Thursday, November 5, 2009


PUSHY, my cyber cafe boss sms me at 7:30: beers are chilled, m waiting 4 u. I replied: My lawyers put a gag on me. I am not to blog about the date with the police. The only people I am afraid of are my legal advisors. 

Once again thanks for all your support. To a better and new Malaysia then......


Anonymous said...

uncle zorro
thanked goodness, you managed to escape Level 14 Bungee Jumping huh....

take good rest and relax... too much beer may not be healthy now, go get laid lah...

Zmas said...

Uncle zorro
wah ..... Out of all the people ...... They notice U . Yeah U ! I guess u r feeling quite famous already la ....... Well done ..... N take care

Zorro means CHICKEN said...


WRONG!!! It's NOT that ya legal advisors put a gag on you.

It's becos' you had pissed in ya pants yesterday while finding out what is FEAR all about.

What happened to the so-called HERO characther you always tried to potray??? Are you admitting you're a COWARD just like that RAJA PUKIAMK PETRA who had NO BALLS to come home to face trial???

My last advice to you is if you are really BRAVE, then pls. go on blogging. Pls. don't give STUPID EXCUSES such as this donkey & that donkey is putting a gag on you. You are plain BALLESS!!!

Where else, if you are actually a COWARD inside shouldn't have tried playing MR.BRAVE only to end-up as MR.PENGECUT now.

Kids in kindergarten call the type of wankers like you....."UNCLE CHICKEN"

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Hello!!! No BALLS to speak up now??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pathethis excuse!!! Your lawyers ask you to refrain from blogging??? Pls. get a better excuse lah my dear OLD FOOL.

No balls then say no balls. No point going on saying it's becos of this & that.

Truth never hides. Based on ya decision to SHUT-UP....this proved you are just one COWARD OLD FOOL who thought could mislead all your readers to think you're a BRAVE FOOL. However...sorry!!! You are one EXPIRED ARSEHOLE who would pee in your pants if being confronted my an ant.

P.S.- Did your grandchildren ask you why did you pee in ya pants when you're supposedly an adult who goes to toilet to pee???

Nostradamus said...

Zorro seorang PENAKUT,
Dulu cakap dia tak TAKUT,
Apabila dia dah kena SANGKUT,
Alasan ialah lawyer suruh tutup MULUT.

Zorro you memang PUKIMAK,
Tolong pergi kongkek lu punya EMAK,
Depan polis you macam binatang JINAK,
Tak berani nak lawan macam lu punya ANAK.

Wahai bila dah TUA,
Gigi tinggal baru DUA,
Tolong duduk diam-diam kat RUMAH,
Kamu dah kencing dalam SELUAR.

Dulu lagak macam HERO,
Sekarang takut macam BUTOH,
Orang macam lu memang BODOH,
Tak lama kamu akan mati dan HANCUR.

Chan said...

Hope every thing will turn out well.

Yes, better take the good advice from your legal advisers!


Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Reliable sources said you beg like a dog in front of those policemen, is this true???

Sources also said you offered your ass to be shuff' by a hot metal rod, is this correct?

They also said you admitted to the police that your entire family members (including yaself) are a bunch of wankers carrying the surname Khoo, true ar?

Lastly before you left the police station yesterday, sources confirmed you admitted screwing a dog (pariah breed) in-order to have your children. You also added that the mother of your children is that pariah dog you raped decades ago, Betul kah???

My utmost sympathy & condolence to you, old man!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an classic example of an old man trying to think he's 30 years old trying to potray Wong Fei Hung but only to end-up as LAU FU TZE (Mr.Q).

I bet from today onwards, Zorro dare not blog anything spectacular anymore. Why???....stupid question....becos' NO BALLS lah

TOKZ said...

Hi Benard,

From HERO to ZERO!!!

It's true when they say a person will only reveal whether he is a brave person or coward when being confronted.

Since you dare NOT blog's correct to say you are actually a COWARD inside you.

Takda Bola punya jantan!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,

Since you're now a COWARD, why not you just leave the country & join CHIN PENG (since you love him so much)???

He then can teach you what is bravery all about since you have none in you. You 2 OLD FARKS can screw each until the pigs come home.

PJU Voter said...

OOOooooiiii Zorro!!!

Why so quiet??? No balls??? Or did you left your balls in the balai yesterday???


dollahyankee said...

if i'm in KL, sure i'll be at Bukit Aman to support you..

Starmandala said...

Somehow the bulldog on the old Guinness label suits the occasion better. Cheers (even though I don't like the stuff)! :-)

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Aiyaiyoh!! ini macham kah?

pinsysu said...

may the Force be with you! If God is with us, who can be against us? God bless!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Uncle Zorro , I though the anjings wanted uncle Zorro for criminal activities.
Like selling dopes , arms smuggling , spiking beer with soda , reading the Utusan Malingsia upside down or for rigging the Bingo game .

samsaimon said...


Come on lah, cerita lah sikit sikit. Whats that about!

Ha ha, anyway its good to hear you again.

Anonymous said...

sir, will have a few cold ones with u when I get back...
take care...

Unknown said...

What's important is you are safe and unharmed. Thank god.

Hidup PDRM said...

WAHHHH!!!! Why suddenly soooooo quiet???

Where are those BALLS OF STEEL articles??? Or did Zorro left them behind in the Police Station yesterday???

Dear Zorro, I think you better put back your MASK instead of unmasking it. This is to hide your shameful face becos' you showed us all you're just one bladdy COWARD.

Only one visit to the police station & you're now so scared to even write a word. Are you a MAN or are you caught in between a BAPUK & a MAN???

Anonymous said...

You have an admirable figthing spirit. You have my support & thanks for keeping up this blog.


Melvin Lim said...

If I were to see you, I'll get you a nice chilled crates of Stellios as thank you for your courage. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Keep the blog active & keep away from gutless & pea brain commentor like TOKz away. Guess he still wear ADULT DIAPERs & suck pacifier.
He LEAK upon mentioned your name...

sweet pamelo

Richard Loh said...

Bernard, glad to see that you are still in one piece. Will fill your tummy with more tiger liquid the next time I see you.

Malaysians need to play a part in running the country and not just leave the politicians to do whatever they like.

You Need To Get Involved, Know What Is Happening & Going On In Malaysia

Anonymous said...

my dear Br ,

we may not have met but when n if we do meet up, pls let it be known the next round will b on me

with more the likes of u...this country will certainly b a place 2 call HOME

cheers n do keep the chin up


maj(rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

Anonymous said...

Take care Uncle Z. Thanks for all your sacrifices.

STEADYAKU47 said...

Zorro unmasked - with PDRM !

"Sieg...Heil! sieg...Heil! sieg...Heil!
"Heil, mein Führer!"

And now they have asked Zorro Unmasked to be their guest at Commercial Crime behind Bank Negara today at about 3pm! Harris was with Bernard.

Always these UMNO bastards ask PDRM to do their dirty work for them! Of what danger can an old man like Bernard do to them? God be with him.

Always we must remember “KEEP THE ANGER!” For their sake let us hope that we will never have to SHOW our anger. For now these Nazi’s who call themselves UMNO will have the upper hand over us. Sieg Heil ! Sieg Heil Mein Furhrer ! But in the end we know what happened to the Third Reich! Their time will come!

Anonymous said...

Blog about other things lah like you know what.....otherwise we will miss your message

Anonymous said...

If they want to hit you legally, better "retreat" for the moment. Retreat & fight again in another day. Hero die early...coward survive longer and winner writes history. What happen to C4 case you know? How Bala disappear you know? Since the police can make Bala & Altantuya disappear, we also can make RPK disappear.....=)

Anonymous said...

1) uncle zorro, support u all the way. thanks for fighting for a better malaysia.

2) there are a lot of babi-cari-makan (cybertroopers on umno's payroll) today on this post. surely uncle zorro knows better than to be provoked by these useless babi-cari-makan-barua-umno.

3) thank you again sir.


Yamashita said...

Uncle Zorro,

I hope those in blue did not do any harm to you. At times I wonder if they are our protectors.

No matter what those 'real chickens' said, at least you are man enough to write your thoughts in your blog.

Those who only know how to condemn and make a mockery of you are nothing but pathetic cowards.

Warmest regards.

Anonymous said...

don't be trapped by those idiotic comments. they want you to make a false move. Be careful, take care.We always wait 4 your meaningful message

Anonymous said...

Zorro, if they ever charge you for anything, I pledge RM 500 for legal expenses.


teo siew chin said...

Uncle Zorro

When they haul you in like that, I think it means you are making a BIG impact on the masses and scaring the bad guys, no?

They can never intimidate you cos your moral compass is pointed in the right direction. SALUTE!

Anonymous said...

I wonder 4Rakyat is a chinese. Wow, you also swear using you most beloved food, babi! I thought, i would want to donate a babi panggang for you and Bernard Khooreng ajar.

Anonymous said...

Well done Bernard! Support you all the way. Don't bother those stupid UMNO cybertroopers at work here.

Buy a beer when I see you next.


Anonymous said...

Oh so u were hauled in over police logo.

Now, was it worth it? And at your age too?

Richard Loh said...

Those animal Anonymous comments must be castrated. Hero need not be bravado but skill and intelligent to fight the F@#king arrogant, racist and corrupt regime.

Bernard, do what you think is right and just leave those dogs barking to themselves.

DanielYKL said...

Hi Bernard,

I respect your decision not to blog if you don't have to. If you decided not to blog, the decision is yours. No one and nothing can persuade you to do so.

You have done what you can, let's leave the rest to God.

When God is with you who can go against you. Anyway, glad you are ok. Take care.

Sklau said...

Cybertroopers must be paid pretty well nowadays. They knew hiring dropouts was a grave mistake. With a little more money they are now engaging the services of those who can write pantat..I mean pantun.

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
Glad to know that you still have not forgotten the CHILLED Beers waiting for You!!!
It's still better than "Kopi-O", You!!!

Whether you like it or Not, please "Cut Down" on the Nonsense on OFFICIAL Logos!!!

As mentioned in another blog below:

There is Nothing Wrong with Zorro!
He may be "lost" because of too much Politiking!!!
Please do not Condemn or Curse him!!!
Everyone is Entitled to his/her own Opinion, whether it is Right or Wrong!!!

Keep on blogging!!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Heh, Heh Heh!

All these anon anti-Zorro, anti-Pakatan anons!

They think people were born yesterday. And whart is their source that Zorro caved in to the cops? Why, they same scurrilous sources that lied that Dr. Pornthip had been arrested in Bangkok for anti-King blog!!

How desperate can these guys get!

Please also note that when right thinking moderate Malays like Azly, Din Merican, Zaid, Anwar, Farish et al expose them, their only retort is 'traitor'.

Pathetic to the core!

And if Zorro is a nobody, why are they cheering the cops to go after him?

One thing's for sure. They are shit scared of people like Zorro and Haris and are crapping in their pants daily!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I think what Uncle Zorro said is "My lawyers put a gag on me. I am not to blog about the date with the police" ...
I can bet my last ringgit, We will certainly hear from Uncle Zorro real soon :-)


Starmandala said...

Just read some of the unfriendly comments here. Bernard Khoo is such a lovable down-to-earth fellow those who can HATE him so much just because he doesn't mince his words probably don't deserve the toxic air they breathe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle B,

Hang on in there. Just ignore all the anti Zorro´s comments... It was meant to be!!! Give sista PD a big big hug for birthday.

Very cold here!


Pat said...

Cheers! Me no likey beer either, but to each his own poison, eh?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Polis Anjing Pariah

Anonymous said...

For those who resort to crude languages, I have this to say. If you do not know how to articulate your thoughts please refrain from commenting. You bring shame on to your parents thinking that they have raised you to be a good person but only to realize that you are nothing but farts! Keep on blogging Zorro!

Unknown said...

Take care and good luck Zorro:)

Superboy said...

HI Zorro,

Just forget about all the stupid comments about balls this not world cup or BPL or whatever.........if they got "balls" themselves they should use the words dick, penis, kukucau or lancau (sorry for my rudeness but i want to prove my point here) whatever..............i believe u got all of them and still working very well..........superboy are behind u zorro.........just keep it coming

Anonymous said...

if you need fund for legal defense, let us know.
keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

To All Anti-Zorro commentators/UMNO cyber troopers:

Shame on you all. Is this all you can dish out in Zorro's blog belittling him? As I commented previously, all you UMNO cyber troopers are worth less than Zorro's excreta (that means "shit" in case you morons don't understand English).

Uncle Zorro, keep up your good work and looking forward to hearing more from you when you feel the time is right to tell us.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

All the childish & hurtful comments are from the same iDIOT, same anonymous. He is definately goon from brainless & no balls UMNO. Pity they abused the Nation security force ofr thier gain. No balls.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

When I put you & that RAJA PENGECUT PETRA side-by-side, I can see the following:

1) Both of you like to potray to others you both have BALLS OF STEEL.

2) However, when your BALLS OF STEEL are being confronted by both CHICKEN OUT.

3) While that RAJA COWARD PETRA hides god knows where; you're hiding somewhere in Malaysia NOT blogging anymore by coming-up with stupid excuses for your silence.

4) RAJA BALLESS PETRA is a Malay Chicken & you're a Chinese Chicken.

5) Both of you're are mere wannabe HEROES but only to go down as PONDAN when the police knock on ya door.

6) RAJA PETRA fled the country while his son takes all the beatings & you fled your home waiting to have your son facing-up to the consequences of your writtings.

7) Both of you had gone down as MALAYSIA's EVERGREEN BALLESS COWARDS.

8) Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka should change the defination of TAKUT to Raja Petra & change the defination of PENGECUT to a word called Bernard Khoo.


Speak-up lah, Ah Pek!!! No balls ar??? Don't give lame excuse lah.

Or are you waiting to find back your BALLS which you had left in the police station???

Don't bother doing so. Why ar??? Cos' those BALLS you left in the police station are USELESS. They shrink immediately when they hear or see the "POLICE".

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Please talk about the adventure you had with the mata-mata at Bukit Aman or wherever. What's so wrong about disclosing your talk with the mata mata. It aint a secret discussion on how to attack a foreign nation.
Yeah, come on go give the Umno cybertroopers a run for their money.

Ali Ghouse said...

Pakcik Zorro,
I'm with you all the way!
And I'm ashamed of all those pro-UMNO idiots who chastise you, not to say the least about their bad English.
On Judgement Day, Allah s.w.t will deal with them.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

To All Anti-Zorro commentators/UMNO cyber troopers:

....... all you UMNO cyber troopers are worth less than Zorro's excreta (that means "shit" in case you morons don't understand English)......"

I am glad you are intimate enough with Zorro's excreta to be able to make such distinction...keep up the good work, someone has to do it!!!

Anonymous said...

sikap melayu pariah yang memalukan Islam macam umno cybertropper. makan duit haram dari UMNO , itu amanya dosa.