Friday, October 30, 2009




Today 30 October  Pakartan Rakyat has finally disposed of the sewage and UMNO is a garbage collection outfit.

Khir Toyo, the COO-mandor of  UMNO Garbage Collection has welcomed PKR discard Badrul Hisham and 
“ we will give him the opportunity to serve,"  as quoted by the Star Online.

CEO of UMNO Garbage Collection Berhad,  Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said it was not Khalid's prerogative to instruct Badrul to resign."The state assemblyperson can decide on his own. He may not want to resign," he said.

I thought the PM has more pressing duties doing damage control over his 1Malaysia Camp than to dirty his hands collecting garbage. I am sure the 1st woman will not like anyone saved from the landfill.

Congrats Menteri Besar Khalid. You did the right thing……finally. SAY NO TO DIRT!


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.Hope the port klang folk force this frog back into the sewage he came from.Cheers.

DanielYKL said...

Check this out:

shivasakti said...

Ahhhhhhhh !

This is the proactive action the people wishes to see done and not dilly dallying with "what if" badrul or any other MP or ADUN can DO.

If an MP or ADUN can not perform, Get him out fast .Its ok if one loses an imbecile to BN. No problem with their spin.

Next, get the MORON Hassan ali out of your ship.The faster the better and followed by the kulim myopic taliban nordin fella some where up norh .
You will then see confidence restored in PR.
Never let the MP or ADUN hold you to ransom.

The people will be with PR only if it shows confidence,moderate mentality, non corrupted and dont have the war lords culture where the mb,minister or whoever is held by their balls by these "warlords"to do their biddings bodering on corruption.
Just look at the ubn warlords and i hear some are not happy with the AP talk.
Way to go PR selangor !
I promise to get 10 other voters to pangkah PR come GE13.A small gift for you on acquiring your scrotal GUMPTION to act hard and brutal on "garbage"MPs/aduns.

FMZam said...

Another collective item for UMNO very soon they will have to buy a glass case to put all those collectibles in an array, each with a price tag.

Or have UMNO readied a glass case with blank spots for more Pakatan's potential collectibles? They already have a spot for Hassan Ali complete with name and price tag, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Worm or not , as long they get what they wanted.

Few more $$$friendly jumping frogs and a few more charged in court and that's all folk.

I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the wall trembling..Bye- Bye Love , Bye-Bye SELGOR- (BORN 2008 MAR - DEPART ???)

Nothing is immoral here if you know how to moralise it TECHNICALLY..

This is it - Michael Jackson.

camcamni said...

PKR dont have the guts (balls) to sack or fire any delinquent reps. They prefer to hope these reps will repent and be a god guy again but bad guys will always be bad and look at Zukifli Nordin and Wee Choo Keong.....They got away with everything to their names and the rakyat know what mould are these 2 but yet, PKR dare not take any action against them.

The same goes for the rotten Badrul, he was given so much space and chances to repenet but he did not and still PKR did not sack him. They prefer to allow him to say he quit himself which makes him a small time hero.
What is happening to the leaders of PKR??? No guts??? At least Tan Sri Khalid got some balls left to recommend him to disciplinary board but thats too soft!!!!
Please use the axe it you must and dont be sofr fingers and just slap the wrist. Act tough and once and for them PKR leadership is no play play thing.

Patrick said...

It would appear that the PKR leadership is impotent for not acting on renegades like this slimeball much sooner!There's a couple more I can think of....Better act fast,'cos the slippery slope is within sight!!!

mauriyaII said...

That shithead Badrul Hisham has been a scumbag from day one. He did not perform his duties as the PKR representative of the people as soon as he got elected.

If there was garbage in PKR, he fits the bill. PKR leaders, especially Anwar Ibrahim should have the moral responsiblity and decency to get rid of these rotten apples before they infect the others with their disease.

The stupid fellow Wee Chee Keong who calls himself a barrister and shows his shallowness by asking how to interpret KPI should go and ask his newfound friends, Najib and Koh Tsu Koon. It was Najib who came with the KPI and got that shameless KTK the KPI ministerial portfolio.

When idiots can't excel, let alone do a mediocre job, they come up with ridiculous statements about KPI being subjective. If they cannot come up with the needed criteria to make KPI effective, then they should just keep shouting the 1Malaysia and 1KPI slogans among other things.

PKR should kick out Wee as it is very obvious he is the next frog waiting to be bought by Najib. Zulkifli from Kulim is another moron who disguises his myopic and taliban ways by his rhetoric of being the champion of race and religion. Anwar Ibrahim should kick him out if he really wants people to believe in his leaderhip qualities.

Anwar Ibrahim's recent political shenanigans in Sabah clearly shows that he does not care for the views of the rakyat. He is still a UMNO man at heart. It is high time Anwar Ibrahim proves he is for the rakyat irrespective of race or religion. Fiery oration alone does not make a leader. He has to walk the talk.

Hassan Ali is very sure that he is going to be the next Menteri Besar of Selangor if he bring down the Pakatan Rakyat state government. To that end he is clinging on to power as a PAS ADUN in the government so as to do his nefarious work of chipping away the state government's status and policies.

PAS should drop this traitor who is all for his vested interests. He is worse than the bubonic plague. PAS would be better off without this scourge.

Where the Badrul HIsham shithead is concerned, hope he does not show his face anywhere near my place for his own good. Such a shameless traitor of the rakyat who elected him.

Now as an independent he can just collect his state assemblyman's allowance and spend as he wishes with the connivance of the MACC and BN.

Anonymous said...

word is that this worm is formerly from transmile in subang.

even at that time, he was a nutcase and a headache for the company.

yeah, good riddance.

well done pakatan rakyat.

and oh, khir toyo shld be shitting in his pants now. how he tried (in vain) to be in najis' goodbooks.

toyol will end up like that zakaria guy. dead. sudden death.


Anonymous said...

Tak payah nak speaking kat sini. Apa PKR saja boleh main lompat. Parti lain tak boleh lompat. Sapa kepala lompat kalu tak si Anwar. BN lompat g PR boleh saja. Apa ler. Jangan lupa sejarah 16 September (Anwar cakap nak tubuh kerajaan persekutuan pada 16 September). Nak cakap ko bodoh tapi speaking mcm air kuar dr paip. memang kelabu asap. Jangan cakap pasal principle kalo sendiri tak boleh paham. buang karan jer.

Anonymous said...

Kalo nak owner approve comment tak payah jagi blogger. Apa ler konon nak preach pasal kebebasan bersuara. Simpan dalam tengkorak ko ler.