well shot by Malaysia's top flim maker...?

- This sex video was actually in Barisan’s potential weapons to be used in 13th General Elections.

- But what made them dust it off in a hurry and use it now... it's got to do with Sarawak state elections.

- BN’s internal polling revealed that BN will be losing far too many seats in the state elections due to anger towards Taib Mahmud.

- BN’s internal polling shows that Taib’s party PBB itself is projected to lose about 50% of its seats... and SUPP will lose all it’s seats etc.

- They figured BN will still win... but with a much reduced majority... lost is 2/3 majority and even just win by around 55-60% majority (As predicted by Raja Petra in his video).

BN needs to win S’wak big time in order to keep as many Parliament seats in 13th GE.

- So Najib and Muhyiddin both went to see Taib in Sarawak about 2 weeks ago... never have the PM and deputy PM gone to visit a state together.

- They went to pressure Taib to resign... and appoint a caretaker CM before state elections... hoping with Taib leaving... people will be less angry and they can still win handsomely.

- Taib... it seems assured them he will consider it seriously... but... Taib threw a shocker.

- He sent off Najib and Muhyiddin at the airport... as soon as the plane took off... Taib called for a press conference in the airport itself.

- He announced that he will dissolve the state assembly next week... and will remain as CM... and will retire after the elections after a transition period to enable the new CM to get up to speed.

- Najib and Muhyiddin got the shocking news... after they landed in KLIA. Taib just showed them the finger.

- Since the state assembly dissolution is announced... nothing can be done... and since Pakatan is getting stronger by the day in S’wak. Something needs to be done.

- They had to dust off Anwar’s purported sex tape and destroy PKR’s credibility hoping that people will be wary of opposition.

- In a hurry... talk about dumb asses trying to frame people without goofing up.

- The rooms that was used to screen the tape to reporters at Carcosa was booked... of all people... by Risda... a federal govt agency.

- Risda’s chairman is Rahim Thamby Chick... the guy who raped an underaged girl once... ( and saved by a Bell - a Ding Dong named Mahathir).

- And the Datuk is also strongly linked to UMNO.

- Then they tried to lure PKR MP’s to jump ship by showing them the video and of course monetary rewards.

What is really funny about this is that...

- The room in Carcosa was actually booked by Ketua Umno Bhg Bukit Gantang, who is also special officer to Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik.

Paid for it by credit card and worse of all... are you ready for this...

he asked for a corporate discount by using his Risda’s corporate account. (What a dumb ASS!)

Now that the shit has hit the fan, let's sit back and watch the fun...