Thursday, December 13, 2007


Una paloma blanca
I'm just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountains I fly

No one can take my freedom away


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle B,

Nice words...Where you got them from?

zorro said...

Daph, your mama and papa would, if they could, sing you this song.

lucia said...

mental jog

yeah i love this song. used to sing it a lot when i was in school... although at that time i didn't know this song was about freedom.

full lyrics of the song (apart from googling for it) can be found at rocky's post.

Baru said...

Kee to deciphering Umno semiotics............

So now for Hishammuddin to say that he would use the keris again in 2007 as a protector of all Malaysians – not just Malays – is disingenuous. Any intelligent Malaysian can see through the doublespeak.

What is even worse – and insulting – is what he said about "desensitizing" non-Malays to the issue of the keris. Only a person with a supercilious attitude would behave that way. What he implies by that statement is that non-Malays must accept what he does, no matter how revulsed they are by it. It's like slapping someone in the face and then slapping him again and again, and telling him that he has to tolerate it each time until he gets used to it. What arrogance!

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