Tuesday, March 15, 2011


What’s FLOM?

What’s MUCK?

A moist sticky mixture, especially of mud and filth.

Moist farmyard dung; manure.

Dark soil containing decaying vegetable matter.

Something filthy or disgusting.

Fecal matter of animals

Goo, gunk, slime, sludge, shit, crap, ooze, crud, kak,

Excretory product evacuated from the bowels


There is this proverb too:

Where there is muck, there is brass.

So, who is in the running?

Punters and pundits puts UMNO’s darling Ummi Hafilda coming into the straight.

But stable hands, stud hands and farriers fear for her. HERE


Bumi Boy said...

Wonder whether she understands what she's reading.
Maybe she can marry me.
I am so much better looking than her ex-partner.

Anonymous said...

frankly, is that shemale?
i donno but looks like it.
i maybe wrong, but what you think?

Anonymous said...


I think the oldest virgin (Umni) and the botox queen (Roastmamah) will be joint winners of the FLOM of the century. There's nothing to separate them both as both have no morals and zero virtues. Oh I forgot to mention both of them also have zero intelligence.

artchan said...

anwar says she worth 500. Years ago maybe.Maybe she should ply her trade in the redlight district of Bukit Bintang..and see if she has any takers.

Anonymous said...

+Master it is said a picture paints a thousand words,the photo say's it all one hypocrite reading a bigger hypocrite's book lol.

pinsysu said...

FLOM ... Fat Lady Of Malaisia?!

Anonymous said...

So this fat lady also thinks she is intelligent enuf to comment on green technology and lecturing the world to get a lesson or two from Japan's recent tragedy, eh? ISn't it a slap on her fat face that despite her green acknowledgement, the dpm still insists that the nuclear plant is here to stay?

shar101 said...

Hmmm ... was Ummi looking for dirty pics in Loony Tun's book?

Anonymous said...

She is wearing Tudung!! What a disguise? Just like many UMNO goons. Many wear SongKok on friday. When go to meetings they ask for Cash!

I Have Chinese Blood But I Am Malaysian said...

There is a question in Chinese for a woman like her: "Does she know how to write SHAME"?

Apparently NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

The holy book for the Christians have been defaced by Order of Home Minister Hishammudin. As a non-Christian citizen, this despicable behavior of Minister Hishamuddin should be condemned by all right -thinking rakyat of Malaysia.

The defacement of the Holy Book for the Christians tantamounts to the demeaning & insulting of all the Christians in the country. And the Minister concerned should not ever be forgiven. Isn't it time that all right-thinking rakyat tell in no uncertain terms (through the ballot boxex) to the UMNO-led government that enough is enough?

Anonymous said...

The two unreasonable and unacceptable conditions for the release of the 35,100 copies of Bahasa Malaysia Bible, Alkitab – each copy should be stamped “For Christians only” and each copy should carry a serial number – should be withdrawn by the Barisan Nasional government immediately as they smack of discrimination at their worst and will expose Malaysia to international ridicule, scorn and condemnation.

Anonymous said...

UMNO's sinister motive is very obvious. They are bent on embarassing the Indians for starting the 2008 tsunami that brought them down to their knees and for continuously challenging their so-called authority, Malay 'supremacy' and demanding for their legitimate rights. They just want to 'tarnish' the image of Indians by running them down at every front to cow them into submisison and compel to accept whatever crumbs thrown at them. Look at the way UMNO-controlled media are bashing the Indians at every opportunity as though they are trouble makers and whatever actions taken by UMNO-led state machinery against Indians are justified. This is happening on a daily basis.and the Indians are not given the opportunity to rebut or air their side of the story in these media. They are always lop-sided, most of the time cooked-up stories, presented sensationally and dramatically to please their political masters and their blind audience/followers.

I just wonder why 'interlok' is now being introduced after the book being around for almost 40 years. Why this book when there are so many different ways of forging unity. It is nothing but UMNO's well-calculated move to etch forever the word' p' in the minds of the Malay populace so that their future generation of leaders continue to treat as lowly beings that does not deserve equal status as the rest of the Malaysians. It's a case of a wounded tiger that would not sleep until it has devoured the 'enemy'. Its time the Indians think hard don't on their next move.