Monday, October 5, 2009


TWO Pakartan Rakyat Stalwarts, YB Mansor Othman, Deputy Chief Minister 1 of Penang and Menteri Besar of Perak, YB Nizar conveyed a same message to a ceremah for Chinese Voters: Use this mooncake festival and send only one message to your friends in Bagan Pinang: Reject 2nd hand goods, say NO to Isa. They both reminded the Chinese audience that their Han ancestors sent messages inside the Mooncakes to rebel against the oppressive Yuans. This form of communication won the day and till today this festival is commemorated.

I am enjoying the ceremahs. The speakers were specific, impactful and did not play to the gallery. They said their piece but always ended their speeches reminding the audience that only THEY can bring about CHANGES.


Tonight's ceremah offerings would be very different! I have not seen it happen during all the by-elections past. Tonight a member of PAS Suypporters club, Ms Kumutha Raman is one of the speakers. That should be something to look forward to. Joining her as ceremah speakers for the night would be the dynamic YB Mujahid Rawa, MP for Parit Buntar, YB Anthony Loke, DAP chief for NS and always a crowd-puller. I have not heard my old neighbor and friend National Laureat Tan Sri A Samad Said speak at a ceremah yet although we met at KT and PPasir. So I have to be at Bilik Gerakan DAP, Batu 9.


Anonymous said...

yes, and see what the hans did to the minority after that and now.....

the hans ideology is akin to the racist aryan core belief.

Anonymous said...

...say NO NO NO to Isa & ISA !!

Anonymous said...

If it needs to take YB Nizar to remind the Chinese community on this aspect, then the Chinese in Malaysia seriously need to do some soul-searching. That's the plain simple truth however you look at it.

Anonymous said...

How about Hassan Ali and Zul Noordin, are they campaigning for PAS/PR at BP?

Bennyloh said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it needs to take YB Nizar

..then only got kick mah, Hisappudding only gets mad with Nizar around.


Anonymous said...

There you guys go again....!! Why use ancestors as an example..?

Just ceramah to make sure one wins...!

Some Chinese don't like lah....!!!
Thank you arr...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nizar is so likeable and speaks's ok if his MB seat is stolen from him cos he's definitely PM material in the near future. Go NIZAR go!!