Wednesday, October 7, 2009




Pendedahan Oleh Mangsa Mangsa Penginahyaan


Kezal Iman Isa Samad


Pejabat Parliamen Telok Kemang

7124 Permai Park

Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Seremban.

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Anonymous said...

But I wonder, 22 years of kezaliman?

Thats over FIVE general elections!!!!

Surely the voters are blind over tow decades.

Hence, blind too to see your point! Bingo...

Anonymous said...

This is what the badut does in his spare time:

This is the lady that ISA SAMAD has been trying to ‘buy’ from her husband so that he could take her from her family and her four children to be with him in his Istana at Nilai that was built for him by one of the three towkays now financing the Bagan Pinang election expenses on behalf of Isa Samad and UMNO.

This corrupt Isa is not content with taking money from the coffers of Negri Sembilan, not content with dishing out money during UMNO elections – NOW he wants to wreck a Family of four – by abusing the trust a husband had in Isa and allowing his wife to to do ‘work’ for UMNO Rembau.


Richard Loh said...

Oh shit, the viral virus crawling by. Need something to snuff it out. the problem with simpleton.

Anonymous said...

Najib and Isa got same taste about other man wife. I hope both men are not sharing a same underwear !!!

Mansuhkan ISA !!


Anonymous said...

Another sex scandal. UMNO should stop watching all those trashy day time soap operas and trying to re-enact them for real. They should spend more time working. Real work that is. Fleecing people is not work.

MK IV said...

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro, interesting and exciting!!!
Sounds very, very, very familiar!
Also 2 words. First word starts with the letter A.
Second word, I....guess you guys already known the ANSWER!
Well done!!!