Tuesday, October 6, 2009


YEP! Sure it is too late for Kugan, Beng Hock and the other 1,700 who were not even charged as criminals but had to die in their cells.  However it is rather unkind to refer to candidate Isa Samad as a criminal. After all it was a technical matter.....like our Minister of Rehabilitation's definition of right guilt and wrong guilt. Blimey, I am getting a bit whoozy. Isa wouldn't mind it so much if it was said in his face in Bagan Pinang. But to hear it being said from Paris does hurt, according to one insider in PD,


sampalee said...

Tuhan have made umno members stupid.All praise to Tuhan and many thanks to Zorro.

Jong said...

Who is talking now!? Hey what about Altantuya?
She wasn't given a second chance? After killing her they blew her up to bits with C4, terribly gruesome!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anwar do deserve a chance as well.

nstman said...

There are bad debts and good debts. And now in Umno's lexicon of balderdash, stupidity, idiocy, lies, racism, bigotry is another term called good guilt. Not to mention good crime. Not to mention good ISA detainee and bad ISA detainee. Is it our fate that we must be ruled by the likes of Keris Hisham? Well, such is our fate that we are being ruled by morons from Umno.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
Who is the guy in the hospital bed? He looks so "Indian"! Is he an MIC member?

mauriyaII said...

First the cowhead Hismooddin says there is such a thing as GOOD GUILT and BAD GUILT.According to UMNO and the cowhead, GOOD GUILT is when an UMNOputra commits a crime and should not be punished. BAD GUILT is when all the other ordinary rakyat commit the same offence. Fantastic reasoning!

Second Najis shows his stupidity to the whole world by saying Isa's crime was a technicality. In other words it is not crime. So it is GOOD GUILT and doesn't warrant punishment. If that was so, why was the poor sod suspended from active participation in politics and why was his MBship stripped away?

In UMNO's book, Ali Rustam was also innocent, his corruption and vote buying was GOOD GUILT.

The exCM musang who raped a 15 year old girl was also GOOD GUILT because according to the AG, that poor girl could not describe in detail the size, length and other details of the musang's dick.

If that peverted AG is sodomized (raped) by an ape, somebody should ask him the details of the ape's dick and other details. But then, if the ape was an UMNOputra, it would be a technicality and considered GOOD GUILT.

Sounding off his stupidity to his rabid followers in the country is one thing but it is totally unacceptable to announce to the whole world what Malaysian law interpretation has become.

No doubt crime rate is increasing by the day. UMNO criminals are encouraged to commit crime,even murder by gun and C4. The corrupted judiciary is ever ready to acquit them and the AG for the prosecution won't even appeal against the decision.

All the institutions of good governance, the PDRM, Judiciary, MACC, EC and the highest law making body in the country, the legislature have all been subverted and corrupted to the core.

The only HOPE for Malaysia is when UMNO/BN dies from the cancer spawned by Mamak Mohamad Kutty.

Anonymous said...


Zorro, do you know "who's" running our country....???

Anonymous said...

As the Anwar had said, PM take 500million is commission, police take 50 is corruption.

PM is trying to say, he should also be given a second chance like now as a PM, so this case is not new.

Too bad when you are in the opposition, even 2400 is corruption and cannot be given second chance.

Also in this case PM asked Kartika to appeal, he wants to give her second chance, but she said NO.

Taikohtai said...

DSAI deserves another chance as well? But in his case, BN's saying that it is the prosecutors to be offered the second chance as per SODOMY II! Bet if they fail, the bastards will get a third, fourth, fifth chance........until poor DSAI is jailed again and again.
I say to you all, no second chance to BN for biggering Malaysia for too long!!

caravanserai said...

No second chance
Tell it to Kugan
What the police did
Only one charged
Could we believe it?

No second chance
Tell it to Teoh Beng Hock
He fell from Macc building
Nobody is charged yet

No second chance
Tell it to Atlantuya
Shot with bullets
C4 her to pieces
2 police officers found guilty
When they didn't know her
Could we believe it?

Now Umno wants to spin
Give Isa Samad a second chance
When he was charged in money politics
ACA conveniently closing one eye
When in its law, it is a serious offence

So voters in Bagan Pinang
Don't be fooled give him no second chance
There are many reasons too
You will hear it from Pakatan Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Isa Samad is a SCUM. Look around PD and you can see the monuments of his rape of the Rakyat. Buildings that are not completed, large swathe of beach given to cronies against the National Land Code, courting people's wife etc etc. If the people of Bagan Pinang still wants him then all I can say is that you are STUPID. WAKE UP Bagan Pinang.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Jibby aka Pink lips putting his foot in his mouth again. BAGAN PINANG, do you want to be represented by the STUPID??? I think not. Throw them into the Straits of Melacca this coming by election. UMNO is dead, at least we can give them a decent burial at sea.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo

Greenbug said...

That big fella with a neck brace lying grimacing in pain in the hospital... can we nominate him for an Oscar award for acting? Can't imagine people going all out just to score a few cookie points. BTW shouldn't he be an MIC member instead of UMNO? Doesn't matter, Mahathir is also UMNO member.... so is Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, Mohd Nor Yakcop, Sharizat Jalil,...

Anonymous said...

Tokkok again.Second chance only given to own clan and family.

Ada cakap , tak ada cakap serupa juga.
Wapun jadi bodoh ini macam,Lembu pun mati da.

Anonymous said...

Kugan family was surprised the officer in-charge was also Indian. They were going to play the racism card accusing the police for being racist.

Under Islamic Law, when PAS rule the country, Kugan hands must be cut.

Anonymous said...

Folks, please remember UMNO is SUPREME and UNTOUCHABLE. Of course the laws ONLY apply to OPPOSITION groups while it bends like magic on the backs of the most foul deeds of evil, corrupt UMNO. VOTE PAS for progress and a clean govt!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.42 pm,

nice try but no dice.next time come up with a better comment and maybe,just maybe you could learn something here.