Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This SMS was not sent to me. It was shown to me. The above is not the full text of the SMS. This is done to protect our source. However it was sent from on high. What is the hidden message behind "ANYTHING"? It is addressed only to people who are in the "loop" (I was reliably informed by my source).....people who could do damage to the UMNO chosen-one Isa?

Dang! Things are hotting up and hurrican Parma could blast its way thru this beach town....sorry ARMY town! So, people, like always I am a bit blur on certain messages I am getting. Can't put my head to the ground (too hot, literally, the roads) all the time. Man must quench his thirst (for news?) and there is no better time than after 6pm before we head over to Mayangsuri where PAS president Tuan Guru Hadi will meet EC Chairman over Postal Votes.

So people, what can you make of the SMS?


pinsysu said...

everybody know BN_UMNO will cheat on the postal votes for sure. so how? pray for divine interventon?

Anonymous said...

Hehe, what is there for UMNO to boast? UMNO is running scared and uncertain with their gamble of a thoroughly TAINTED candidate Isa as more dirt is dished out!!

Eric said...

Uncle Zorro, tak pastilah. Boleh tolong sikit ye?

zorro said...

Eric, what's the title of this post?Use both sides of the brain lah! I have lost my spoon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Weren't BN 100% sure they were going to win this seat? Why the need for such SMSes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

My view (previously stated elsewhere) is that UMNO is fast becoming the party of the corrupt, the racists and the fooled. PR needs to work harder to open the eyes of the fooled.

Phua Kai Lit

chong said...

we don't have to do anything. when UMNO talks, they just do more hurt to themselve.

corruption = technical issue?

Anonymous said...

Pilihan yang paling tak masuk akal.
Pilihan yang betoi betoi DESPERADO.

Kalah kena hantam , menang pun kena hantam.

Sory bru , bukan tak tahu pilih ,
ini pun sudah kira yang paling bagus kita boleh dapat...

Rancangan tergendala sebentar- Maaf, maafkan kami.