Wednesday, October 7, 2009






Anonymous said...

So what?

There's always friction within Pakatan, within PAS, within PKR, within DAP

What's your point

zorro said...

But PR are united during elections, that too you can't see. What's my point? My point is that you UMNO people don't want to and cannot see the point that the Menteri Besar do not want the former Menteri Besar to win this election. Still can't see the point? Then I can't make it any simple! It is one thing when people say you are a simple person and quite another thing when people say that you are a simpleton. Cheers.

Richard Loh said...

Good one Bernard. Hantam dia orang simpleton kuat kuat, jagan give face.

Anonymous said...

There are many types of Umno as we know too. Umno was againts Israel and even now ban all Malaysian passport from entering Israel. But if you look at this picture of Israel Flag flying above Umno building, we are very puzzled. Did somebody in Israel gives somebody in Umno some money too?

Anonymous said...

At Sideline watching.

Clap! Clap! Ha! Ha!

lanaibeach said...

The rice bowl tolls
Somebody doesn't like it
Crawling to him wanting back his post
Positively he has the experience
Milking all his way

This is the dilemma
The Umno division isn't in one unity
It is the power game and wealth
If the tainted guy loses
The other party will sing his moon

The cronies dishing out goodies
Under payback schemes............
Now to show him his favours
Hoping to get it treble when he wins

Now the painted face
The tainted guy wants to shine
Corruption is inducement to do something
He had his fingers caught............

Now he wants to sing
Give me a second chance
Voters should run away from him
You will lose plenty I tell you

Mike Tyson said...

Yes, way to go Zorro!!!!
CMB no want FMB... talak understand meh!??

Anonymous said...

Zorro said "But PR are united during elections, that too you can't see."

Are you forgetting one PKR rep tried to contest?
And almost every by elections, there are noises from other PR parties of putting their candidates...

Big deal.

Anonymous said...

PR is always united. United in exploiting PAS efficient machineries....
We seldom see DAP doing the donkey job.