Thursday, March 10, 2011


Leisurely toying his after-lunch gin tonic at CHAMPS at BU’s Centrepoint, the WHISTLER asked me if I knew what MCA’s Michael Chong was up to these days.

Anticipating my stock “you tell me” he deadpanned: Recruiting for Rela!

Has he got nothing better to do? Has the rescuer of fair maidens and white knight for easily-duped get-rich-quick housewives found a new vocation? Has going after Ah Longs become hazardous?

Not really according to the Whistler. He is doing national service. He is assisting the Home Minister to increase the ranks of Rela. His job is to recruit media people like journalists into Rela. The Whistler says that he has been successful and have recruited even some editors who automatically are commissioned as Captain, Major etc….according to their status in the media. Dang! This sure is an interesting development. Must make it a point to visit the Press Club. Maybe my friends Nasty Bob or Joe Kuda or the resident Minister of Affairs could clue me in. Better still, must have a drink with UPPERCAISE!

Rela has never had a good reputation. IQ or character profile has never been a prerequisite! Rela for journalist? Why not the territorial army? I am having evil thoughts here. Postal Vote Bank?

Bersih2 chairman Datuk Ambiga will have to do some digging or marching, yah?

Aside: the Whistler might be pulling a fast one on me, unless you people out there have journalist friends who can confirm this. Gin has a slow effect, but an effect undoubtedly!


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Anonymous said...

What la master when did he go after ah longs,he was the guy brokering deals on how to settle with the ah longs.Of course this was done with a fee u help me me help you la.

Anonymous said...

The present Sultan of Johor while as Raja Muda had shares in the company which was to undertake construction of the bridge to replace the causeway. Since ascending the Johor throne he urged the government to build the crooked bridge for the interest of Johor people. He is consistent.

Beng said...

尽管华裔吃猪肉、喝酒与打麻将的习俗,与回教徒的宗教教义不符,然而,各族都能抱着互相尊重, 互相体谅而共存,大家一起为国家的建设而努力,和谐融洽地生活.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember about RPK writing about all the black market arms someone is buying for Malaysia?

Now, you know who are being trained to use them for the protection of OUR country's security.

Watch out the other 49% Malays when you stand between them & us in a showdown. May very well turn into a mowdown.


hktan said...

look like the only honourable dept from the Make Chinese Angry whore house had gone to the dog.

Anonymous said...

How to say NO when Hissmoodin the cowhead supporting home minister himself comes calling for help from Michael Chong?

He is after all a MCA man which means he has to toe the line of his pornstar whore master who has become the running of UMNO just to ensure that he is not dragged into our kangaroo courts.

The MCA, GERAKAN, PPP and the MIC pendatangs and sons of whores are very happy at the status quo. They just take it as part and parcel of being subservient, servile curs of the UMNOputras when they are branded derogatorily in Interlok.

Has any of these mutts come out strongly against the book? Have they demanded that the book be banned as causing racial strife in a multi-racial 1Malaysia?

Have they asked their political masters NOT to make divisive and racial slurs? The answer to the above is a resounding NO.

The previous leaders during the evil Mamakthir a/l Mohamad Kutty's dictatorial reign just played along and wherever possible helped to boost up his mega ego even though it was at the expense of their members and supporters.

They were the culprits who sold off the rights and privileges of their members for personal gain.

The present crop of leaders is no better. All are self-serving bastards.

Anonymous said...

This man also has a tendency to bring nice looking China dolls to Hatyai! He is no angel, Malaysians!