Monday, October 19, 2009


PAYING RM380, I will get to watch Beyonce Knowles perform only from a distance. For being paid RM30, some 30,000 to 50,000 Perakians got to see the PM and his First Girl ride by open-topped. Quite a deal depending on your value system. Of course this was orchestrated by the illegal stand-in Mamak Zambri. Never mind his devious antics as it achieved its aim - the PM was tickled thrilled such that he now associates traffic jams to Perakians coo-ing up to his 1 Malaysia love affair:
Najib, said the traffic jams meant that the people of Perak were embracing the “1 Malaysia” concept.

“You are not here because you were forced to. Your presence is out of the sincerity of your heart and your willingness to show support to 1 Malaysia.”
Najib added he had never been so proud to see such diversity in the crowd.
“As I entered this stadium, I was extremely proud to see this place packed with the people of 1 Malaysia. I waved my flag and I saw in every corner of this stadium, people from all walks of life, people of different races and cultures.
“I thank you for this. I am happy to see the spirit of the people of Perak in celebrating this I Malaysia ideal,” he said to the crowd that listened in rapt attention.

Read the Insider story HERE

This 1 this and 1 that has distracted some of us somewhat. But it went too far when some clown coined his 1 Toilet to lend weight to the PM originality.  (was it?)

My author-friend Kee Thuan Chye says it well for us who are being fed  an overdose of bullshit HERE  

And if you think 1 Malaysia is a brain-wave, see the original untainted 1 Malaysia HERE  

My take is straight forward....cut out all the bull, talk straight, tell it like it is! We don't get fooled easily these days. 22 years of BN and they have exposed all their dirt and this one gimmick is no different.



Ray said...

1Celaka Najib...Corruption First...Anal Sex Now

bennyloh said...

Perhabs OTK, KTK, SAM can help to explain:

Jong said...

HahaHHa, a good one from this 'Mastermind of Perak PowerGrab'!

Did Rtm cameras zoom in on those 'peoples of all races and cultures' that made up the spirit of the people of Perak? I thought there were alot of Indonesians and busloads of paid spectators all looking forward to foc Hari Raya Open House? Since they are all so cheap RM30 is alot of money for their effort eh?

Anonymous said...

Never knew the Najis can descend to such despicable depths in trying get Perakians to support him, conveniently forgetting that he cheated them of their lawfully elected govt by inducing 3 frogs to jump to his side. But what can you expect of someone who blew up Aminah with C4?

Anonymous said...

You know its time to stop supporting pakatan rakyat when they start speaking against unity.

When will some ppl mature? not everything BN does is wrong, and not everything PR does is right.

When there is reason to close ranks for the sake of the nation, malaysians should embrace this cause no matter who you support. If BN is the govt, and is working towards unity, we malaysians from all political affiliations should embrace it for the sake of our children and our nation.

dont allow your politics to come in the way of our nation and our children's future

PS - i think PR has caused more traffic jams with their riots and street demos then BN has done.


Anonymous said...

Beyonce cancel, liao!! kekekeke. Don't worry bro, what goes around comes around, karma police will get to them eventually.

Tiger said...

Too cheap lah, RM30! But then again, what to do, times are bad.....
It's an insult to those who can think for themselves.
So, these people will keep on hoping BN will give out more money, otherwise they won't vote BN again.

Anak Perelih said...

I think this gathering is a prelude to Perak state election... especially after UMNO won Bagan Pinang... it's just UMNO's modus operandi before decide to dissolve parliament / DUN...

Anonymous said...

oh SHIT! is that Najib??? he does look like SHIT!!!they goes my taxed money to his bulging stomach. idiot!!!

Death Note said...

Once again zorro, you are acting all high and mighty, like a dick.

while i don"t need to comment when i agree with you (there are a lot of parrots here), but when you blast the poor practical people instead of just the evil governement, better go check your blood pressure. might die soon.

times are tough, and if given $, people will take. that's all. you can blast najib for such manipulative trick, but the people, it's just extrac pocket money they need to get through. it's not like they are taking the money & in return signing a petition to support ISA or anything like that.

while you are on the pakatan's side, opinions and blind blasts like this title just makes you as good as extremists like kulim wonder and pas youth.

Anonymous said...

I was bloody pissed that nite...the whole entire road (1 that lead to my resident) was totally haphazardly park by huge BUSes along the kerb for the stretch of 3-4 KM.
Why so many buses instead of passenger cars? Are all of them from outstation..yes. What about the locals..?

Next is..why no cops & enforcement giving summons to this idiotic hazzardous parking? What causing the traffic?

The last event held at Stadium...the whole car that park illegally got summons.

During the Anti ISA march..the heavy congestion & traffic was caused by the Cops, not by the huge march.

Yes..the crowds mainly comprises die hard Members of Component party. Yes..they were paid RM30.00 each.
Yes..its the State big lost for spending over RM1 million over the event & thus increase the State Deficit position.
Yes..its an act of DESPERATION , as the last Nizar's Ceramah attracted 50,000 mainly the whole of Ipohans only & they came voluntary.
If Najib thinks he got the support of locals..please allow the rakyat to decide who they want for state governance. Najib said, Rakyat Didahulukan. (Seems UMNO didahulukan, rakyat dikecualikan).
Please dont educate & decide for Rakyat Ipoh.

Najib..Rakyat Perak is not stupid. those real educated locals surely know what u have done for us. We are not easily BOUGHT OVER.


Anonymous said...

Why is CKY so gullible. Its time to support Pakatan as UMNO is getting racist by the day.
BN or mainly UMNO is trying to DISUNITE the races.
Najib should pay Lim Kit Siang for the 1-M'sia slogan as is LKS original idea...Go get education & come out on your senses. Dont daydream..CKY.


emgbrl said...

Lets sing a rap song!!! It would make a nice theme song for the next GE!!

Welcome to 1Malaysia....1Taliban Nation!
We don't want no BEER! We don't want no BEYONCE!!
All we need is Datuk SITI to keep us Chirping!!

If you don't get what you want,go ahead & protest with a COW HEAD!
Or you can try C4 for BIG BANG!
But just don't mention Her Name in the Media.....All Tan 2 Ya!!
He never met that Mongolian he swears !!

Say No to the Ummmm NO Party!!

Jong said...


I know of many who have been comfortable, so used to collecting rent and scraps thrown at them from under umno's table that their brain are hardly used. Don't think you fall into that category do you?

Dirty politicians are scums of the earth regardless of their party affiliation, they deserve to be removed from office.

You saw Perak PowerGrab happened under your nose, how Article 72 Clause 1 & 2of Perak State Constitution was abused left right and centre yet you still feel there is good deed coming your way to benefit your children? Sigh!

PS: For the record, there had never been any street riots in Perak other than UMNO's rowdiness! Police came in droves and truckloads just to break up concerned citizens in their peaceful assemblies.

Those 'Men-in-Blue' and Red-Helmets were the cause of traffic jams when they were summoned by your political masters to antagonise and intimidate the rakyat who ironically pay their salaries. You aren't aware?

Anonymous said...

The stars and an insignificant looking prophecy from Nostradamus predicts an embarassing turn of events for Najib and BN in Perak from the Quatrain below:

People of argent state below their fortunes,
The few who hath betrayed them,
The usurped regain the upperhand
The end of a tangle by the usurpers.

Anonymous said...


macamla pkr tak pernah bayar orang untuk buat demo.masa demo isa tu tak bayar ke.sampai accident kereta ade budak2 muda nak pi isa demo.dapat bayaran dah jadi kena pergi la.

tak payah nak lagak alim ulamak la.kalau setakat anuar ibarahim,azmin ali,khalid ibrahim,zaid ibrahim jadi ketua,,apalah sangat pkr tu.semua tu reject daripada tau buat2 tak tau.anuar,azmin,khalid,zaid kaya raya.mai mana duit banyak tu,,cuba tanya dia tenguk..jangan buat tak nampak pulak..jelas lagi terang.

mustafa ali,hadi,hassan ali,nik aziz,husam,mutalib,chek tanguk harta depa.4 tahun je perintah terengganu.kaya raya.mai mana duit tu.nilai la sendiri.rakyat terengganu tau dah.sebab tu depa tolak ni berlaku kat kedah pulak.tuhan maha kaya.dia bayar cash.tak tunggu lama.orang yang suka mengutuk orang,hina orang, fitnah sana sini,maki hamun orang..tenguk la.

Old Fart said...

If Najib is really dead serious about his 1Malaysia, then the Biro Tata Negara becomes redundant. Its continued existence and the work that it does only stands to show the lie that 1Malaysia is. So, maybe, its about time we make a honest man out of Najib, if that is at all possible. Push him to shut down the Biro!

Anonymous said...

Will Star and Str Times do an article on Biro Tata Negara and what exactly do they dish out? I am sure it will be damn interesting to the NONS and the world at large. It should squarely place Malaysia on the map as a SUCCESSFUL, PROGRESSIVE but racist, pariah COUNTRY

angela ooi