Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Since Monday I have been having connectivity problem and was unable to post, moderate or get into the internet. Last night, the President of my Residential Association, Sudesh solved my problem over one cold beer and a splash of Macallum. THE POWER OF BEING SPIRITUAL!

Because of wireless problem I decided to cajoled Tony Yew to lets go give support to the "EMERGENCY PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON IPCMC BILL at the Chinese Assembly Hall. Lim Kit Siang had expected a near empty hall because of the lack of notice, but there was only standing room by 7.30pm.

The rushed composition of panelists consisted of former Transparency International Malaysia Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, former United Nations special rapporteur Datuk Param Cumaraswamy, Head of Bar Council Human Rights, Edmund Bon.

All three spoke passionately about how the IPCMC is being hijacked by the watered-down SCC.
Tunku Aziz said it was a mockery to the Royal Commission that recommended the IPCNC; Datuk Param called it a SLAP in the face of members of the Royal Commission and Edmund Bon branded the SCC as a Special Referral Commission.

At the end of the Q&A "Datuk Seri" YB Lim Kit Siang asked a consensus and all unanimously wanted the SCC deferred to the next sitting of Parliament.

It was reported that the four panelist memebers were in Parliament the next day and it was the joint letter of Tunku Aziz and Datuk Param to Nazri that carried the day. The cabinet which normally sits on Wednesday was convened to accommodate the PM who had to go on vacation today, approved the deferment.

Tunku Aziz made a pertinent observation about the composition of the Royal Commission. He said the Commission was advised by no other than Tun Haniff, not to include any police officer into its fold. And now with the SCC, we have all the "wrong" people in control.

Imagine what would happen if parliament bulldozed the SCC thru. The IPCMC would be put to sleep and we will have the SCC who will be in the control of the IGP, the ACA chief and the sec. general of all agencies under this SCC. Corruption, abuse, inter-agency incest would be the order of the day. But let's not be too optimistic about the deferment. The way the police and these other agencies work, you can expect that respect for law and order might take a back seat. In the meantime we keep our fingers crossed that good sense will prevail. MALAYSIANS STILL CLING ON TO THAT THIN TREAD OF HOPE.

So, would I consider this reprieve a Christmas gift....NO....the real Christmas Gift would be to return the ISAed Hindraf fathers/husbands/sons to their children, spouse and parents.



toyolbuster said...

A little bit of HOPE is good, but what we need is a BIG MIRACLE. Looking at so many people cursing our PM, and on all festive occasions, that MIRACLE may just happen. And with so many "shooting stars" flying past our sky-light, so many wishes will have to come true. Yes! I DO believe in MIRACLES.

Sharing said...

Any department don't have a complaint section?
Any professional don't have a disciplinary committee?
Even the Prime Ministry has Biro?
At the end, Octopus without head!!
Legs catching legs!

Had all the Acts been professionally drafted? Strictly run?
Or, just to get authorization and self protection with bias to run?
A housing matter with HDA, STA and then BCPA!
Worse after worse!
The Acts started with BIAS in the Head and run by Big Head!

The system is so rotten, even the best ICAC Act (HK) to come, will it act?

An independent, fair and competent legal committee has to come in to straighten up all Acts!
No proper professional committee to draft any Act is vague.

IPCMC aims at Police. But, is Police the only one needs to be checked?
Corruption is the main cause!
So in HK ICAC is overseeing most. But a good justice system is another most important to come.

Why last RCI worked, why a SCC is required with a separate set-up?

jasgill said...

Hi Mr Bernard. Hope your connectivity is ok now.Sent you an e-mail trying to get your address so as to catch up with you but no response. Would once again like to wish you and your family a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year. I will be down in PJ area this weekend. You can e-mail me at

Cheers sir.

Farida Jivamala said...

Hi Zorro,
Glad to note the youth blog. I sent them a message and it went through. Now, for the umpteenth time, let me try to get onto your site. I hope this gets through.

Thank you for bridging generation gaps.