Thursday, December 27, 2007


I received an email from a commentator at this blog. The Star reported that RM16 million would be spent on 50,000 transparent ballot boxes. Being in the plastic industry he says he could do these boxes for RM100 each (profit included) whereas the EC is paying close to RM320 for each box. He posted three questions....i). why 50,000 boxes and ii) has cost-consideration taking into account some retirement or extension renumeration for service beyond the call of duty?. iii) Was a tender called?
I am quite blur about these probing questions. Maybe somebody out there can give us some clear and see-through answers.

master-puppeteer with cutting edge technology - scissors/ink

As early as March I was elated when the EC Chairman announced the introduction of transparent ballot boxes for the impending general elections. This brain-wave initiative must have won the EC Chairman that extension time Parliament so readily afforded him. This fiercely independent Chairman reciprocated the BN parlimentarian by publicly announcing that no regime except the Barisan Nasional party can qualify to govern Malaysia. Of course you can say this without batting an eye when you are the master puppeteer. However I was fascinated by this transparent box, knowing that rampant rigging would be decreased. I was brought down to earth by an incensed watering-hole buddy who spelt this out so clearly: "Old boy, old habits are hard to give up....and remember old boy, in Malaysia....everything boleh.....everything can one.....didnt one of our young boy go into space." But to me it was a cutting-edge innovation because it is normally used in some banana republic and to introduce it in our democratic country says a lot about our willingness to experiment on new state-of-the art processes...... and also to work out of the box!!!!!!!!.....think out of the box or work out of the box......gee, I am confused now.

dang! I brought the specs instead of the palm-grease

Anyway people, let's not flog this old issue about the Chairman to death. We got to live with what we have. They say work with the devil you know rather than the devil you do not know. We cannot afford to have a new chap come in with electoral ideas he may have picked up either in Pakistan or from the Taliban. So thank God for little blessings and let's move on.

mechanised running dogs?

But of course as responsible Malaysians we must be on our guard, be vigilant because new manipulative initiatives could be adopted unlike the old two favorites - palm-grease and under the table running dogs. Somebody told me that they may even apply BOS (blue ocean strategy - eliminate the competition) in the next GE. This I doubt because the guy below is already the cynosure of all eyes and on the radar screen.....and moreover you need best-in-class brains to apply BOS. On the other hand, and this is an unkind thought.....if the BN majority is drastically eroded Parliament may re-amend the constitution to read...."extension will depend on a 90% majority for the governing regime" to read.......a la Trump YOU ARE FIRED.


Rocky's Bru said...

In any case, Zorro ...


The answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind!

Trashed said...

Sadly, Ms Benazir Bhutto is a victim of the application of BOS.

A truly despicable and cowardly act.

Krishna said...

Lookee here,

there's an American company that can supply ballot boxes at USD50.00 per box. Hang on, that's if you buy just one. If you bought 100 it would be USD41 per box RM136.00. I wonder how much of a discount they could give for 50,000 of these things?

Injection molded acrylic boxes....If you went over to Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and walked over to the storage section you could buy plastic storage containers (about the size of the ballot box) for less then RM50.00.... Why on earth did the EC pay RM320.00?

Anonymous said...

he behaves like another UMNO politician. a den of thieves anyway. what more do i expect? nothing surprises me anymore, zorro. numbed is the word.

team bsg said...

maybe you shud up your attacking ante to cause them certain kind of ZZZZZZZZZZZZ pain coz they are running around like a pack of leacherous beastly dogs without a care in the world !

c ya in the club 9pm

thinking said...

Please allow me to add my warmest and sincere well wishes on the occasion of your birthday to the others expressed earlier. May you and your family always have abundant love, joy and peace in each other and with all mankind all the days of your lives. May you and your loved ones always have enough for all your needs, and more than enough to give away. May the fire in your belly and your courageous heart for a Malaysia for all Malaysians burn ever more brightly.

Anonymous said...

The Chairman of the EC, as his mug shot shows, is an Anal Retentive Arrogant Reprobate, he is totally unfit for the job, as he has shown himself to an UMNO stool pigeon, who is greedy, untrustworthy and shameless.
Transparent ballot boxes, even 50,000 overpriced ones, do not a transparent election make.
Vote wisely dear voters, keep the wolves at bay.

Anonymous said...

sheesh, banana you really hate Singapore that much?

zorro said...

Anon 10:35. You assumed wrong....never was Singapore ever referred to as a banana republic...BR are those countries with dictators....unless you want to tag the Lees as despot or dictators which I have not and may not. Have a good, positive 2008.

warrior2 said...

Wasnt it the opposition that wanted us to have the tranparent box? Correct me if I am wrong please. Didnt they also ask us to have the ink too?

As for the cost, everytime I went to buy something, I was given a choice of buying a high quality product and a low quality one. The difference? Double or triple the amount that i need to pay! One shouldnt comment on something like the cost if one dosent know what the product is all about and what it is made off.

zorro said...

The friend who sent me the email is in the plastic packaging and signage industry. He has seen the box, its features and the plastic material. Thus he questions the cost....esp. for such a huge order. Of course I can question that....its tax-payers money. When has it become taboo to question people who use our and I are not that naive to not know where some of those money lands. We could send another space tourist with some of that least for his familiarisation stint.
Moreover, I did not comment, as you inferred, about the product. I asked a probbing question. Answers should be forthcoming. No?
You are right, of course, the opposition and the people (Bersih)asked for those boxes and indelible ink. Did I dispute that?
My four words title begs for a transparent answer. Peace brother and a good 2008,

Krishna said...

Good grief warrior2, it's a plastic box! It doesn't say Prada or Gucci on the side. It's a plain old plastic box so you don't have to pay double or triple. The last time I heard such justification was from the government agencies who were indicted in the Auditor Generals report for CLEARYLY overpaying for goods and services. Are you honestly trying to justify clear and obvious cases of willful spending? That's being irresponsible at best if not downright sinful

zorro said...

Da Real Deal, I am sorry I had to reject your last comment. Was getting risque...the language that is. Pls accept my regrets.