Monday, December 24, 2007


On 14 December I said that Badawi had landed a knock-out blow on Samy.

But some people are so much of themselves as to think that they are omnipotent and will never face adversity. They have become so powerful and arrogant that they cannot see the lion's mouth open for the execution. Power and greed often blinds these demi-gods. Is Samy's appearance in Penang a prelude to his waterloo....and the UMNO sawdust caesars better take the cue too.


Anonymous said...

Samy, has no value, Vellu, is on the one way downward slippery slide.
Tears will not be shed, at his fall, he has overstayed his welcome, and became greedy, power crazy and arrogant.
Resign now while you still have some dignity left, better to go of your own accord that to be unceremoniously dumped. Goodbye.

The Ancient Mariner said...

O yea of little faith ...

Chin up ol buddy and we shall overcome. Now go and have yrself a merry little Xmas and happy new year.

beeranyone said...

writing on the wall - (MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN...

an inevitable decline and end in pg for the current administration.

a waterloo for gerakan too and come what may, pg island & the province wellesley will still be divided & governed by the oppositions.

Old Fart said...

On the non-issue of "Allah"..Its about a small skunk in UMNO holding Badawi by the balls and squeezing it ever so gently an teasing "Now, Badawi, what can you do?, You may be the Prime minister and the President of UMNO and all, but we, the war lords play the tune you dance to. Understand?"

Mind you this makes UMNO look like such a goon, and yet the Oxford educated son-in-law, ever so fast with the draw, remains stumpped!

No. I tis anot about christians calling hteir God Allah. Its about titilating and teasing Badawi by the balls!