Tuesday, October 20, 2009


ON Sunday, Hussein Hamid aka Steadyaku47 made an impassioned plea to allow Chin Peng to come home to Sitiawan to end his days.  Efforts have been made over the years, but powers that be, ie the government, the ex-servicemen association and the Court of Appeal did not have the heart to say YES. Hussein in his post encourage fellow-bloggers to join him in this campaig to "BRING HIM HOME".  Hussein put up a poll and it has been encouraging. Read More HERE 

I have little to contribute to lend support to this courageous venture except posting the above on my sidebar, contributing this youtube video for your edification and further reading on the subject HERE.


Anonymous said...

After 200 days, “Tiger” Najis finally came :-

Press Freedom Index 2009
No. 131 Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't participate in this...I lost 3 family members and an uncle minus his left leg. All because of his agressive ideology.

Let him rot all that I care...

caravanserai said...

Chin Peng aka Ong Beng Hwa
He fought for a cause he believed
Once against the Japanese
To free Malaya against the tyranny
Then he fought against the Colonial master
For cheating him of his victory

Chin Peng then fought against his home country
He forgot what the country meant to him
He killed many and reigned of terror
Amongst the Chinese and soldiers and police officers

He met Tunku to talk peace
He couldn't get it done the way he thought it could be
So he disappeared into the jungle
To carry on his vendetta...............

Many died so were his soldiers
Fighting for a cause Chin Peng grieved
Yet he couldn't admit he wanted his face
And so the misery and battles

When the peace treaty signed
The whole nation rejoiced
The man in later years
Chin Peng can't return....

If we talk about history
Chin Peng fought for the country independence
Against the Japanese and British Empire
Yet he isn't honoured; he is blamed
Rightly so for the way he butchered the innocents

Now an old man pleading to die on his soil
The land of his birth where the present government ignored
The peace treaty accord signed and sealed.....
Where is the honour when he gave it up for peace?

Let Chin Peng come home
He lived with his horrors and sins
He made his decisions he would live with it
Give him the honour to die in his home country
We shouldn't play double standards as it were!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let Chin Peng come home.

nstman said...

Chin Peng has paid his dues. Let Chin Peng return. Let it not be said that we have no compassion in our soul. Let it not be said we still harbour hatred. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Chin Peng, the nation welcomes you back. Only racists and bigots and hate-mongers are against your return.

Anonymous said...


angkat chin peng la..

weh tau dok ramai askar kita mati kerana propaganda dia.ramai yang cedera.tok sah la nak sanjung orang macam tu.ramai lagi orang you boleh sanjung.

kat kampung i ramai lagi yang susah you boleh tolong.cari sponsor untuk anak diaorang lanjut peelajaran,cari penderma untuk orang2 sakit dan tua,uzur yang sumber ekonomi tak baik.surau yang uzur,rumah yang robek,macam2 masalah.mai la tenguk.bising kat kolompo je buat apa.semua best kat kolompo tu.depan rumah dah ade kedai dah..

hang nyanyuk apa.chin peng pula nak diangkat.ramai lagi lebai2 kat kampung yang memrlukan pembelaan..

laknat kau

Anonymous said...

Just let him comeback..!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10.00 p.m. Yes I feel your pain of losing family members due to his aggresive ideology. But my mum lost her parents during the Japanese occupation era and orphaned at the age of two. My grandpa was taken away to the death railway project and died in Siam while my grandma was shot at point blank in Sungkai, Perak by the Japanese. My mum grew up an orphan due to the Japanese. Hence, why can we accept the Japanese with open arms while we tend to close the door on Chin Peng. I too lost an uncle to communists who shot him as they suspect him of a messenger. There are thousands of Malaysians who had suffered during the Japanese occupation but easily forgotten by present Malaysians. Just let the old man (Chin Peng)die in peace in Malaysia.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I pray that Uncle Chin Peng gets his last wish to come back to a place he called home.

This song is for him:


Anonymous said...

This is a difficult issue.... I'm not sure about Chin Peng's history.

But from what I read, he fought for our country & went against it (for a reason..).

Yes many people lost their families & all that....
Now I ask.....

How is it that we can now welcome the Japanese to our country with open arms...??
Weren't they "worst" then Chin Peng..???

No need to go far...
Isa was welcomed back for "what" he has done. PM said "technical" only mah.....!!!

How is it that Chin Peng's doings are "not" technical...?????????
Mat Rempits were taken for a "cold" holiday instead...!!

That "oldman" wants to come home & waste his last breath.
If a certain "criminal" CAN be technically forgiven.....
Why not Chin Peng..???????

At least Chin Peng did "NOT" deny his wrong doings....!!!!
There were no millions involved.

There.. I've said it!!!
I'm wrong..? Sory yah..!!

Anonymous said...

for those who oppose because CPM had killed their so and so, did their so and so killed any CPM members or collaborated with the Japanese invaders and British colonialists to massacre and oppress CPM and labourers or participated in the armed forces to kill CPM, it was war and all is fair. If you are so hard up about it then you should opposed the signing of the peace treaty to cease hostility and why Malay CPM members can return to Malaya but not the Chinese CPM?

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Blame Chin Peng all you want, he is still part of the Malayan history as a freedom fighter and one damn good fighter, given the odds he had to face. He is an old man, bring him home and if you want to spit on his face or grave, you have the chance to do that, only if you bring him home.

Anonymous said...

If one must accept Chin Peng's 'crime', one must willing to forgive UMNO's crime as well. Let him rot and die elsewhere

Anonymous said...

it is humiliating and disgusting that when we talk of this communist leader all of a sudden there is a need to cite verses from the holy quran and calling those who oppose to his return as racists.

why? tell me why? should someone of this stature be allowed to return. what bloody justification? does he deserve sympathy?

tell u what - die abroad and maybe, just maybe, the country can consider him being buried here or have his ashes scattered on malaysian waters.

good riddance.

harry said...

remember the infamous saying by our najis to the effect that "in our system we can give offenders a second chance". So another typical tokkok for you.

zakwan said...

The government allowed wanted terrorist, Nordin Mat Top 2 2 be buried here
I don't see y is it so difficult 2 allow a decrepit old man like Chin Peng 2 return n die in Sitiawan
Afterall, didn't we had an agreement pact wit all top PKM figures 2 return 2 Malaysia after disarming?

Expect UMNO 2 spread propoganda saying communism will once again flourish if Chin Peng returns thanx 2 the pressure exerted by Pakatan
In this globalized world,communism has become an obsolete n outdated ideology
So I suggest UMNO 2 shut up!

Lee said...

Chin Peng , without doubt, fought against the Japanese fascists and the British colonialists.In the undeclared wars many were killed.The Japanese have been forgiven so were the British.I just can't understand why a supposedly God-fearing people cannot bring themselves to forgive Chin Peng.It is because he happened to be of Malayan Chinese origin.If that is the case, then race is involved and not communism.God can forgive but God believing people can't forgive.Wow!

Richard Loh said...

Take this poll:

For Unity And 1Malaysia To Function, Should The Prime Minister Of Malaysia Be Elected By All Malaysian Voters

Anonymous said...

Let Chin Peng comes back.

There are plenty out there ready to kick his ass or whatever. Bring him back. We'll give him a nice welcome back party....

Anonymous said...

How come this racist UMNO regime can forgive the Japanese and not the communists (MCP)?

The Japanese slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers in Malaya during their occupation from 1942 - 1945. Yet, the UMNO regime courted them for everything; from trade to learning from them (the Look East Policy).

Why the double standard?

Anonymous said...

why we accept the japs and not this traitor?

Tojo got hang!!! They should hang the emperor too...but American fond that Hirohito to give a good advantage in rulling occupied Japan.

im not saying all reds couldnt return to Malaysia. Only the top leaders...even i used to satand that samsiah fakeh shouldnt be allowed to return as well...

for all i care...hes living FREELY in exiled...Thats good enough for him!!!

I may forgives my enemy, say Hi and wish him luck if i met him on the street...Doesnt meen that i welcome him to my house...

let him rot all that i care...

Anonymous said...

No la Uncle. No!. I have to put this in your comment box. Chin Peng has dome too much damage. I will will forgive him only after he died after being hanged for crime against humanity. Let him stay out of Malaya. And please remove him from your sidebar. It's disgusting.


givemeliberty said...

All Malaysians should welcome him back.

He is a patriot, a nationalist and a freedom fighter. The Communists led the fight against the Japanese invaders.

We abhor the MCP methods employed to win independence from the British, as we abhor the methods used by religious fanatics to fight for what they believe in.

Many Malaysians may not agree with his ideology, rightly so,for today, Communism is already proven wrong by Russia and most of the other former Communist countries, and even China and Vietnam have revised their Communism for a more market-oriented one.

Many Malaysians have forgiven the Japanese - many families are still haunted by the deaths and tortures endured by their fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles and so on.

Many Malaysians have forgiven the British for the injustices they perpetrated during their "benevolent" colonial rule.

Many ex-Communists and leftists are forgiven and they have returned home.

So why can we forgive Chin Peng?

Old Fart said...

Malaysians certainly know how to make absolute fools of themselves. Here is the ultimate opportunity to give Chin Peng the chance to realise for himself the futility of his life time's commitment to his Maoist communism. I do believe, if any fanfare at all on his arrival in Malaysia, it will last but for one week. Even then I cannot see any political party or NGO stepping up to regale him with platitudes. I am sure the MSM will be blind to him except maybe to report that no one received him at the train station or the airport. And it is also the opportunity for all of us to let go of the baggage we are being forced to carry. What for?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair to give such unconditional sympathy to Chin Peng. He was a "freedom fighter", sure, but he was also a terrorist, and as far as the lives of innocents are concerned, he is probably not that much different from al-Qaeda extremists hijacking planes. I think we should have a leveled view of things and to not be too driven by some sort of crusade of sympathy, he doesn't deserve any sort of honour. Part of the reason why people are so enamoured with this supposedly pro-freedom cause for wanting his return, I think, is not because we've forgotten what he has done, but because we've forgotten the implications of what he has done and his position in society at that time. Some people thought he was brilliant, fair enough, but there are thousands of others who see the WTC hijackers the same way, and I think it's a failure of an objective empathy for justice to lend legitimacy to what he has done by giving him nothing short of a welcome home with open arms. I'm sorry to read about the loss of other people commenting here on the blog to the hands of the Communists, but I think Chin Peng cannot be compared to the Japanese - the Japanese is a whole race, the crime of the few soldiers here can't be blamed on them (having said that, I would object to some former warlord who commited atrocities in Malaya coming over just as well). But the crimes of Chin Peng - only he is accountable for them, and unless he gets what is justly due to him, then what sort of farcical idea of justice are we actually proposing here.

Until I can hear a unified voice "forgiving" the terrorists of our own time (that'll be the day), then I don't see why we should be so forgiving of a terrorist of the past.