Thursday, November 19, 2009


Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

He said employees in the private sector used English 99 percent of the time and should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language, the New Straits Times reported.
"This also occurs in government-linked companies where we have this weird culture of people speaking to each other in English instead of the national language," he said at the launch of a linguistics seminar.



Walawei, what do you know......he has a blog and is even on Facebook with this article of his. I give it to readers verbatim to see how English has been trashed by a Deputy Minister of Education.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Assalamualaikum wr.wb. dan salam 1 Malaysia. 1 Malaysia and peace.
I was opening the International Conference on Linguistics and Culture Development malay.. Conference is organized by UPM in cooperation with DBP.. The theme of this seminar is 'Pemerkesaan Malay identity as a nation-state building' I take the opportunity in the inauguration speech was to raise the matter that is the tree 'acculturation Malay' in Malaysia.

Language is social capital and cultural capital. Nations that marginalize language is a nation that does not animate the race and there is no self-esteem.. Therefore language acculturation is very important. It will produce a nation that move collectively.. Feeling accountability thick. This is what Francis Fukuyama called, why have the Japanese culture Japanaese Incorporated. They have their own culture to language.

Language but the culture of Malaysians especially the Malays is very annoying, sometimes frustrating and sometimes disturbing. Just look at the language and text and language on the Internet. Very strange cultural language of the Malays today.

The first example, when the Malays chat chat among themselves, especially the elites, they like talking in English. What they need to converse in English. We do not like the French, the Japanese and Korean people. If talking to each other, they use their language, not English. Strange is that we both love to chat chat, especially those middle-class language use rojak mixed mixed between Malay and English. This is clear enough drama in TV dramas including those published in the TV 1 and TV 2. TV 3 do not matter. Skripnya we see is a script language that mixed mixed. Malaysia is the third culture people do not obey the French language as such abide by the language.  Although the French know and speak English, but they still speak French.

For those French have a long history. They claim that the French language in the diplomatic Erofah than English. Actually malay also aged 2000 years. Malay 6 stages of evolution have suffered from an ancient language to the language of modern. But what problems we are. The problem is that we can not distinguish perana Malay as the national language and English as a second language. We see the role of the Malay language as the language of official business only.. That is spotted. Next problem is that we are no longer as capable of not even want to control it GLC and private actions that make full use of English in their board meeting meeting. With the rapid development of the private sector, he feared, culture does not abide by this language become increasingly so.

The problem, the problem is not Malay, but our problem attitude.  That betray our own national policies or pollute citra cultural Malaysia That's why there are meetings and meetings at the faculty senate that the university will use the English language entirely. This is a challenging acculturation Malay language in Malaysia.


funnyfella said...

Are you sure this guy is the Deputy Minister of Education??? What a big joke! What English is that?
God help all our children and grandchildren. I shall emigrate tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

aiyoooo , dia rites inkris like dat oso publish in tv3..oops its block .. ah ? alamak , malu laa a mentri like dat ONE- malaysia some
mole ...sigh ! no wonder dia mau olang olang STOP cakap cakap talk talk inkris !

Anonymous said...

aiyoooo, dia dr. some more wat !!??

Chan said...

Wif dis typo Diputi Elucation Moonister who ones to speakee Malalyu. I nearly died just trying to read his masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

dia chat chat ' ....if anyone write inkris surat then i return to the sender that the letter was written back in malay ....' ????????

robin hood said...

Whooah, all those rubbish from a deputy minister of education?

Does he know what shame is?

Hello.......tak tahu malu kah?

Incredible. Those reptiles sure are thick skinned beyond imagination.

kangks said...

I don't know where did he obtain his 'PERMANENT HEAD DAMAGE' degree from. Inilah terjadi bila sistem pelajaran yang di pekenalkan oleh Latuk menjadi rojak dan belacan.
Welcome to Malaysia ' Your Truly Jokers Land'

Anonymous said...

saya tidak terkejut langsung dengan ucapan timbalan menteri itu sebab puak puak ni apabila bercakap terkeluar segala najis dan kepala taik.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable. Surely you made this up Bernard!

Unknown said...

There must be a Malaysian award for the best load of crap ever to exit an oral orifice.

Sklau said...

Fuyoooh... Mister Encik Mohd Puad Zarkashi. Lu punya England manyak power ke wor. How cum ah, our Deputy Edukation MiniSir cakap england macam TV1, TV2 and TV3 channel all open one shot mix mix? I oso dunno wat i want to say becos I now waiting my fren return call becos tadi I sms him yr first passage that I read 10times but no understand yet. Wah kelapa pusin and oso have same same feeling like you say in your speech "Feeling accountability thick."

Deer Mister Encik Zarkashi. Can gimme handphone number so I call you to chat chat if my fren dowan call me back. I wan to learn your power england so I be Deputy Education MiniSir when you habis. Can ar?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, how did this Fuad fellow qualifies himself as a Deputy Education Minister with this kind of standard of English language?

How did our Najib appoint him?

Holy crap!. Speaking English is a weird culture in Malaysia!

Sack him for heaven's sake and for the country's image sake.

Najib could not find a better UMNO guy who can speak and write better English than this crazy 'dunggu'

This is what you call 1Malaysia concept?

It's a shameful 1 Malaysia!!

Unknown said...

Please retract earlier comments. His speech was in Malay and translated using google translation tool.

Anonymous said...

send him out internationally?? SEND HIM BACK TO PRIMARY SCHOOL. Even my 9 year old can do better.

Anonymous said...

This moron lidah pendek UMNO goon is only good to be kicked and thrown into the Laut Cina Selatan.
Dia cakap tak serupa bikin-typical UMNO idiot!!!

nstman said...

We have idiots and idiots. And of course we have Puad. I advise anyone who has constipation to read this muttt's homily. Your constipation will be a thing of the past. You just wolf down the Puad shit and you will unload the shit in double quick time. Thank god we still have a shit head in this blessed country of ours to keep us entertained. Come to think about it, we dont need Jay Leno and David Letterman to keep us entertained. In the meantime, happy shitting. Dont forget, listen more to Puad shithouse, and your constipation will be cured. HAPPY SHITTING.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! This drivel from the Right Honourable Deputy Education Minister??! He lost me as of the second paragraph... and I don't think any translation gizmo on the web can get the message through.

Anonymous said...

And Education Minister.....what a shame, this asshole doesnt even know proper England.????????

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Must use the Bahasa ah?

Inilah 1Malingsia , Yang Bodoh pon bolih jadi menteri.
As rightly written by a commenter in MT . The Japanese Boss will say Mati Kudasai ( please die ) if cannot communicates in the English Language.
No wonder most of the local grads cannot get a decent job.

Hitam Had said...

looks like the speech as shown is a bad translation of Malay into English.

No one is ignoring the National Language, but English is the language of commerce,business, learning, international communications etc so why rant about reality?

Is this attitude a continuing ploy to prevent people from advancing themselves economically?


Flawed Genius said...

If that is the kind of english proficiency of a Deputy Minister (Education Ministry some more), I am worried about the future of the next generation. No wonder the Government decided to do away with the teaching of English as the medium for Mathematics and Science. Even the Deputy Education Minister himself is NOT proficient in that language. Now...I wonder about the Dr. title he carries. Is that PhD or Medical Degree?

Shanghai Fish said...

omg....zorro, I almost choked on my "wantanmeechasiewkicap" breakfast lah !
What is that village idiot doing in a suit ?Bloody disgrace to the rest of us Malaysians.Still championing the "ketuanan melayu" cry under false pretense of 1Malaysia ! Who was his English teacher in school huh ? I want to give 2 tight slaps to his teacher for breeding this moron ! And he is a Dep. Minister you say ???? Real "juara kampung" fool la. Where DO these vermins crawl out from ? Sheeeeeeesh !

Anonymous said...

Another blooming idiot who must've done poorly in English in school.

Anonymous said...

No wonder he hates English. He's no good at it. And he's the DEM? What a fcuking joke.

Crankster said...

Dear Lord. He *is* a dumb f**k.

The Way I See It said...

I think this posting from uncle is not fair. The original posting was in Malay and translated by Zorro using the google translator.

That was not his writing per say..

Come on Zorro, you should clarify this!!

Feeling weird said...

What a WEIRD man this Mohd Puad Zarkashi is!

What's even more WEIRD - he's a Minister???

Malaysia truely BOLEH where weirdness is concerned.

zorro said...

The way I see it: No I did not translate this. I was directed to the site, as I too did for readers.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and his blog on the link.

His English is FUCKING HORRIBLE and how's that he is appointed as a Deputy Education Minister! And I wondered how he got his Doctorate Degree!

A real disgrace to the country and to all those who read n write good n proper English, both local n oversea. (I think he is trying to 'murder' the English language)

That's why the education system is now real fuck-up! What to do when we have this type of Deputy Education Minister!



shar101 said...


The deputy education minister will probably claim "your ketawa oso sound like ingris".

Z, it's rather sinister of you to give your readers the 'manglished' version of PZ's blog posting.

However, you didn't deliberately hide the nefarious deed, did you?

Brilliantly wicked.

Definitely an 'only-in-Malaysia' sarcastic response to banality which somehow eluded those who are unfamiliar with language nuances, I'd say.

Hmmm ... 20 centuries of language evolution not matched by a mental revolution. Ouuch!.

P.S. The-way-I-see-it: it's per se, not per say lah.

Anonymous said...


This Deputy Minister blog in Bahasa Malaysia and some smart alex got the whole blog translated by Google.

That is why the English blog writing n construction of sentences look so weird n horrible!

Google is smart n powerful enough to do all the translations but Google don't give a damm to the construction of a sentence. (becos Google can't think like how our brains work.)

So let our brain do the thinking and the work.



Anonymous said...

This IDIOT speak through his mouth and come out through the ARSE HOLE

Steven Yang

Crankster said...

Shar, I'm sniggering at that, too. :) I use a lot of Spanish to English and German to English on Google Translator.

But I'm not really bothered about whether this minister speaks good english or not.

I personally believe that a person's intellect is communicated in what he has to say, not how he says it.

Of course, how he says it certainly helps in creating first impressions.

This buffoon, however, is waxing lyrical about what language we choose to use in our personal communication with each other.

I get royally p!ssed off with people who insist I should be fluent in Tamil because it is my mother tongue. Who died and gave them rights over me???

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Deputy Education Minister, try doing some exercise. Bend down and try touching your toes. After some time, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your will be able to suck your own cock! Thereafter, with your mouth full, you wont talk cock anymore!

KK Lingam

pinsysu said...

a search on this link gives u a blog in comatose state ...

in any case nobody gets turned on bcos of malay language or any other language ... only sexy ladies or handsome hunks can turn u on or u r into sexchatline ...

this hermitcrab mentality minister is a shear waste of taxpayers' money.

the hard question the rakyat nid to ask is : how many ministers or ppl's reps are not smarter than a 5th grader?

Crankster said...

I don't know, pinsysu.

I think the question should be, "how many ministers or ppl's reps *are* smarter than a 5th grader?"

I suspect it's only a handful.

The rest are village idiots.

Anonymous said...

No habla english, señior.

Those who seek education, first have to think for themselves.


nstman said...

If there is any Malaysian who feels he or she is stupid or bodoh, take heart. You have company in Puad. That this mutt writes such atrocious English is a damning indictment on our educational standards which are going nowhere but DOWN. That we have such an idiot as a minister is a measure of how much we respect meritocracy. God help us. In the meantime, tiuniamah ka sifat.

Anonymous said...

det is wai mini stir of ejewca syen dowan spik inkris. his inkris veli bed. if hewan pee pel to anestand him, he spik malai.

[but seriously, i suspect he wrote the words for his blog in malay, and then have an online malay-to-english translator translate the whole thing. it seems to translate word for word, very much like salleh yaakub lagu merapu on sinar fm every morning, translating malay lyrics word for word. salleh is a comedian. but for a minister of education to emulate a comedian, we have a very worrying future for our kids education.]

Anonymous said...

There goes my country again, Malaysia.....!

Does our PM knows we have "weridos" as Ministers..??

Why do they keep scoring an "F" for our country..?
Why do they drag us down with them..?

Stop making a kuku bird out of us lah...!!

shar101 said...

Yo Cranky,

Let's ask 'PeeZee' to present a theorem on the Higgs boson in the the malay language.

Without any help from 'Babel Fish', of course.

Jong said...

OMG what's he talking about, huh? Telinga sakit lah, undeniably hilarious it is!

He just strangled the Engerlish language and must have had his audience tickled big time! So this what we have the calibre of Najib's "1Malaysia" ministers picked to bring the country towards achieving a developed nation status by 2020? :D

Taipan said...

Like Marina mahathir once said of the line up in the cabinet thru her blog...where in the world did they find people like these? Where else? In a first world infrastructure, third world mentality country like 'Bolehland' la... I may need an appointment with my ENT specialist to check out my recurrent nosebleeds everytime I read statements made by 'oxymoronic educated ministers' like these. All I can say is yourself a deputy education minister....aaargh...!!! wait...wait...I sense another nose bleed coming......WTF...!!! I think my SPM level daughter can make better statements in English during her public speaking lessons.

Old Fart said...

Can I curse this guy in a language he "does not like"? And maybe does not understand even?
Rafidah already asked cabinet ministers before and they all don't know what cakera padat was. With the kind of English he has maybe he goes to pasar malam to buy cakera padat!!

With language like his, what do you think the Malaysian Education Ministry's expectations would be of their students for their English? I wonder if this guy will even pass the UPSR English, let alone SRP or SPM.

This is what happens when UMNO's obligations to its war lords takes priority to National needs and hte needs of the people. you get this rubbish!

Unknown said...

Very very difficulty to understand this England la! Very2 powderful!

Anonymous said...

Product of UiTM??

Jini said...

Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi is a National Disgrace! He is just demonstrating his inferiority complex since he can't speak good engligh..this about sums it all up!


Anonymous said...

Malu lah, coming from a Deputy Education Minister?! My 10 year old daughter writes better English!

Anonymous said...

I speak it is....

Helo..I agri dengan you semua you cakap..betul.betul wan lah...
Famili I pi beli toi dan baju di butik. I pun beli kalkulator, komputer, talivisyen, talifon..kar dan lagi banyak barang. Sekarang anak I sudah suksess dalam Universiti dan menjadi graduan.Dia pi interbiu but tidak suksess. Sekarang I sen dia ke kourse komputer. Dia bawa balik satu kayu gembira untuk cucuk lubang apa apa dia mani to cakap..

AnakMelaka said...

zorro please find out which school is he sending his children to?


Unknown said...

apalah ini macam abang minister.have you ever turn to the dictionary for your vocabulary advancement or have you ever tried to improve ur grammer or do u acctually know that this mistakes exist in your writings or did you do your phd in bahasa melayu please enlighten me for the sake of my kids who are under your supervision

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Education Minister, Muhyiddin Yasin ....tak boleh pakai punya !!!

Malaysia Deputy Education Mnister,Mohd Puad Zarkashi pon tak boleh pakai !!!

With the two idiots in Education Ministry, apa macam sekarang ???

People, lets kick UMNO/BN out come PRU13 !!


telur dua said...

Before pontificating, this @#$% Gomen must decide what to call this language.

It was Melayu which became Bahasa Malaysia with a variation called Bahasa Baku and now it is Bahasa Melayu. They have to make up their bloody minds.

And, please throw out all those pseudo Melayu words which is derived from English to retain its purity.Otherwise they might as well call it Bahasa Rojak. Are there English words in Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Arabic?

Anonymous said...

People are so quick to judge and condemn.
You are all poking fun at his english without even knowing that his original speech was in Bahasa Melaysia and was translated by using a google tool.

Nospeekyenglish said...

This only shows the calibre and 'high quality' of BN ministers and deputy ministers and also of their politicians.
The country is being run by such moronic idiots and we the voters keep electing the Barisan Nasional as the federal govt. What is wrong with us?
Those who vote the Barisan Nasional are either being heavily bribed to do so or they are so mentally retarded they don't know what they are doing. Allah help us, we are in deep shit and so is this country.

Anonymous said...

I hope he send all his children and grand children to 'sekolah kebangsaan', even all the way to tertiary education.

It would be interesting to know if he walks his talk.

Anonymous said...

bro zorro,
the actual site is in Bahasa...(

like anon 9:52 AM said,some smart alex got the whole blog translated by Google Translate.


Anonymous said...

Uncer Zollo
This Deputy Education Minister looks Dumb lah, like from DUMNO Party you know... we all sure his brain also smells like rubbish and Shit.

When dating time, he sure never say English "I Love You" one, but probably "mangkok sayang mu" lah.

Aiyoohhh... why so bodohk one our cabinet ministers like from Keramat Kabinet Shop!

Melayu Sengal said...

Hello Uncle Zor,

He is the deputy now, will he be the chief aka top dog in the education ministry?
God save us all.

Anonymous said...

saw in a pic in the newspaper showing the deputy minister visitng spm students in the exam hall while the exams were on-going. what is this brainless idiot trying to prove? doesn't he know that he is disrupting the students' concerntration?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro, the link clearly states; the original text is in Malay. The eggs are on your face.

bnaipal said...

This Deputy Education Minister must go into the Giunness Book of Records. 1Malaysia, Many Idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

What's so surprising ??? All the education ministers in the past including kerishmuddin could not even speak proper BM lah (their own mother tongue). On at least one occasion this kerishmuddin fella spoke of "mereka-mereka" and it was even shown on TV (RTM) news. Ask any Malay scholar and they will tell you there is no such phrase as "mereka-mereka" which translates into "they-they". Sangat Malu-malu lah.

tsunami unleashed said...

Mr. Zorro, please kindly countercheck on this Education Minister. Are you very sure that the statement came from him, the Education minister? Because he looks and sound very uneducated and becoming Education Minister?

My ghost. It is no wonder that malaysian are becoming almost with no education. Is he the one who recommended that English should be taught in Bahasa malaysia?

Mana sekolah dia? it is just plain idiot....

zorro said... stated earlier I received the link and I made the link available to the readers. the blogsite was in English, no?

The keyword in his speech is "weird"....and the content is weird coming from a deputy education minister.

This comment box is closed on this subject as some are not able to engage rationally.

If anyone's feelings were hurt, that was not the intention of the post.

puzzled said...

It's the end of the school year and my daughter Sally brought back her school certificate in Johor. I was hopping mad! Very angry.

We do know the Malay have "Ahmad bin Jafar", the Indian have "Mutu son of Gopal", but the chinese does not goes this way!
Being a father named Peter Tan, they printed in large bold "Sally Tan Peter Tan" on all her certificates. The teachers are going crazy and very stupid now! That is not her full name as in her birth certificate, IC or even in her school exam report book! No Chinese names a child this way!

Crankster said...

That would be a feat, Shar. :)

Possibly quite an entertainment for dirty minded people like me too!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
That you can easily see even without a blink
So work on it after you finish your last drink
And get used to sounds of metals as they clink

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 211109
Sat. 21st Nov. 2009.

najib manaukau said...

If Puad is advocating the use of BM, why then are all the Malaysian Embassies around the world using Jawi to signify the the embassies instead of a foreign language ? We are Malaysians and not Arabs !
Especially one that is foreign !
Aren't the Embassies proud enough of BM ?
Is the government licking the assholes of the Arabs because of their wealth ?

Anonymous said...

idiot umno MP...hidup PR

Anonymous said...

No wonder our education in right down the drain. Imagine having a dickhead bum like the Dep Edu minister running an important ministry what do you expect. Just looking at his dick face will tell you straight away our education is finish.
This is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Dont have a google account.

But this Puad guy gave a speech by Muhyiddin saying how important it was to have the best English speaking teachers to teach our kids English.

He's in complete conflict with Muhyiddin, the DPM?


Unknown said...

The lack of logical, systematic and persuasive argument put forward by this spokesman of the education ministry is proof that he should not be in such a senior position and should be sacked.In any other progressive organisation who cares about the quality of the staff and hence service they provide, he would have been asked to leave and look for another job.

EeLyn said...

Honestly, my English was poor enough but I could write and understand better than this deputy minister. How dare he posted the horrendous article, shameless