Monday, December 10, 2007


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People, I know that some of you, like oversea's Mama Gobloking are wondering why I have been silent for more than 24 hours. And Zawi sees my long silence as sign that I have been taken in.Mama and Zawi thanks for your concern. I was deemed not worthy to join the ranks of those 6 lawyers and three activists.Its just that I needed the time to do some soul-searching about the events of yesterday's Human Right's Freedom Walk.

You have read me when I was ANGRY. You have blinked when I was INCENSED. Today I write with HATRED. I am going to be ABRASIVE, ASSERTIVE, AGGRESSIVE, ABUSIVE, even ABHORRENT and probably ABERRANT. Expect nothing charming (sorry Marina M). I am posting my picture here for the first time so that you know what follows come from me, from a hurt heart.
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Probably, YLChong here (sunday)felt my rage as we walked side by side yesterday morning. This posting serves as a detox after trolling the blogs of those who walked yesterday and reading some commentators in their blogs.

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Just read this comment on my Sunday-before-the-walk posting:

Anonymous said...

looks like someone is trying to organise an illegal rally via his blog. irresponsible people trying to turn our stability into anarchy.

i hope the police is noted on this. i hope action is taken to save our country from hijackers and people with agenda.

you want opposition to win, then vote them la. why riot?

December 9, 2007 10:17 AM

No prize for guessing where this parasite plant (undeniably pun intended) came from!

Or this reply that Rocky got:

Why can’t the organisers of today’s event, take their program to commemorate, what ever they stood for and vehemently wanted to defend in doors somewhere, instead of having it on the streets? Bar Council and even Opposition political parties have held their events indoors and Police permit issued.

I live near a MBPJ multipurpose hall. Through the years, I see the DAP organise all sorts of BN-bashing programs there, no problem!

Good that the Police was being professional today. When they made arrest, they are doing their job as some people defied the Police Act sect 27(5).

The law was enacted by Parliament. MPs are democratically elected representatives. Regardless lawyers or ignorants, when the break the unlawful assembly law, they could be arrested.


Yes, these are comments from people who dared not (disabled? I think not…mentally maybe) stick their necks out to make a stand, who hide under some preconceived bogus belief that they are always right, because of color, race, political affiliation, body mass or religion.

Today, I hate Iit when people who are not there, dare put on print that the police was being professional. Were you there, or if you were, have your eyes migrated down to your backside. No wonder your fart has more substance than what you wrote. It is true that what we write mirrors our innate beings. Me I write such because I warned you that today I write with HATE. Don’t know about some forked-tongue serpentine running-dogs. I reserve the word apologist for professionals.

Today, I hate people who said that we rioted. This deranged vomit must have copulated with a zombie to have had visions that we rioted.

Today, I also hate the police who bullied; who said, go ahead (at 8.10am) and march and then said later, you have 10 more minutes to march. And when they ordered you to disperse, how do you disperse when they hem you in and crowd you to instigate agitation and anger. I hate them because they do not know the basics in crowd control. Dumbo, isn’t it the guy who has his fingers on the trigger and whose gun is cocked, that has control?

And I hate you guys who were not there but true to your cyber trooper upbringing you pontificated about laws enacted by Parliament. (Parliament, come again, what animal is that? Planetarium to be more precise… where reptiles, scorpions, lizards, spiders, invertebrates – in a word, spineless species, venomous or otherwise, are housed for public exhibition, research or study….better picture you get it now?)

I hate it when the government make arbitrary laws. Allow me to digress here to make a point. I remember a day when I returned to school after a football assignment. I was the discipline master and I saw a notice on the school bulletin board. The notice disallowed pupils from bringing plastic bottles to school. Parents have everywhere, aware of the dismal garbage that the school canteen provides, have asked their children to bring their own drinking water to school. I asked the headmaster the rationale behind this rule. The boys were puncturing their bottles and using it to spurt water as in water war games. (gee, I thought that was innovative, the exuberance of youth breaking free from the tyranny called school) As President of the Staff Council, I asked for a meeting that got immediate approval from the HM. I asked if there was sufficient thought when new rules are instituted. I asked if we have engaged the kids about this “infringement” etc. No, the rule stays was a curt reprimand. I said that I would not implement this until I used other means to correct such “lawlessness” amongst the students. I asked for one month to try out something. I was then coordinating Physical Education for the school. Up on the field, bare-bodied and in PE shorts kids competed in teams in the first-ever paint-ball game. The kids learned planning, cooperation and teamwork. Today this more sophisticated game is played by corporate strategists in team building camps. Water war-games never took place in the classroom because inter-house and inter-class competitions became the vogue.

That’s why I hate people who make arbitrary rules because they cannot think beyond their running-nose. The government hide behind draconian rules like the ISA, OSA, and whatever A(s), because they do not want to engage, are afraid to engage or does not know how to engage, or just not bothered. I have developed an abhorrence for laws like these and particularly detest those who hide behind these laws for self-protection and (self-preservation?).

I particularly hate people, duly appointed by the Agung, who in one mouthful tell everybody that the only regime that can govern Malaysia is the BN government. Was that a bid to gain extension. Lookee here our king is not that dumb as you inferred. We knew all along this creepy-crawly was not independent as his office required. And we have running-dog columnists from the Star who sermonized in his column on 16 November: Stop accusing the Election Commission of Bias”. V K Chin, I have a copy of this and if you want to swallow your words, I can oblige if it can change things for you. I am available anywhere, anytime, anyhow! I hate it when people do not think before they put thoughts into print. But most of all I HATE running-dogs, lap-dogs and spinners.

What the fuck is happening to our country, when people get arrested so easily for performing, what they did for two years running, the Human Rights Freedom Walk, whilst a government goon is NOT TOUCHED by the police, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Mentri Besar of a self-proclaimed developed State. Is it because they are afraid that this guy who paid peanuts for land reserved for the poor to build his mansion will spill the beans or to make it more interesting, are the powerful trio afraid that this Klang tout will let the kittens out of the bag. I hate it when these things happen right under the nose of the people who make laws that protect themselves and their pet-pups. And I have friends who proudly display “Say No to IPCMC” on their sidebar. I have treated them as friends. But I have to seriously consider my affinity to these chaps. I have to seriously consider whether I should be in the same room with them, share the same table with them! I will tonight after posting this.

Go to your churches, temples, mosques and pray to salvage your soul to gain admittance to your cherished heaven, but take your cotton-picking hands off the sacred constitution of this country. I warned that this is a hate-post. It is and I mean every word here.

I hate it when the government goon-squad rounded up those associated with 10/11. I hate it when they snatched a father from his daughters wedding. I hate it when a city-hall uniformed laborer can demand that Human Rights banner be removed from a private property. I hate this because it is a travesty! I hate it when the government go on a witch-hunt, like asking Jeff Ooi to come to Commercial Crime Department to answer some loaded questions. Jeff, Tian Chua, Mohd. Sabu and the few others are not COWARDS….THEY DO NOT HIDE. Because of their honesty they are easy targets. So easy and in public view they arrested lawyers Latheefa Koya, Sivarasa Rasiah, N Surendran, Amer Hanzah, Edmund Bon, activist and Malaysiakini contributor-writer Noorazah Othman and Ashfar Ali Raja, whom I tried to calm and console but failed. All these were arrested because they had nothing to hide. Brave souls. But I hate it when the police have yet to nail the 70 year old uncle of a Chief Minister who molested a 45 year old lady. The police know where he is but cannot I am told arrest him because he is under the protection of someone the IGP cannot touch for reasons that I hate to imagine.







facebook buddy said...

gee zorro, i was been struggling so much with what u have written. since yesterday afternoon after reading about the march and the arrests that followed the event, i've had so much hatred in my heart, to a point i felt choked by the emotional lump in my throat - that just would not go away.

i didn't share this with anyone because people around me already think i'm going loony with my constant speech about the current issues. around me, in real life... i'm the only one walking around with these thoughts. i feel so alone and lost in real life. i log on and read you bloggers and find myself very much at home with you guys.thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions. i don't feel alone anymore *sniff*

Anonymous said...

I hate them too. Double standard. Khairy can demonstrate against Condaliza Rice. Why can't why?

Of course we are not the son-in-law and being protected to do all the nonesense like him.

I am sure that when that sleepy arshole is thrown out from government, we msut prosecute Khairy and Kalimullah to the fullest.

God bless Malaysia and lets get these ar... out of this country.

Trashed said...

As Malaysians, we love our country.

Governments can come and go.

The people have the power to make changes and blogs are one way to disseminate the information. Keep on blogging, El Zorro.

nstman said...

I hate liars. I hate hypocrites. I hate bigotry. I hate racism. I hate lies. I hate everything BN professes to stand for. Most of all, let's translate our hatred for BN into votes. Let's vote the motherfuckers out! Let's tell the Barisan sods they have no god-given right to rule this land. Let's tell Barisan mutts they are not god's gift to Malaysia.

shar101 said...

Dang! I shouldn't have egged you on the 'how incensed can you get' thingy.

Now it's HATE blogging?

Have a barrel on me, bro.

*Loy, hutang dulu ok. Zorro very hot lah*

Anonymous said...


I think you have articulated how many of us are feeling right now. From anger to hatred. I hope we will be able to channel this potential destructive yet powerful emotion in a positive way i.e. doing everything possible to ensure this immoral Govt does not stay in power. No physical violence but other forms of creative violence will be acceptable. The pen (or the keyboard) is mightier than the sword.


myop101 said...

dear zorro, i walked twice too (I am not sure if you saw me on the people's freedom walk but i was there). each time, i appealed to my friends, family and colleagues to come and join me but most, if not all, don't bother at all. they are afraid. they fear.

the only thing i ever told them is this:
"You should fear because the threats are real. But let not the fear that paralyse you take its toll but rather channel your fear to do that which is right. Who is to know what changes may come unless we try?"

i am sadden that many don't give a damn and criticise those who actually go. yet, that is their democratic right.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I may be sitting 5 feet away from you at Starbucks last evening, my heart and spirit was and still are with you guys and gals.

I salute the "wise" and hate the "ignorants" or "cowards" who chose not to open their hearts thus not their eyes.

Do not HATE forever, just for now. Convert that anger into LOVE and COMPASSION for mankind. We need it. Malaysia surely needs it.

I have been wearing YELLOW the last 2 weeks too as the other commented. I felt so alone in this sea of complacency.

I am not giving up. I educate my family first, then my friends, then strangers, and then....

I pray.

Klaw said...

The injustice that is being done in this country towards citizens that value their freedom sickens me.

and today, parliament will table a constitutional amendment, all for the sake of extending one man's retirement date, that scum of a chairman from EC, which has publicly stated his preference for the current regime.

woe be us.

lucia said...

mental jog

zorro, i emphatise with you and can certainly understand how you feel.

yeah me too. i HATE things that had been happening in our beloved country these days... especially all the double standards... and the gomen said they are fair to all. grrr!

there's another type of comments that i hate - believe it or not usually from bloggers, not commenters - who like to attack SoPo bloggers like us, saying we made so much noise/grumbling about the gomen in our blogs... what good is that? some even say we did that to attract traffic (like when we copy some exciting news). well, to hell with them!!

Angry Taxpayer said...

I know exactly how u feel...I've never felt such tremendous anger and sadness at the same time...How can the idiot Bodowi think of us Malaysians as so stupid that we'll believe his "I'd rather sacrifice Public Freedom for Public Safety"!? The only danger we taxpayers face are the attacks from their own band of tugs aka the "law-enfforcers".
I am so incensed and insulted that he actually thinks we'd believe that a group of lawyers and rally marchers are more dangerous than Nurin's killer/s, the kidnappers-cum-rapist gang roaming in Klang Valley, etc.
And the beauty of it all is that I've never voted for them, I never wanted them to be in power, and yet I'm paying the price of their incompetence. I'm equally angry with the idiots who vote them in for a mere few hundred ringgit. Now the entire nation's paying for the greed of the majority.

shiver said...

hi facebook buddy, i feel the same.
sunday night read Mohd Sabu and the rest arrests and thought to myself, God it has started. Today on the 11th, Harakah Daily reported massive traffic jams leading to the city. this is because of the memorandum to stop that idiot from getting a one year extra in the EC.

uncle bernard, i saw the photo of you holding that dear old man who did nothing wrong except voicing out the truth.

we are definitely in a police state and only when we all march together one million of us then the world will take notice of the crap that is going through in this country.

i weep for malaysians who are apathetic to everything that is going on. i can easily think of three at the back of my head now.

its tragic.

shiver said...

hi facebook buddy, i feel the same.
sunday night read Mohd Sabu and the rest arrests and thought to myself, God it has started. Today on the 11th, Harakah Daily reported massive traffic jams leading to the city. this is because of the memorandum to stop that idiot from getting a one year extra in the EC.

uncle bernard, i saw the photo of you holding that dear old man who did nothing wrong except voicing out the truth.

we are definitely in a police state and only when we all march together one million of us then the world will take notice of the crap that is going through in this country.

i weep for malaysians who are apathetic to everything that is going on. i can easily think of three at the back of my head now.

its tragic.

Anonymous said...


do you also hate us malaysians who voted Bn and gave them the majority to rule this country?
do you hate us for practicing our democratic right? are we deserving of your hate for voting for a party you do not approve of?
last time i checked, this is a democracy. if that makes u uneasy or hateful, then the problem may be you , not the rest of the world.

Sharing said...

Hate when one having a soul for Rights seeing many soul been sold!
Hate when Rights no way in life!
Hate when Rights should be done by someone
But those someone are not right!
Hate when reminders were delivered but silence is the only reply!
Hate when peace are in piece
when everyone were deprived!
Hate when fairness is nowhere
after cares been planted!
Hate when situation is not single
but many in the way of life!
Hate when despites of yelling
a lot of Red-herrings in reply!

When in daily life, Rights is nothing but something to be deprived, not only by someone, but someone paid to ignore!
More than Hate it arrives!

Hate is right, but, who to realize!
Only those been deprived
and having the soul!
But, it is so cold when many soul been sold!!
Even this is so in a condo following a case it was told:
extending to Subang Ria Park
and Taman Melawati Hill
in HOT-WATER to fight!!

How to put Hate to work??
Only when soul be called up
to fight for Rights that had been deprived!
Not once but many times it has passed!!
Some spots out of a lot!!

Zorro, with great sorrow I reply to yours!!

Anonymous said...

I am the bespectacled guy in a yellow long sleeve shirt who shook your hand that sunday morning, outside the Bar Council Building.
I share your anger and extreme frustration, but, unlike you I am unable to them in words like you.
You are not alone.

bergen said...

Take it easy, sir. Don't let it get to you too much.

samsengsil said...

I share your roller coaster emo- train ride, thinking how did we get to this point of nearly no-return??? I felt so helpless. I think we are similar to Myanmar because BODOHWI and his cronies are behaving like the Junta. I would not be surprised if they put the dissenting ones under ISA or some lockups and close down the internet soon to prevent bloggers and online news site from spreading the truth which NST, STAR and BeritaHarian would not report. When that day comes, we are all doomed. For GOOD! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for walking for US!

ycg said...

Uncle Zorro,
9/12 was an eye opener for me and my wife as well. First hand experience of intimidation by the police force....not good. like you, i've been angry ever since. so much hate that i've been writting like there's no tomorrow to all our friends about the walk. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

thinking said...

@ Anonymous, 11:34 AM

Pls read Zorro's post again. He never said he hated ordinary citizens like you and me. He said he hates SOME of the people in the GOVERNMENT. He makes clear his hatred for those wolves-in-sheeps-clothing leaders who abuse the rakyat and the oppress the rights of the people for their own personal benefit. These leaders are suppose to protect the rights and welfare of every Malaysian citizen, not only those of a particular party, race. religion or social class.

If you voted for BN, good for you, you're able to exercise your freedom of choice to be heard.

But remember, the BERSIH and HINDRAF protests happened precisely because they were denied their right to exercise their freedom of choice and their constitutional right to be treated as a Malaysian citizen. My understanding is that the constitution provides for every Malaysian to have an equal right to be heard and to participate as full-class citizens of this country. Unfortunately, this something which some leaders at the apex of our BN-dominated government seem hell-bent on denying, going to the extent of amending the constitution to further their own twisted interests while painting themselves as the saviours of the nation.

Please, Anonymous, read Zorro's post again. Take your time to understand where he and many of the commentators on this blog are coming from.

GobloKing said...

When I am angry zorro.. I immediately recall our national anthem & I sing it & lumps, lumps, lumps in my throat..because I LOVE Malaysia - just like MANY of us here in yr (& other "dissident" blogs)

You try this therapy & see..

"Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta."

Yr anger is justified because there are many who thinks a lying dog should be left lying (after all we are all still "allowed" to be Msians, kan?)

A friend told me this

"Aunty ah blast our gomen left, right & centre because u are not afraid of losing yr IC.

Ppl like u have jalan out of here. Got education, got prospects, got option go live here or there.

Myself only got here. My family & friends only got here. Where can just go shoot shoot like u leh?"

MY answer is this

YES I do have many options to live elsewhere but

I CHOOSE to voluntarily bring my assets (HARD EARNED) back to Msia

I too have a real family, real friends, & a real home in Msia to lose


I CHOSE TO STAND UP for what I believe Msia was, and should be

I CHOOSE to TRY to make Msia a better place for ALL Rakyat

I have NO kids so it is not for their future I am afraid...

I only have MYSELF & ye olde man - & seriously the both of us can bugger off to buggerland & don't give a titties wink what's happening here...

BUT having a voice is the RIGHT of a democratic country..

Is Msia NOT a democratic country?

Is this why elections are being rigged?

Then PUHLEEZE lah...don't hold any more petrol, save trees, save power. save yr breath lah!

Just let BN rule forever... Let UMNO be our supreme and only leadeers forever!

MANDATE that in our Constitutional "rights"

And it is NOT as if our voice is that of communists, or al-qaeda or Kuomintang or Tamil Tigers...

It is the voice of the average rakyat ASKING for Fair & JUST processes in Msia..

WTF is wrong with that??

Are walkers bearing arms?

Are walkers burning flags?

Are walkers being over the media advocating millions to riot, kill and strike to cripple the economy?

WHO THE F**K exactly are walkers damaging???

The shopfront of Bar council offices????????

negara ku mama, negara ku!

Zawi said...

I am lost for words on what to say. Suffice to say for now that I am very happy that you are OK. Zabs expressed his concern for your safety too.

chia hui tang said...

for those like me who practiced our democratic right and voted for the party that zorro does not approve of, he has simply made a mockery of us.
we are being insulted and treated like fools for practicing our democratic right.

yes, this govt is flawed, but dont forget , it is the people who voted them in. the MAJORITY of the people.
dont insult us . dont mock us.
we have our right, and we CHOOSE!
it was our choice. may not be yours, but it gives you no right to make insult us and mock us like this. who the hell are u ?

meesh said...


Do not stop the fight. I have been depressed since Sunday, I think you know. Met Rocky and Kak Ena last night, left early, couldn't join in the revelry for the past few days for anything. There is nothing else on my mind but that Malaysia is burning, and PM is sleeping, and we are all able to nothing, but watch this place burn. My heart is shattering, have been simply crying and tearing every other minute. I can't take it anymore either, but if we both feel the same, it means many others are watching and feeling too. Do NOT stop. Remember, this is for your little ones as well. That's why you started. Keep on fighting. I love you Grandpawpaw. Big hug for you when I see you.



Anonymous said...

Eh, Chia, stuff it.

If numb nuts like you can vote them in, then people like Zorro can protest to it too. Democracy is a bitch isn't it? Remember that. Who the hell are YOU?!

Anonymous said...

The majority did NOT vote them in. It's blind idiots like you who parrots the stupid lies printed in the MSM.
The gerrymandering of the electoral ensures a victory even though the MAJORITY of the population voted otherwise.
Are you still so blind to see this?

jasgill said...

To Chia and his likes. I voted for BN too in the last election. But I do not feel offended by Zorro's outburst. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then and Zorro is one of the many that is trying to open the eyes of those who vote blindly, be it for their rice bowl, party loyalty, race or religion. I do not belong to any political party. But what shit is happening of late is so obvious that only the comatose will be oblivious to it. Just one month ago the road leading to my housing area was upgraded after nearly six months of work. 1 week of the rainy season and the potholes have appeared. In the town that I work the main road is ok. Eight months ago it was resurfaced. This week they are resurfacing it again. Why? It is the CM's kawasan. Please open your eyes and mind. Please engage your grey cells. If you still feel BN is your saviour and has lived up to YOUR standards, by all means vote for them again. Zorro will be the first one to walk and die for your right to do so. Will you walk for his right?????

Zorro I know you are damn pissed with what is happening. We get your drift. But keep you pressure down. We don't want you getting a stroke or something on account of the current bunch of idiots that are running OUR country. Cheers.

Ricky said...

The Cruelty Of The Police Force

Looks like he had fainted.

whispering9 said...

Dear Mr. Chia,

Why are you even angrier than zorro? Even without the slightest intention to displace my full name, I can swear on anything that I have voted for MCA, UMNO and BN since 1980. I convinced my families, my wife/her families and friends to vote for MCA and not DAP. Trust me�I am a very good convincer. Of course, I get irritated when anonymous called me stupid, traitor and running dog. But had it been the past, I wouldn�t be dissuaded because common folks like me had alternative options under compliance. TAR College produced almost all of the first crop of business captains and tycoons. Many benefited from good economical growth and even from cronyism. What could be the shame of it if philantorpy existed because of it. Private colleges and universities that flourished dispersed our bright and younglings throughout the world. Many have become upward mobile and strong. This was the strength of MCA and BN. Yes, majority voted with their stomachs rather than brains. We were not stupid or treacherous; just pragmatism in motion. To be totally honest, many and including I, who still continue to vote with our stomachs if the status quo remains solid.

I shared some dark humor with my business partner yesterday. I asked �How come under Mathadir there were so many cronies and tycoons? Why AAB only have one Pattrick?� Here lies the problem! It has become so bad that even corruption and cronyism is not benefiting more people which can in turn trickle down to a larger workforce. All the economies today are just capital gains for a very few selects. It is not real tangible economies anymore, like building roads (despite the tolls), white elephant buildings and sport arenas. My partner called it �Making money with a pen�. AAB is suppose to bring hope and change for the better. I believed him...and what a bummer. Only the rich is getting richer and AAB is happy with that figures with no reality check. The middle class is struggling to remain just that...middle class.

Police chasing after lawyers, Indian folks, Bersih pacifists and children, instead of criminals and rapists. DG attending to bails instead of prosecuting commercial and judiciary criminals. Rela soom to become a militant outfit like the Saddem�s Revolutionist Guards. And trade ministry that investigated a makcik in Kelantan for selling ikan for a tat too mahal for some kedekut civil servant who probably wanted it good and free. I am glad to be scolded by zorro. In fact, I enjoy to be scolded by him. What do I have to lose now�you tell me Mr. Chia. MCA?

Anonymous said...

your rantings have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that you are actually a weakling , quite unlike steady and brave Zorro who will definitely take this temporary setback as a challenge and recoup in no time.

Anonymous said...

to cry in this hour of need reflect your ignorance of enemy strategies and to give up now your true colors ie you are an ordinary man not made to fight

close analyst

I, a Christian said...

"The Mufti of Sabah issued a fatwah (religious decree) that declared all Buddhist statues haram (forbidden). With that fatwah the Thean Hou Foundation was forbidden from erecting the Goddess of the Sea statue and was ordered to halt all work although they had already brought in the statue and work had progressed halfway"

Yup, I am a Christian and I am not happy about this.

Anonymous said...

I didn't join the fight on Sunday. But I surely gonna vote "BN OUT" this coming GE. I've read enough and I'm as hatred as you. I've learned how purely true about all the happenings. To my friends, worst case scenario, if my vote failed, I'm out from this bloody country. :-)


MaryKate said...

seems like the Gov is not just afrait of it's people, they are VERY AFRAID of it's people, scared shit actually. So, despearate Gov=desperate measures, spiralling the whole matter down the drain and digging their own grave at the same time.

give up on the Gov but hang on to HOPE. It's still people power no matter what.

Anonymous said...

hi brother marcher in tandem:

I join thee in "hating/cursing" these plundeers and rapists of human rights and Malaysian decency.

This poem was inspired by the likes of zorro, shar OBE, Haris Ib, Jeff, Rocky, stephen, nuraia, janice ane mees, tony (U2!) et al:

"Where were you, mr pm?

A Poem for One Who Lost His Way

The house of human and citizen rights to defend
Once stood tall and august
But Dec 11 saw the rapists marching in

Precedents were set by nincompoops
Who preferred foul language because they lost their soul
Demeaning wives, sisters and daughters with leaky smelly mouthings
That would sahme even a standard six child
But they call themselves Wakil Rakyat

Then they slaughtered cows
Within the hallowed compound
For starters

On Black Tuesday Dec 11 they performed
Another slaughter
Of Human Rights
Common citizens who gathered to hand over a memorandum
Isn't that an honourble thing to do?
Hey, this is OUR House of Representatives
Became victims of men-in-blue
Who without question just arrest Citizen Joe
These guys in uniform who were supposed to protect us all
How can you now expect us to respect you?

Parilament House is Not Pak Lah's mansion
Neither Zakaria Mad Deros' small house
Nor the mighty mansion by River Swine nigh Perth
Was it the PM's son's or adopted dar'in' Patrick Badawi's?
Or is it the son-in-law's?

You can rape at Zak's
at Patrick Bodowi's
I don't care

For heaven's sake, and my children's sake
Don't rape at Parliament House
There's such a thing as human rights
As adopted by the United Nations Organisation
some 60 years ago
And NegaraKu proudly signed on dotted line

Hey, mr pm, where were you?
What did you do
While murderers, plunderers
and rapists wander into sanctuaries
of dear Malaysians' hearts and souls
mighty and free? --Desi

desiderata said...

chia tn:

Wrt "yes, this govt is flawed, but dont forget , it is the people who voted them in. the MAJORITY of the people..." It's people like thy ilk who don't use thy God's gifted unique brain -- "IT'S THE GERRYMANDER, STUPID!"

tony said...

people, like zorro, i am asking my family and friends to vote wisely.

I ask of you this, chia and the likes. Did you vote bn simply because its bn? Did you vote your mp or wakil because he promised your constituency goodies? What? Did you ask your mp whether he would stand up for your rights to be heard? If you wrote a letter to your mp, will he stand up and raise your issue about certain policies that you do not stand for? Nep for all malaysians irregardless of race? Did you vote for him because he would be your MP not BN's MP? how many times have we heard MPs insulting women? BN MPs that is! What did your MP do? He shut the fuck up because he feared his party whip! the likes of that fellow who apologised for speaking up for marginalised indians do not deserve any man's vote! Are you that blind to see? are you that blind to see that even the needs of minority Malaysians need to be considered? Or were you sleeping when BN's Nazri said that minorities rights would be sacrificed for the 'good' of the nation? Whose nation? malaysians or BN's? Have you ever heard of a healthy debate between BN and opposition?(I am beginning to think of this as a myth) i do not support the opposition! But what I do know is that this arrogant govt need to be shaken up! So please tell me. like you I have voted them too, but I have been betrayed by BN! And unlike anonymous, I have a name.....
fear not and stand up for your rights

shanghaistephen said...

It is idiots like chia hui tang who deserves this limp and corrupt government....Zorro, forgive that moron for he knows not what he's done...he's just a bucket of shit !
he's probably a parasite running-dog living-off the BN he's gotta swipe his master's arse..right ?

Anonymous said...

whispering9 wrote:
"just pragmatism in motion"
-- RPK call this gutless

"who still continue to vote with our stomachs if the status quo remains solid."
-- I doubt it will be solid. Malaysia is swimming against the current of globalization.

I too like whispering9 and many others voted for BN. Heck, my father voted for BN for 50 years.
He is still in 50 & 60's. My father still think Tunku is alive. While I still think Elvis is alive. For next GE, I have convince my parent to vote PAS. I have changed my address from BN vs DAP to my parent address where BN vs PAS.

GobloKing said...

chia oh chia!

no need worry man!
VOTE who you like..

Msia is still(?? LOL) a democracy

Why UMNO or BN need worry like dat man?

Still got ppl ruv u plenty

Still got ppl who will sell their souls for Rgt200

Still got ppl scared other gomen surely worst than this one

BUT where got ppl scared of a few insignificant stupid bloggers ("unemployed women") like us?

So "chia" why u angry man?

No need angry or scared lah...

let us insignificant bloggers rant & rave

Let us just ramble and rumble lah!!

Where got ppl turn gomen out with a few dissenting voices one?

U vote for what you think u deserve Chia, & we vote for whom WE think we deserve too!

I just love em cybertroopers man!!

ketua krani said...

Right, we all ahve a right to our opinions, Zorro is an idiot for callign people who vote for BN idiots, if he did say that (some of the commenters sure did)
thats democracy,
since we are all idiots in the eyes fo the other side then we should just listen to everyone call us names and call them names back
thats how poitics work

adam and eve said...

cool it bro.u have got to keep your health up.this take a protracted and concerted effort on true malaysians to get an accountable government.malaysia needs people like u ,true patriots, to be around for a very long time to see this through

Lone said...

We can walk and march and blog but the BN will still be around the next 50 years if we don't vote them out!
We all think we know who Bodohwe is. Those of you who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote and those of you who fell over for someone's sweet words the last time around; go look at the mirror and you will truly discover who Bodohwe really is!
Stop being Bodohwes and Mushrooms, you do not deserve the shit you are being fed by the BN and the MSM (mainstream media), wake up and one day we may all smell the roses. Go register as a voter and when the 12th election comes, vote wisely.
Click on this
So go out there and get your neighbours, friends, workmates etc etc who are eligible to vote to get registered as voters. There may still make it for the 12th election!

ghostline said...


I have been operating in a state of barely-controlled rage for the past year. Anger at the corruption, bigotry, arrogance, hypocrisy and hubris of a regime so steeped in its own shit, it's beginning to enjoy it.

Anger at the apathy and 'suk tau wu gui' syndrome that afflicts so many Malaysians who willingly turn the other cheek while their civil rights are violated in front of their very eyes.

Today, with the ISA detentions, my anger is increased yet again, and you can be sure that I am sharing my anger with everyone I meet.

The ground is seething with anger.