Friday, October 2, 2009


Most postal voters are retired officers, claims PAS

Although Bagan Pinang state seat is known to have one of the biggest postal voters in the country, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali claims that the number has decreased substantially over the years.

According to figures based on the party's research, he said the sole army camp in Seri Rusa, Bagan Pinang, comprises 1,200 serving officers instead of 4,604 mentioned previously.

"We have learnt that out of the 4,604 postal voters, only 1,200 are still qualified to vote. The rest of them are retired officers who do not live in the camp anymore.

"They should instead vote as ordinary voters, but in this case their names are still listed as postal voters and we hope the Election Commission will do something about it," he said.


Wan Ahmad said, the EC would ensure the postal voting was carried out in accordance with the law.

He said that the Bagan Pinang by-election would involve 4,604 postal voters HERE


PORT DICKSON: Postal voting for the Bagan Pinang by-election will be held on Oct 8 and 9.
Election Commission secretary Datuk Ngah Senik said this was necessary as there were 4,604 postal voters in the constituency. HERE 



Jong said...

Since they claim to have 4604 postal voters, it's not too difficult for interested parties to place video cameras at the centre, is it?

Anonymous said...

Today we read that the postal votes will be cast a few days earlier before the actual day.

This will give rise to suspicion of rigging of the boxes kept in a "supposedly safe place ". How will PAS and the PR supporters prevent this ?

This postal votes are crucial as it is quite sizeable number.

My question is why is that since the camp is within the constituency, why the need to allow postal voting ? Why can't the servicemen come out to the normal voting centres to vote ?

Anonymous said...

4604 ...bad number laa ! 4=mati !

mauriyaII said...

If Najib's 1Malaysia initiative and the EC is to have any CREDIBILITY, then they should be more open and get all the service men in Bagan Pinang to vote on the same day at polling centres, just like ordinary voters.

Would Najib do it? Would the EC do on its own and get kicked in its arse?

Would the UMNOputras and the many warlords agree to open voting when they are still in denial mode? Are these goons so scared of losing another bye-election that they are still bent on their dirty tricks?

Mafrel and the Opposition should do everything to ensure that there is no vote buying and vote rigging in the Bagan Pinang bye-election.


Anonymous said...

Just watch out Defence Minister will be in PD on the 7 Oct!!!!??? to ensure the soldiers will vote for BN..
We heard they are using the BAKAT(soldiers'wives association) to campaign as 1/2 of the votes are from the wives... whose instruction is this??? Minister? the generals???
Please check brother!!!

Jong said...

What truth? ..the truth is these dogs need to protect their masters, then how?

Anonymous said...

they are not in outstation. why postel vote??? so troublesome???

Maj. Ramachandran Ramaswamy Iyer (Retd) said...

Aiyah! you all seem to trust the soldiers to vote right, but, don't trust the SPR to act right. How come one ah?

Greenbug said...

Hey Bernard, where is MAFREL when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Dont get it..why the need of postal votes. Cant the army & his family walk out to voting station & vote like us all Rakyat?

How many of this so call pendekar M'sia go posted at jungle, thus the need of postal votes? This the case can rakyat M'sia in overseas vote trough postal?


Anonymous said...

If our wira perajurit are on patrol in the jungles or on active duty overseas, there is justification for postal votes.

When these soldiers are in their barracks in Bagan Pinang, why the need for postal voting?

If this is not FISHY, what is? The EC has lost all credibility and is without a doubt the running dogs of Najib and UMNO.

UMNO has never won a clean election all these years. What they know and only know is to sodomise the rakyat. This sodomy thing was started by the great Mamak Mohamad Kutty. Is it common practice in the land from where his father came from?

A second chapter of sodomy replicated by Najib is yet to be played out. Looks like the mamak is still active behind the scenes.

For a CHANGE hope the Bagan Pinang voters sodomise the UMNO goons by voting the corrupt Isa out.

Would serve the UMNOputras right.