Friday, October 23, 2009


WHEN the Election Commission announced the Nomination/Polling days for Bagan Pinang, my first posting was on Mafrel. I had asked them to have more bite. I did a second posting on them and did give them a small plus during the campaign...just a small plus.  On the eve of Polling Day, during the Ceremah Perdana at the DAP Centre, I met Tuan Syed and was thrilled to hear from him personally that he would be the Chairman of Mafrel. Tuan Syed has been the tireless Chairman of GMI, the NO TO ISA movement. He has been involved in other movements and have always given his best. I know Mafrey will be in capable hands. After congratulating Tuan Syed, I met Malaysian Heart ( who is on my blogroll) and two readers and was thrilled that they had volunteered to do Mafrel Work the next morning. Below is the Malaysian Heart's first person narrative of Polling Day;

During the recently by-elections in Bagan Pinang, I had the privilege of volunteering as a MAFREL election observer. For someone whose only involvement with elections had been to vote once every 5 years, the experience was very enlightening and educational. Here is what happened:
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Anonymous said...

next soon for tian chua's !!??

Anonymous said...

mafrel comprise of opposition. very much partisan and opposition leaning. how to trust mafrel?