Sunday, October 4, 2009



Unknown said...

Dear Zorror,
As ABM from NS,I thank the SB for assisting the folks in NS against the evil umno.

Love Perak said...

nice lah..penyokong ramai tak bro zorro...sambutan ok ke...

Anonymous said...

We saw the sign in Bagan Pinang ,
the Marching Maltitude of the Pakatan Rakyat.Bravo!!
Remind us of the French Revolution to be...
So proud to live and so proud to die as the Justice -Fighters.

If million of eyes can see and yet they (beeant) are so blind ??

funnyfella said...

Hi Zorro,
Doing a great job,we love you for all your sacrifice. Keep up your good work.
BTW, HAN Chinese, supposedly more civilize type, not HUN like Hitler and gang type.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us updated with those juicy bits and nice pictures.

Reading your updates is a good as being there.

Well done and do continue to tell us as the by-election unfolds.


Anonymous said...

let wait and shall we

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Anonymous said...

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