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Happy Deepavali...
I found this interesting piece...

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to lead a better life
i know i need my love to be here...

happy diwali everybody..


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sampalee said...

The celebration of Deepavali as most of us know it is a very special and auspicious day on which Hindus reafirm the Truth of the Vedas as the ONLY means for Moksa[liberation from EGO and all its associated suffering].The Truth which is the same ONE Light of Awareness appearing in
all living beings as personal conciouseness[Just like the apparent weight experienced by individual body is nothing but the effect of the one single sea[field] of gravity.The coconut oil lamps are lit to share the sacred realisation of The UNITY of Brahman,and used as representation for the light of awareness in all of us all derived from the same one coconut oil.
The path to liberation dictates that the EGO must be overcome,before the LIGHT can shine forth.This is symbolised by breaking coconuts[each repreasenting an individual Ego]
Every year we celebrate deepavalee as a reminder that the scripture hold enough wisdom to liberate all living beings as confirmed by those who are there and devise a reenactment on the journey to Moksa to be shared by all without exception
In the midst of merry making we talk about good over evil.But if we do not realised the EVIL is actually our very own EGO,then the message of deepavalee is lost and all the gesture become ritualistic with no significance

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Whenever there appears God's bright light
Darkness no longer has any place to hide
The saving light will be the people's delight
Dark forces will simply be washed away by the tide

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 181009
Sun. 18th Oct. 2009.

Charlie Oscar said...

A Very Happy Deepavali to ALL Malaysians who celebrate the Festival of Lights, ESPECIALLY to the humble folks who work and live in the estates in Bagan Pinang!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a Happy Deepavalito our HINDU Friends.

I notice the posters know correcty who celebrate Deepavali (Hindus)and not Indians (as there are at leat a good 40 per cent of the race are Christians, the rest Hindus) To include both segments, is fine in the Malaysian spiriti. But it should not be out of ignorance and ignoring the other.
I have been reading stories in some popular blogs about Indians, and I find it mind boggling as to how among the populace don't seem to know the basics.
I simply them as:
1. The Indians as some of you wld know are not from one ethnic community; you have Tamils (who are either Chrisitans or Hindus), Punjabis, Telegus, Sindhis, (Malayalees and Goans etc majority Christians, and the Malayalee Hindus rightflly celebrate Onnam and Vishue, they stress).
They speak different LANGUAGES (not dialects like the Chinese). Hence, one community does not understand the language of the other and communicate mostly in English as you often notice.
As far as caste,is concerned it does not apply to Punjabis, Malayalees or Goans (surnames like Menon, Nair, Periera, Fernandez DeCruz, etc). So refrain from LABELLING ALL as being tied to the caste issue.
Here then you have a leader for 30 odd years from among the Tamil community, who claims to represent the various ethnic communities and come Deepavali wishes Indians a Happy Deepavali!? How erraneous can this be, a cheap publicity stunt? But come CHRISTMAS, ignore the INDIAN CHRISTIANS of various ethnic groups; no acknowledgement, nothing what so ever and choose to keep when it is time for Onam/Vishu? Time to have a Indian-Christian political rep alongside a Hindu, as they too have their needs if not grouses like everyone else. So far,it is not a prob for Christians as they are represented by East Malaysia Christian ministers! A big TQ to them.
2. On poverty, what we know they are mostly among the Tamils of Hindu faith,therefore the Hindu political reps have sadly not demanded enough for these poor souls, who like the Orang Aslis have been deprived of a lot - or the world as passed them by.
A poster in a blog wrote what has the Indian leaders done? A legitimate query indeed.
But as a Catholic, may I ask who dictates where the tax payers money go and who draws policies that 95 per cent favour one race, tell me?
In most governments in the world, polices are drawn in favour of their entire population, is it the same here? Otherwise, why the smart among the public are making a call to change the government.
Shouldn't all poor benefit from govertment's help to come out of the vicious cycle.
I wish the powers that be can be daring enough enough to have a dialogue with Council of Christian Churches (CCM) to find what is working and what isn't in our country, that had led the poor Tamils and Orang Aslis to be so marganilised in a country that has coined "Caring Government". Isn't it embarassing for all Malaysians to find the Tamils in Bagan pinang living in abject poverty after 3 decades? What happened to the Indian political rep? If no clout to demand from their big political bosses, then why stay this long in a coaliton that disrespects you, while other innocent souls suffer. Isn't this karma? By right, they should not be in such a situation as they toiled in estates and were doing well for themselves and the children. Today, many among them are doctors and lawyers and drive expensive cars. To the point, they demonstate "unity" by marrying outside their race!.
The predicament of this Indian group made of Tamils mostly, was forced upon them in the late 70s onwards, when estates were acquired for "developemnt and privatisation" ventures - a move that could have been different if it was a different race.
So please before commenting, remember this is not their doing.
God Bless Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

thank god for the civilized comments here,compare to susan blog commenters (i know it's not her fault)but the sheer lack of "budaya" make me wonder.the "us or them " mindset will always make things worse in thelong run from making malaysia truly united.happy deepavali.