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Deputy Education Minister 

"It is also normal for the parents to say things like that when such incident occurs," he said.
(what would you say if it was your child?....better luck next time?)

"They should not say that a similar incident will happen at other places. However, the ministry will look into the incident as a lesson," he said.

( a lesson too late!) 

Earlier, an emergency motion to debate the collapse of the newly-built suspension bridge across Sungai Kampar, Perak by Pakatan parliamentarians was rejected by speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia in chambers.

The reason for the rejection, Kiandee said, was because a committee has been formed to investigate the incident and Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had taken a serious interest in the matter.

(which clown would not take a serious interest in this matter?) 

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Anonymous said...

Now consider this. What if the deceased who perished in this senseless tragedy had been the children or grandchildren of -
1. the Deputy PM?
2. the Deputy Education Menteri?
3. any of our Barisan YBs?
4. MACC personnel?
5. IGP or AG?
6. the Home Menteri and his ISA team?
Surely we would dearly love to hear what they all have to say.

Anonymous said...

ONE-tragedy of ONE-malaysia !!

Starmandala said...

My suspicions that you have to become totally dehumanized to ascend to the top of the Umno/BN hierarchy have been borne out once again. These jerks can't seem to ever respond to situations in a HUMAN manner. What's so difficult about saying: "We feel terrible that such a thing has happened. I guess we really need to reassess how things are being done in this country. Why does it always take a series of unnecessary deaths to make us realize we have our priorities all wrong?"

nstman said...

Deaths dont matter to Barisan. The only thing that matters to these animals is money, more money.

Old Fart said...

Apparently built by some benefactor! But why would he? What was his compensation? Look at all the new tents used for accommodation. who supplied it? At what cost?

If Bridge was only completed a month ago. and BN take over of Perak was 10 months ago and Najib's 1Malaysia was from 6 or so months ago, the camp thingi must have been thought of only, maybe 3 months ago.

They identify place to have the camp and then decide they need a bridge. now wonder if the bridge got submit plan for approval or not. and how long did all this process take place?

And then is there any manual whatsoever for teh use of teh bridge that says what weight it can take, what kind of activity is allowed on the bridge. Were these conveyed to the teachers and the students?

Before the students were taken out to the camp did the parents give written authority for the students to go for eh camp? Did the parents know exactly what and where their children were headed to and the nature of risks that they would be subject to? why i am asking this is because I know i have signed such forms many times whenever my kids go for school organised activities where ever it is they are in. But then again i suppose you could say that is a civilised country and Malaysia is not!! So these risks and these deaths are all totally par for the course!

Realist said...

BN must also be ruling this countries too;

USA, India, Portugal, costa rica,! BN is everywhere!!,2933,291544,00.html

Anonymous said...


Why the kids must be at the hanging bridge at 10.30pm? What do the teachers are doing while the students playing on the bridge ?
Are they should some events that time ?


Anonymous said...

I have not heard one apology yet from any goverment MPs to the shocked parents,but alot of wise advice rhetorics.Is it true that to achieve great success in politics you have to very heartless,otherwise you wont make it up there.How insane our country is getting into.

Anonymous said...

Mr Speaker, Sir, your slip is showing. Ramalx

Malaysian against oppression said...

Bernard, would you consider that you belong to this group: "know that we bloggers would like to give our readers the impression that ours is an impartial and fact filled blogs that will always be a champion for the oppressed and the downtrodden. That we are there to give voice to those with grievances unheard by the powers that be. That our cause is nobel."

And would you also consider what this Hussein has to say about the fight to get Barisan Najis out of Putrajaya: Making a stand !!: "We are fighting a coalition call Barisan Nasional with UMNO as its apex – and they will not allow us to play on a level playing field."

"So against all this that I have said – what do I do? Am I to be whiter than white in my deeds? Am I to check and double the accuracy of every information, data or ‘facts’ forwarded to me before I post it in my blog? Am I to refrain from making innuendos or accusations of ‘innocent’ UMNO political elites because they cannot reply to what I write? Do I need to ponder deeply before I refer to Hishamuddin Hussein as “DIN” when he can contemptuously allude to wanting to fill the jails to the brims with ISA detainees? "

Please think.

Anonymous said...

Bernard let us help get Pakatan Rakyat, warts and all, into Federal power first, deal with the warts later.

Anonymous said...

whats 3 bodies for the glory of 1Malaysia?
you ask wee and the land grabbing ex-MB children to attend such death camps? you kidding, hoze?

Unknown said...

Yet another ill-conceived 'nation- building'screw-up!One would've thought with the number of deaths in the national service programme,they would've learnt a thing or two.Sad that these 'brainiacs' should put these young kids at such risk.1 Malaysian tragedy!

Anonymous said...

no way hoze its gonna be their children.
simple, none of their children be allowed to attend the death camps called 1Malaysia camps.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let's hope that people are sensible
Enough to be really and truly sensitive
To say only what is frankly feasible
In any tragedy to avoid any feedback punitive

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 291009
Thur. 29th Oct. 2009.

Sklau said...

If I could, I'd really like to shove my head up that Pendek Amin's ass and be a Speaker to his intestines for an hour or so before I drag his bowels out of his fat ass.

Sorry Bernard for not dropping by for such a long time but I'm on heat again.

Anonymous said...

How abnormal does "stupid" wants parents to get..???????

This is "NOT" the first or "last" lesson these goons will get...
Have they forgotten other deaths yearly..??

These are children & "are other people's" children you guys are playing with....!
Moreover we are leaving our children in "stranger's" hands...(forced to)..

How does "stupid" wants dead children's parents to behave...???
I tell u....

Makes me so damn angry to hear such remarks from people who are servants to the rakyat...!!
Where are their brains arr..???

Anonymous said...

Lao'Cha, I would'nt touch that ass with a 10 foot pole!! It stinks! Maybe I'll just shove the pole all the way into the ass, come to think of it!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro
Those names you mentioned are all IDIOTS and we should pray to GOD that their children and/or grandchildren to face the same fate like these innocent kids.

Only IDIOTS make such nasty inconsiderate statement. Nine Emperor Gods should come down to Earth and strike these Moron lives like cars hitting cats on the roadsides.

Yes, These Morons looks like IDIOTS, talks like IDIOTS, borns as IDIOTS, and worst of all, live their lives as IDIOTS.

Rest my case and hope for these Morons, may GOD bless those innocent children and may their parents remain strong facing the IDIOTS comments.

Anonymous said...

Can u believe it, some readers on certain media comments that to blame the rascal kids for misbehaving & that result the collapsed.
Can u believe its from BN goons & members?


ANN BK3 said...

The named BIGSHOTS won't feel a thing because they are as cold as ice. Moreover they have no experience feeling such because their
kids DON'T need to attend such camps here in Bolehland. They will in all
probability be flown luxuriously to
SUMMER CAMPS overseas. So people give yourself a break and stop hentaming them further, but instead just feel really sorry for them for their pathetic outbursts.

Anonymous said...

Even murderers get away scot-free.
What is there to talk about a few accidental deaths?

This is the state of Malaysia.

The brains of these civil servants are so tuned towards making profits for themselves or climbing up the ladder of power that the very citizens they are to served are forsaken.

It's sad but it's true.

They should create this new act:


Maybe then the rakyat will be served. And served well.

Jong said...

Just listening to how those jerks and bunch of scumbags in the federal government respond, one will already have a fairly good idea whose project was it that failed and could be responsible.
If it had been a Pakatan Rakyat's the PDRM and MACC would have swung into action alread!

This newly-built suspension bridge is no doubt a 'quickie' and part and parcel of the many other quickie projects planned to prop up Najib's "1Malaysia"!

Anonymous said...

what can they do in the parliment??

jikalau takdir tuhan jambatan itu runtuh maka runtuh lah..

kalau betul pembinaan tak kuat siasatlah.. apa patut ahli parlimen nak bincang kat parlimen?? diorang tahu ke apa nak buat?? jawapan nya tak tahu nak buat apa kecuali nak ambil peluang nak hentam kerajaan sahaja..

Anonymous said...

star, the people's (toilet)paper stressed authoritatively that the children were jumping on the bridge thereby hinting that they were 2 blame
n absolving its political masters of any blame
the 3 poor children who died have no chance of justice now the star has spoken
the people's (toilet)paper
the bn's mouthpiece
wish it wre jostling tan's, brader kuppesamy, wong sawa,0r wcw's loved 1s
wud they still support 111111111msia?

Anonymous said...

sorry, this comment is a bit out of topic but related to PKR and Pakatan Rakyat (see The Star Online below).

This Badrul Hisham is man of shame for selling his principles and promises to his people to BN (the enemy of the majority people). He brought shame to his Parents for giving birth to him, the majority Malays for selling his souls and being irresposible, and shame to GOD for his waste of priceless life. Sometimes wonder why GOD created such human being in Port Klang (the land of Shits and Manipulations!!!!).
Published: Thursday October 29, 2009 MYT 1:40:00 PM
Updated: Thursday October 29, 2009 MYT 5:20:29 PM
Port Klang rep Badrul Hisham quits PKR (Update 2)

SHAH ALAM: Under pressure Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah has announced that he is quitting PKR.

At a press conference on Thursday evening, he said that he had lost faith in the party's leadership.

He did not say if he would be joining Umno or any other political party but revealed that he would not be relinquishing his state seat.

Anonymous said...

""Can u believe it, some readers on certain media comments that to blame the rascal kids for misbehaving & that result the collapsed.
Can u believe its from BN goons & members?

IPOHunk """


What you said is correct...i too read abt that...come on la..those are kids...primary sch they know the physics that the jambatan gantung will roboh if jumping???? If they know it...sure they wont....But the contract who build that jambatan who Failed his physics at form 5 "Wondering whether they are from science stream or arts" or never take physics , surely know that jambatan will be used by children also...Children will behave like children...are contractor did their job well???
Fyi me too do jump on jambatan gantung when m still small...Even after grown also i never tot jambatan gantung can collapse if we jump...know why??? cos i trust the engineer or contractors who build it...3 life..All would the parents feel?? and this stupid PPL in parliment talking like this...Guys tell...what should we do to this guy??????


Anonymous said...

what irony, 1msia camp = 3 indian dead.

1 little indian

Anonymous said...

Stop inciting, old man.
An unfortunate tragedy, okay.

Patriot said...

Bernard, don't approve this comment. Hoping to draw your attention to RPK's HANG THE POLICE FIRST. Hoping you will appreciate how difficult it is going to be to dislodge BN from Putrajaya. They cannot afford to lose power and I am sure they will resort to whatever to stay in power. Hoping you will exercise more care when publishing negative posts re: PR

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Aiyo people. Reading all your comments here bashing the government and even God, i came to the conclusion that you all are just full of hate and spite. I'm sure you all look as ugly as hell too to match your stinking hearts. Please don't donate your heart after you people die, it would be an injustice to the person who gets it.
Seriously, take this from someone non political commenting, you guys pro Pakatan are no better from the BN fans. Both teams are effing paranoid and suffering from illusions of grandeur. I pray for the day when both BN and Pakatan are thrown out and peace will prevail over Msia.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn...damn...DAMN !!

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with our Parliament.

The Sg. Kampar tragedy where 3 lives were lost was not allowed to be discussed in Parliament.

But...the performances of MCA and GERAKAN presidents were allowed to be brought up and ... by UMNO Sri Gading MP.

Our nation is very sick indeed and needs immediate medication!

Anonymous said...

when the indians need them, where are they??? MIC....YENADEH????? SAMY VELLU....YENADEH????? MANA LU DEH????