Thursday, December 13, 2007


I decided to buy the NST today. I had left Zaid Ibrahim's In Good Faith at home and was left with nothing to read when I dropped in at Raju's . I don't read the MSM anymore but I do buy Star on alternate Thursdays for Veera's pieces (which of late has been watered down by his boss - Veera tell whichever boss you submit to, that we DONT drink our SINGLE MALTS with water!) I usually buy the NST on Tuesday to read Syed Nazri, he being the rare few worth following.

Lo and Behold (no apologies to former CJ as he is history now) our Foreign Minister made a hallmark statement that could start World War III. He said it is strange for US to judge us. Since when have we been elevated to the stage of infallibility and omnipotence that nobody can judge us? May I remind you that we have not reached a developed state yet....we still use chemical-laced water canon and tear gas to show who is boss.....we still do not allow our citizens to commemorate Human Rights Day.....we desecrate Human Rights Day by arresting concerned citizens who visit Parliament.....we still have floods that kill 12 Malaysians because the money is better spent on opening up corridors to channel money to our Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. We are still at the stage where we still use inhuman laws like the ISA to detain for 2 years Utayar and 4 others . Pinochet would be rolling in glee in his grave that some pisang of a country has caught on to his style of governing.

Syed, you are the foreign minister. Keep to your portfolio. Shut up about home affairs. We have a minister, havent we? You were already a disgrace in HardTalk, of course not as disgraceful as that kindy-minister of information. Except for a few, the members of the cabinet are vomit material. You said: "If they (demonstrators) want to get together within the law and not cause problems to other citizens, the government will nove no problem with that. But if they want to jeopardise public safety, we definitely have to take action." Hey bodoh, who was demonstrating on Sunday? Who caused problem to other citizens.....your cops were so afraid of the less than 100 of us that you blocked off roads and caused inconvenience to other citizens....we walked on the pavement, stupid. Who caused chaos? Who tore down banners on private property?

Syed, we dont care whether the US is annoyed with us. You better start caring that we Malaysians are definitely annoyed with your whole bunch of charlatans. You are definitely in delirium. Go drink some sea water and get back that rock that is supposed to belong to us. You keep out of our affairs at home, because the last time I looked up, we do have a Minister of Home Affairs. You stay foreign....the better for us at home....and dont lose whatever hair you have left over our affairs back home....we the citizens can take care of ourselves. You go play masak-masak with your foreign friends, ok, we definitely dont need you to tell us how to take care of ourselves. Remember we are well protected by the OSA, and the ISA. You just make sure that your foreign friends pop-guns are not directed at us back home.....and why dont you also take along with you overseas this running dog called S Vijayaratnam...he is baffled over the fuss on raising the age of retirement for rabid rashid. Or was he baffled over the fuss when the police arrested those who came to hand in the memo to prevent the raising of retirement age of EC Chairman. Anyway SV, thank the NST for giving you some lines....could help the Gerakan get a few more seats, as long as you keep running alonside, domesticated and docile, tail between the legs like.


adam and eve said...

at least these dogs[what say u if they are compare with leech as dogs are pretty decent creature] dapat suap makan...........u and i.............

desiderata said...

brother zorro:
that wan VJ is a Furongmite, used to write like another wan Lee LamThay long, long letters echoing the PM, DPM to get their attention. One has been elevated to Senatorship and Datuk and holding some innocuous post, the other became superrich sitting his arse oouch on too many UMNO-vested boards that his mouthings were more UMNO-ised than even UMNO Youth chef's. No wonder he called himself the FACE of NS, and Najib knows he has a lapdog alongside to defend his every NS defect, and deaths of Young Malaysians.

You concluded right: ...running dogs with tails between their hind (also front?) legs...

bergen said...

You're still angry. Don't let it get to you, sir. Have a nice day. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


They are basically going on the offensive ...


the oppositions have been pretty quiet. For the sake of next GE they should start counter acting on the defensive but also go on offensive.

bn has been doing this many times and the oppositions have yet to learn???

Start your offensive guys (oppossitions.


Krishna said...

So it has started Zorro.... The government has used the most evil weapon they have at their disposal. The arrest and detention of citizens without cause, the ISA. All those who read this understand this, it could be you next... A law implemented and executed by someone you voted into power. A law that serves no purpose other then to ensure that dissension nay, questioning is not tolerated. The people you voted into power cannot be held accountable for anything for they then use the very instruments of office you have granted them against you, the public, the RAKYAT.


Events of the past months have obviously had no effect on our Government other then retaliation. Has anyone in Government no moral compass? No grain of ethics or integrity? All the people are asking for are proper, fair and just governance. And you owe them that much for they empowered you with their vote.

Realise this, there can be no reward in pursuing this path. Civil liberties cannot and should not be impinged upon. People should be allowed to speak up and government should take heed. This is the system that allows the check and brings in balance. We vote governments to administrate society so all can progress. And the rewards there will ultimately be a SAFE, SECURE, EFFICIENT AND PRODUCTIVE SOCIETY CONTINUALY DEVELOPING WITH BRIGHT, INDEPENDENT THOUGHT , IDEAS AND INVENTION. Repressing society will only result in a CORRUPT, INWARD LOOKING, FEARFUL AND REGRESSIVE SOCIETY THAT WILL ULTIMATELY DISAPPEAR OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

IS THIS WHAT MALAYSIANS WANT? And this question is posed to those in Government as well for you are firstly and ultimately Malaysian and your loyalty should be to King and country above all else. DO YOU WANT A BETTER MALAYSIA?

zorro said...

People I hear you. The only way our rantings see fruition is thru the ballot box. We have no other better choice. I will multiply my efforts by taking this line. The opposition candidate may be mediocre but we need to decrease the BN majority if we cannot deprive them of the two-thirds. This may be a futile effort, depriving them the 2/3, bur reducing their majority may send some clear signals. This is better than ranting and raving like what I have been doing. They just dont listen....maybe they will if we use our vote. Just my two cents.But we cannot give up Kris, Desi, Bergen, Adam/Eve, Anon2:25.

GobloKing said...

IF the ploy is "u dun like wat we are doing, get the heck out!", then is it working??

I think.........NOT!

I think some ppl just has not reckoned with the thickness of the skins of some other ppl like ...


mati mati still wanna stick around
Malu malu still wanna hang out here..

some ppl waving the keris must surely be wondering why are some ppl such suckers for torture eh? lagi

HANTAM LAGE..BOOOO....iinnnng! BERDIRI lagi!

They must be fedup man.

"We tell you JANGAN..U still do don't blame us if U asked for it, & U get IT!"

Yeah man...some of us are just like that..thick skinned maschochists

And no...lah...we can't blame u, because after all anyone can just let sleeping dogs lie and who would it hurt to let them lie sleeping, eh?

But u Know why we do what u dislike?

Not because we love u hantaming us
Not because we are tired of living &
Most Definitely NOT because we have too much time or money

I think u guys should consider why the heck we do what we do...

so as to rid us pests forever is....because..

We feel strongly about Malaysia, yeah.., our home land - MORE than those of you with the PR here & there..

(u know who u are, wink wink)

So what u gonna do?

ISA the mother out of everyone who disagrees with u because U ARE WRONG & U ARE criminals???

(and u also know that too, duncha?! wink wink)


I am NO supporter of Hindraf

So comme...oonnnn...."do that to me 1 more time" because I promise you We Will ALWAYS be around babe!

(no pun intended for that last word, so dun get any heckles up, hokay?)

galadriel said...

No water to Single Malt. That is one of my central tenets !