Friday, October 23, 2009


IN a recent post Bagan Pinang by-election posting, I said that Hassan Ali won the by-election for Isa Samad, HERE. That was because I had a roasting from some Chinese voters in PD. Tok Guru Nik Aziz knows how one cancer cell can kill and he is not taking any chances. He is calling for an EGM to rid PAS of some diagnosed cancer cells in body-PAS. He is taking no chances.

On the eve of Bagan Pinang Polling Day, I asked YB Jeff Ooi what is PR doing about shit-stirrers like Hassan Ali and Zul Nordin. He said that on consensus the three parties would not want to take any punitive action as these two might be deified as heroes. I left it at that.

Well, TGNA is determined to pull the plug. Will PKR do likewise. My personal assessment is that of the three parties, PKR seems to be unsure of what they want to do with this guy who on 14 October told the Malaysian Insider:

“I am still a PKR member. I am still occupying the seat under PKR in the Dewan Rakyat,” he told reporters in Parliament during the lunch break.
He also denied speculations that he had been courted by Umno at any point.
“At this stage, not yet,” he remarked.

NOT YET? I did mention in an earlier post that PKR should SACK him. That way UMNO don't need to buy him and he would end up with no price.

I remember as a child, hearing this expression from the elders: Dont spoil them kids. They will climb on your head......if you spoil them rotten they will shit on your head. 

Right now that is what Zul Nordin is doing and on PKR's collective heads! So how now? 

And, just a friendly reminder to PKR, we voted you in because we were fed-up of UMNO/BN.......a reader KRIS ranted that he was fed-up......many of us, truth be told,  are getting fed-up now with your INDECISION. Do take a hint from Tok Guru, can?

perisik-rakyat has a take on this fanatic too HERE. 


Anonymous said...

fedup...fedup...FEDUP ...DAMN !

Old Fart said...

Absence of Leadership! That is what ails PKR. That same also ails PR. Tok Guru as it would seem displays leadership in his call for an EGM to be rid of fundamentalist leaders in PAS. Somehow I doubt Anwar has the wherewithal to do what he must if he wants to show leadership!

backStreetGluttons said...

the Old Man of Kelantan rules, ok ! sack the beer hassan !

but our AI ? He has become a pale shadow of late. Has he lost his balls ?

Anonymous said...

The Kulim voters wanted him and now they have what they voted.

If he is kicked out, it may upset the voters who put him there in the first place.

Perhaps a referendum should be called to guage the voice of the Kulim folks??


Anonymous said...

There is another word for this. Chop off the burning tree instead of later the burning tree burn off the whole forest!

Anonymous said...

Yes thorns like Zul PKR and Pas Hassan must go for the greater good of Pakatan.Truth be told, Dap LKS and Karpal should also stand down bcos they are easy target bogeymen used by umno,and people are quite tired of listening to them for donkey years.Let Tunku Aziz,Gobind & LGE lead a new dynamic Dap.Maintaining Status quo at dap is dragging PR down just like status quo in Pas will have negative effect on PR.This is the people feelings.

Anonymous said...

Why border for these two characters. If there is no change of government come PRU 13, that is the rakyat choice so be it just because the people hate these two guys and we, the people are willing to be bullied and di bodohkan olih UMNO nothing a political party can do.
The people are given the choice so be it. As far as I am concern to hell with these two guys but my objective is CHANGE and it will remain no matter what happen and what they say.
Up to the rakyat brother and make the choice go for Change or status quo.!!! If the Indians and the chinese feel comfortable to be treated like second class citizen, it is their choice and they have seen it for the past 50 over years. Who hold the trump card? The rakyat or Zul and Hassan?

Anonymous said...

Yes PKR. What are you waiting for. You know that your have these cancer cells in you.Delay in getting rid of them will only kill you faster. DT

fair game said...

Master i am a die hard pakatan supporter but after 8/3 their personalities have altered.Today when you email a local rep and he does not like your tone you wil be disregarded and another thing what happened in pj about the awarding of contracts is not only true but it is happening throughout the state.

If this does not stop then what different are they from bn.

Anonymous said...

Why blame zulkifli nordin and hassan ali..

What about jeff oii...

Anonymous said...

This scumbag's strategy is clear.

He knows PKR will drop him like a hot potato come GE 2013. In any event the Rakyat will boot out this traitor.

So, he's currying favour with the only group without any morals whatsoever and so far it's worked. No bad for a country bumpkin. A gaji buta trip to the UN and NY. What next? Ambassadorship to Mongolia? Muahaha!

Anonymous said...

why so worried to these YB Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Noordin. These 2 Yb represent a majority of real muslim. They know what our muslim comunity needs. Both of them don,t have any hidden agenda except ALLAH AND ISLAM FIRST. so this makes all stupid PR worried. Tese 2 YBs have strong point and background that they know what they should do not like stupid 2 khalid. Khalid's like lembu kena cucuk hidung oleh stupid kuil isu and beeeerrrr issue. anyway googd job YB hassan Ali and YB Zulkifli Noordin. Allah always with u. ALLAHUAKHBARRRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

It is easy for me to decide what to vote next election. As long as the %$%#@ Zukifli Nordin is with PKR, I vote BN. I deal with the devil I know.

Anonymous said...

The Kulim Bigot/Idiot ???

I regret very much having donated my hard-earned RM300 for his 12th GE appeal for campaign funding ; big mistake on my part.

Zul, don't expect a single cent from me if you are going to contest the 13th GE!

Anonymous said...

If you paint a Zebra with white stripes over a black body, it would not make the animal any less of a Zebra. So what's the difference whether Zul wears the Barisan or Pakatan hat?

Starmandala said...

Serious ego problem, this fler Zul. Every time he shoots his mouth it's obvious his ego is 100 times bigger than his brain. A definite liability to himself as well as PKR. Because the ones calling for Zul's dismissal are mostly non-Malays, Anwar is in a tight spot. Umno will jump at the chance to point to Zul's sacking as further proof that the non-Malays are calling the shots in Pakatan Rakyat. Like a short-circuited burglar alarm in the neighborhood, we may have to ignore Zul's "Enlilite" posturings for now. Enlil is the Sumerian deity that later became known as Yahweh, Eli, Allah...

KS Cheah said...

Bro, sorry to say he is from King Edward VII School Taiping. I always thought KEVII was a Bangsa Malaysia school. Looks like the net was not fine enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro

Sorry for the off-topic but highly relevant issue which may pass our can find more at the link below.

Now the question: would you take the H1N1 vaccine if the government says it is mandatory to take? (I'm not taking.)

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Perhaps HH might conduct a poll on this?

Golden Boy

joenathan said...

G'day to you sir,

Hope you are keeping well.Well,YB Jeff Ooi,maybe right but then again,where do we draw the line?We cant be stomaching all the nonsense being spewed by these 2 comedians namely Zul and Ibrahim Ali.I wish to remind people like Ibrahim Ali,that it's ordinary people like me who had spent top dollars to convince many a people to vote for PAS in the 12th GE.

Some of those people were very2 reluctant to do so initially,true to their apprehension,now people like Ibrahim Ali and Zul have confirmed that they are people with a tunnel vision who are more interested in gaining political mileage rather than embracing the anak bangsa Malaysia concept.Very2 dissapointing indeed.No price for guessing why PR was thrashed by a tainted character in Bagan Pinang,fuelled by the selective CAT practise by LGE,in the B.Pala issue.Let this be a bitter lesson for PR and Anwar Ibrahim for taking the support of the people for granted,namely the marginalized group.

There arent much time left before the arrival of the 13th GE,its time for PR to act like a ruling govt in those states they are in power rather than still behave like an opposition party.

Finally I cant agree more with you sir,its time for PR to sack these 2 jokers so that they have no value,otherwise not only they might jump ship but along the way they will create more problems and and destroy the little credibility PR has now.

You have a nice day and regards,sir.

Anonymous said...

*Why blame zulkifli nordin and hassan ali..
What about jeff oii...

The difference are stone head YB Jeff openly apologise when he realise he is jeopardising people's feeling while the others two stone head doesn't even realise they hurting others people feeling.

why so worried to these YB Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Noordin. These 2 Yb represent a majority of real muslim. They know what our muslim comunity needs. Both of them don,t have any hidden agenda except ALLAH AND ISLAM FIRST.

Do you mean TGNA representing False muslim while this idiots representing REAL muslim?

Do you mean this two idiots knowledge in Islam are more than TGNA?

The idiots should go preaching his Islam in Afghanistan because they are giving the wrong 'ajaran sesat' to REAL muslim anon 11.33 while this anon REAL Islam knowledge was in doubt.

Jong said...

No ifs, no buts!

Interesting to watch if PKR has the guts and political will to clean up and get rid of this cancerous growth before it turns terminal. Their shitpot is overflowing. Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin!

Anonymous said...

Have any of you seen the Steadyaku47 blog just awhile ago? Have a look its interesting.

Anonymous said...

Kick PAS out of Pakatan. You must look at the point of views of PAS core members. Apparently they do have the support of PAS core member as what they talk represent the core thinking of PAS members.

PAS is divided. PAS EGM will backfire Nik Aziz camp including Anwar. If this happens, PAS will surely end their ties with Pakatan.

Still going green uncle? You really think PAS is for all?

Zulkifli is not bothered if he is sacked or what. This guy does his own thing and does not really need PKR. He can alway join PAS.

Pakatan ship on the rocks!! and will rot.... signs are clear...

Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz does not believe in party democracy? Trying to get rid of those not aligned to him? I smell Anwar still trying to put his men back into PAS top leadership.


Anonymous said...

Any living organism that is incapable protecting and preserving its life by expelling life harming members doomed for destruction. PKR is heading that way! UMNO too!

Jong said...

I salute the old man. If Tok Guru Nik Aziz does not believe in democracy, he would not have called for an EGM to present his case so that members be informed and decide otherwise he would have ripped those 'problemetic' leaders into strips in public!

Jong said...

Anon 1:38,

If Anwar has his men in PAS, he might as well bring them in to strengthen PKR, then this country pumpkin will have to balek kampong Kulim tanam jagong!

bennyloh said...

Bro, sorry to say he is from King Edward VII School Taiping. I always thought KEVII was a Bangsa Malaysia school. Looks like the net was not fine enough

WTF, a sliding side kick would sent him to the "school across the drain", no I will do a stationary one to land him into the drain exactly. BTW the " school across the drain" is a good school, uncle

umar said...

Let's keep this PAS, DAP and PKR together though it looks very vulnerable and fragile.
They are made up of different ideologies. You have to respect each one even if your view differs.
It was not easy to come together this far.
Let's win the next general election with clear majority. Down with BN.
You know how the Perak was taken. Turncoats from DAP and PKR.

Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin are not going to jump camp.They are different at times. I believe they both know the big picture- to win the next elections in big margin.

Don't rock the boat by asking to sack Hassan Ali or Zul Nordin. What about Eliz Wong ? Did she show an iota of remorse for her adventures although private ?

Let's work along until we complete the mission.

Anonymous said...





big cat said...

what u really want is for all malay muslim leaders (BN or PR) to shut up and not try to defend their religion and race. only then that u and yr supporters be satisfied. meanwhile, non-malay muslim leaders can say and do whatever they want. say that la, easy for everyone to understand. no need trying to be subtle and hide behind freedom of speech, freedom of expression etc etc. if what i say here is not true, do tell me when had u ever criticised a non-malay muslim leaders (particularly from PR) for defending their race and religion.

Anonymous said...

Better split

wats d point of merging wen parties in PKR since elected by the rakyat always hv different views dat cannot b settle n compromise for the sake of the rakyat dat voted them to b YB n represented them in the parliament. our voices r not heard but wat v always hear is negatives and bad feedback fm the elected YB. don waste anymore time fighting and put people's priority over personal interest. rakyat is already feedup d the best is split, pack up and go solo so dap, pkr and pas can focus more on giving back 2 the rakyat wat dey really ned otherwise BN is better.......wel i guess so

Anonymous said...

politicians esp al the YBs who are elected by d rakyat b it fm the ruling govt or d oppositions stop playing d game of blaming others or pointing fingers at others, u hv every right to comment but try 2b more positive and help find remedial actions dat benefit the rakyat. mind u der r stil ppl in the kampong who r lacking in their fundemental needs they r stil waiting to c the promises made by YBs to materialise, they r dreaming in the day, raise their hands and ask GOD for goodness but wat al the YBs r for? dey want changes and better life so wait no longer lets go down n work now

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

My opinion;
~ We must respect differing views from members of a group, yet the group MUST FORM A SINGLE OPINION as A GROUP.
~ It is TG Nik Aziz's right to throw his OPINION about PAS EGM irregardless it's acceptable or not to PAS. (There is no force nor threat whatsoever).
~ It's not easy for PAS or PKR to simply dismiss differing members, they must follow strict party's regulations. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO WHEN THEY BECOME A GOVERNMENT. FOLLOW REGULATIONS AND LAWS.
~ Uncle Zorro, I more or less share your concerns regarding THOSE PERSONS above, yet we can only form OPINION NOT HATE NOR INJUSTICE to them. Firstly, we are not their voters, secondly we are not their guardians (party's leaderships).
~ Though, all PR reps and leaders should understand their elections are no more local factors but NATIONAL FACTORS. Act wisely and selflessly.

Amir, Kelantan

Anonymous said...

GET RID off the 2 cells. Sack them before they turn froggers..wound is not deep.
I have already long lost hope on Zul before the byelection at bagan. True enough, he didnt win.