Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I read this in Malaysiakini:

Former premier Dr Mahathir today supported the suggestion to introduce a single stream school system in the country.

Training his guns on Chinese parents, he said: "They do not want their children to mix with Malay and Indian kids."

Tun, you and I know that it was the quality of education that caused the migration of students to vernacular schools. A sizeable group of Malay and Indian kids are in these Chinese schools, no?


joolee said...

I saw that too. Some people can say the most provocative things and get away with it. Others get summoned to the police station. Good luck tomorrow, Zorro.

Richard Loh said...

Bernard, sorry I can;t make it there with you tomorrow but will pray for your safety.

Cruzeiro said...

TDM is LIAR par excellence.
The truth is that he destroyed the education system we had, which almost had chinese schools wiped out!! It was he who revived the popularity of chinese education with his racist agendas and Islamisation campaign!!!

Take care, zorro - we're with you!!

Ah Yun Wong said...

"Blogger Bernard Khoo asked to appear at Commercial Crimes Dept"

Good Luck Zorro.

Unknown said...

uncle bernard, wit, charm, truth and wot's right be with you tomorrow afternoon. And most of all, God's comforting presence.

nstman said...

In the fifties, sixties and seventies, national schools were the choice of all races. Then English was the medium of instruction and the glue that held together pupils of all races. Then in the Eighties, national schools turned into madrassahs and indirect segregation crept in. And the rest, as American gringoes would say, is history. I urge Dr M to think before he shoots off from his mouth.

Anonymous said...

The old fart is going off tangent again. Why does he blame the Chinese for every ill in the country? But then he need to cosy up with people like Vincent Tan.

Unknown said...

Yeah right,blame it on the Chinese as usual.So what's new coming from him?Vernacular schools wouldn't even be on the map,if they had quality education in the national schools.

Anonymous said...

What is so provocative for saying that Malaysia needs a single stream school system? But It is provocative when someone is calling an institution a bastard, it is provocative when someone is questioning the quality of the national school hence insinuating that the chinese schools are superior (which has produced nothing but greedy n cut-throat idiots), it is provocative when someone claim a "sizeable" group prefer chinese schools, it is provocative when a minority behaving like a crook, negative racism, apartheid and zionist in order to advance his corrupt idea of fair and just. It is damn provocative when someone like you would want to force your disturbing values upon others... shame on you and i wish you hell tomorrow and thereafter...

Chan said...

Mr. Bernard Khoo, I wish you all the very best for tomorrow. May God send his angels to be with you. God bless you.

FMZam said...

Well I say go for it, don't waste time anymore, we should have done it when this old coconut was in power. That's the problem with coconut like Mahathir who now realised he would have done better had he been an old coconut when he was young.

Anonymous said...

This Mamakutty get away with his racist comments but the slightest comment unfavourable to the gomen, warrants a visit to the doghse of the bully boys in blue.

Zorro I pray u will be ok tommorow when u go to the police station at 3pm for 'friendly' questioning! Those who are able, please go to the station (behind Bank Negara) to show your support. God bless

Donplaypuks® said...

Dr.M is right on some things and grossly in error in may other matters.

If we had a schools and universities system that practiced genuine meritocracy (for students as well as tecahers and administrators), after taking into account affirmative action policies for the truly underprivileged and economically backward segments of the population, the whole nation would have embraced the single stream system wholeheartedly long, long ago.

No one is to be blamed more for the pathetic situation today than Dr.M himself for his doctrinaire approach to Education, both as once Minister for Education, and as PM for 22 years!!

That he still speaks in terms if Malays, Chinese and Indians is perhaps revealing of the true nature of that man and his snake oil agenda!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Malaysia Digest said...

Malaysia education sucks

Anonymous said...

the chinese community wants a level playing field.
but educationwise you guys want a headstart- an exemption
of the silly rules that are being used in the national
schools. I for want do not agree in bahasa malaysia
education for the 2000's when the internet is in english.
the mca bosses did not object and neither did the mic head.

at the end of the day the chinese do their own thingy-study
english in singapore syllabus in the chinese school
under the guise of extra tuition. You are right the malay
education officers are a bunch of idiots and najib an arsehole.
He is going to reward the chinese schools for continuuing the segregative
schooling. The malay civil servants and the political bosses do
not have any wawasan....

Anonymous said...

umno crooks want their kids to mix with everybody.

but umno crooks dont want other malay kids to mix with everybody, lest they become 'enlightened' and quickly see thru their (umno's) evil deeds to divide-and-rule.

but mahathir has indeed done a lot for the country; a lot of good and a lot of bad too.


Salak said...

Maybe, the dear Old Guy just wants you all, well provoke if you like, to say what needs to be said.

He has his opinions and he's begun to respect others' too! :))

If parents don't meddle too much with kids, they'll grow up as normal adults. It's adults like those in JAIS that mess things up!

rocky said...

we know it has all got to do with quality but they push that aside. so what about those non chinese parents who send their kids to chinese schools, what is their problem Tun? BTW 70s and 80s lots of chinese go to national school and these people graduated and now sending their kids to chinese schools, why? what about those sending kids to private schools, what about them Tun? well they send cos of quality issue at national schools. you can say what you want, perception of quality at national school is bad. and Tun as education minister was one of those who are guilty of the downward spiral.

rocky said...

BTW zorro hang in there bro on the police appointment. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Obviously crook, intolerant, narrow-minded, coward chinese would continue to enjoy the freedom in this country that their forefather had never dreamt in China. But they continue to attack this country and the malay, and can get away with it as any attempt by the Malay to fight back would be construed as racism. Malaysia would not be an apartheid state, Malaysia would never be ruled by the minorities, Malaysia would not be surrendered to frustrated/corrupt communist immigrants. Go to hell with you away from this country.. the more the better

Anonymous said...

If its one system, then the Malays are up to something... if its vernacular, then the Chinese and the Indians are up to something...

Come on people!!! Grow up!!!

Sadly, this is the only one thing that Malaysians truly have in common.. POINTING FINGERS!!

Anonymous said...


i sure like my kids to mix with your kids. freaking richness from doing nothing, mamak. but then, it aint our culture for getting everything on a platter for doing nothing. it aint the culture of malaysians too until you establish it for your children, mamak.
btw, what have your sons done to deserve to be the top 50 richest in Msia? I wanna debate with you, mamak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro, sad to hear on your appointment with the police in the morning. Please take care.

Anonymous said...


you r getting on their nerves.


pwcheng said...

UMNO does all the corruption and the Chinese are being blamed for the cause. Remember that and who suggested that???

Unknown said...

Be strong, Sir.

Hope they will not throw you in the lockup.

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
On this Point, I Must Agree With You!
I believe you and me are the PRODUCTS of the NTPS (National Type Primary School)and XXXES (XXX English School) ERA!!!
Even our BM (Bahasa Malaysia) are Good because we are MALAYSIANS!!!

These schools were changed to SRJK and SMK after 1975.
That is when the standard of Education began to slide downward!!!

It was the RIVIVAL of SRJK(C)-Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) and the Chinese Independent Schools!!!
PRODUCTS of THESE Schools are BM Boleh, BC Boleh and BI Boleh!!!

We must be Very Thankful to the MINISTER of EDUCATION (MoE) at that time for being So Thoughtful!!!
To ALL you guys out there, Please do not Condemn and Curse the MoE!!!

P.S. How many of you guys out the have heard on Radio, Rangkaian Biru or Blue Network (English Channel) with DJs' Introduction of English Songs in BM!!!

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
Your fans are saying you have a meeting with JSJK today!!!
What have you done for this honour?
If you have not done anything illegal, there is no fear!!!
All the Best and May Go Bless YOU!!!

Sklau said...

Ah shucks, morning coffee with the those men in blue sucks. May the angels be with you Bernard.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Education system died on december 1979 with the final examinations of MCE ended,or 1982 with the final batch sitting for their HSC, after that it went to the dogs with SRP,SPM,STPM dan lain lain lagi. All the capable teachers were killed off by the end of the 1980s. After that we had the ketuanan MAHATHIR POLICY RUNNING FULL SWING TO PROMOTE graduates based on their circumcision.

Anonymous said...

to be honest,the teachers (well,most of them)in chinese schools are racist towards the malays and indians,they tend to degrade other culture and reminding chinese students that their culture are superior to others.but they are lot of chinese educated people who are too a shame or dishonest to admit whatwas goes around inside this schools.and i notice during my school days that students from these schools are very racist and unfriendly compare to the national schools students.i guess ignorant played a part in all these so,what's the excuse now?

i support bangsa malaysia and ONE of the ways to do this ,is to support a single stream school.please ,lets be honest first.

p.s(to add ,they are also racist teachers in national school,i had enough experience from them to last me for a long time ).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously, if u're guilty, u're guilty for being too straight forward, honest, sincere, and brave to voice up an opinion which is so true...

Anonymous said...

When is the government going to have this pariah Mahathir indicted for the many racist remarks he has been making and worst of all the many racist policies he implemented during his tenure as P.M. ?
How can he keep doing things that no one else can without the risk of getting locked up by the police.
He is responsible for loosing more votes than winning them for UMNO/BN in any election. Just look at the GE and the by elections, whenever he was involved, UMNO/BN lost but when he was not UMNO/BN win. An excellent ample is the retired AAB first GE as P.M. when all the Malaysians thought the pariah had retired and came out to celebrate big time and gave AAB over 90% and his appointed team their votes even ignoring the many corrupted UMNO/BN candidates that stood. But as soon as he appeared from his 'retirement' and opened his filthy mouth AAB and his UMNO/BN candidates lost very very very badly. Also the 9 by elections UMNO/BN won only two and both the wins were without his supports and involvement.
UMNO/BN will surely retain the 53 years reign if he was indicted for the many atrocities he committed during his tenure as P.M..
He must be full of envy that Lee Kwan Yew was given the privilege to meet President Obama, when the pariah had to pay big money, just to be seen to meet the U.S. President of that time. More than that LKY was given a U.S.(not a Malaysian one) honour by the existing U.S. President. When will the the pariah ever get that ? Never even in his wildest dream !

Anonymous said...

salam dear Br

May the Almighty always b with u ...He always will ...rest assuredly

God bless U

maj ( rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

bennyloh said...

May god's angels protect you today, uncle.

Jong said...

Let's not jump into conclusion folks. The Commercial Crime Depart's Dsp Mafuz may need some info and good advice on choice of tobacco and pipe smoking, over Tea!

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro
take care!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Cock Fellow! Im referring to the guy who is commenting as anonymous and who is talking cock that this country will never be ruled by communist minority! U have missed the point. I dont know which school u are from....maybe u were home tutored because u talk cock. But u dont have balls to identify yourself! STUPID RACIST!

Ravi Shanker

Anonymous said...

Mahathir BULLSHITS again.

1Shalom, Admiral Tojo

tony said...

Hi Zorro,

Stay the course man. We're with you all the way and our prayers are also with you... and tell that vicious old man he should retire and enjoy his final years ... and maybe he'll find the peace he so desperately wants.

Darryl Khoo said...

Judging from my life experience, the main cause for lack of unity is the NEP.
When i was small, my parents keep on drumming into me the unfairness of the policy where those who r not competent r given rewards such as raise or promotion due to skin colour. We r then trained to strive for excellence in order to survive. That's why chinese send their children to vernacular school where children there r more competitive.
I schooled in the normal national school and thus can mix with all races easily, but lack the competitiveness and killer instinct in life.
Well u win some, lose some. Thats life.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

I am a Chinese Malaysian, spent my school years in Sek. Keb., refused to enrol in SRJK. Had many friends, all multi racial, speak 3 languages fluently but today I have to send my kids to SRJK and Independent Chinese Secondary School. Why? Show me a good quality top performance national school. Stand in front of these national schools and do your own observation of the teachers and the students and make you own conclusion. Think on behalf of your children and where you think the best place for them to study. Don't fuck with your kid's education just because some politicians made a big fuss. Can we trust these politicians in the first place. They themselves don't trust the local national school so how can we trust them.

SRJK teaches our kids, that no one owes them a living and in order to survive, work hard, in fact work insanely hard and these children are being drilled with tons of homework and the environment is very competitive. We need these drills because of the NEP. Work hard and be independent, every man for himself. If others need the crutch, let them have it, we want to stand on our own and be competitive.

So Tun, don't break people's leg just because your own people unable to stand.

carlos said...

If Chinese education is so good, then share it laa...let all malaysian experience what the chinese education has in store. 1 Malaysia maa...this way we can improve everybody. No?

Anonymous said...

Hello doctor, ain't most Chinese Primary School graduates end up in national secondary school where they will learn the difference between SPM and STPM and your distorted meaning of meritocracy.

new fart said...

Hi Ravi Shanker,
That talk-cock scumbag might well turn out to be a Chinese or Indian in disguise trying to stir up racial sentiments. I wouldn't give a shoot about people like that, there are plenty around these days!

mauriyaII said...

Mahathir in his effort to be the dominant race and upgrade the Malays in every sphere of the government machinery, not only corrupted the judiciary, police and other enforcement services but also the education ministry.

In his zeal to infuse more Malays into education, there was a drastic change in the intake of teachers into teachers' training colleges. Quality was sacrificed for mediocre quantity.

To borrow his term, "half past six" school leavers and graduates were roped in to fill the vacuum left by the others who were not selected.

The above is the main reason why the standard of education became worse. Promotions were effected not on merit and other relevant criteria but mainly on the colour of the skin. Speacialist and postgraduate cources were deprived to the others. Here again half past teachers were sent for speacialist and postgraduate cources locally and abroad.

Other races with better qualifications were not enrolled into teaching but even those who had postgraduate degrees found themselves denied of promotion. Some who could not stomach this selective treatment left better prospects in the private sector.

To say Chinese parents send their children to Chinese schools because they do not want their children to mix with the Malays is very mischevous to say the least.

It is akin to provoking the Malays into race baiting and race profiling.

Even at his ripe old age it is very obvious that his Malay Dilemma mentality has not faded after all these years of affirmative action.

He still blames others for his harebrained ideas and ego that has brought the country to the level of Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hi !
Dear all,
This old cross-breed foxy has never learnt even he grown old.

Normally , man get wiser as they getting older, but he is in contrast.

".....(Bernama) -- To become a Malaysian, one must at least go to the same school, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said a single stream school was an ideal system practised by other countries in the world.

"Well, I think that is an ideal system...no country in the world has got three streams...none...all the countries in the world have got only one stream each based on their own language......"

refer to http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/28300/84/

Can this cross-breed monster explain those whose send their young children to private school or oversea since they are young ?

This is what old saying said " Head not straight , how can a tail be correct "

Anonymous said...

Abang Zorro,

Believe it or not, I actually shed tears of frustration. Sakitnya hati ini!!!


May Allah gives you the strength.

Anonymous said...

Tun, so shocking to hear from a former PM of Malaysia blaming the chinese parent for not sending their children to Govt school IN mALAYSIA BUT have he ever ask his MPs and YBs from his time to the present MPs and YBs who DO NOT SEND THEIR CHILDREN OVERSEA STUDY???? IF OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM WAS SO GOOD. Pls it is you people who should put their children to study locally BUT how many YOU MPs and YBs do that????

Madeku367 said...

Single stream schools MUST start from secondary school onwards so that the children will mix well.

Primary vernacular schools are great so that the children can speak Tamil/Chinese well.

They will be multi-lingual and have the best of both worlds.

psc said...

may the force be with you

Anonymous said...

go to the same stream and same school...no way..cream of the crops will never be creampied in the ass

Anonymous said...

I went to the Singapore school system and I can expertly say Muhiyiddin and Mahathir don't have a f***king clue what they are talking about.

Singapore unity is for a lot of other reason and the schools had little to do with it. If anything the Singapore experience is PROOF that forcing a single stream is a BAD idea.

What happened in Singapore was that while LKY tried to force a single system, he never succeeded. All he did was repressed it and in the end his own national system became more like the Chinese schools that he opposed when conformity was not working anymore. The elite 'independent' schools look more like Chinese schools of old and not surprising the top school in Singapore is the one that top 'Chinese' school.

Anonymous said...

Kah kah kah...Cukup perkauman...kekalkanlah Sek Cina tu...hahaha. Rasis sungguh...Sekolah Cina tak boleh diusik langsung....hahahaha...Saya anak Bangsa Malaysia? Ketuanan Melayu...rasis....hahaha...sekolah cina.....tak rasis....hahaha...kah kah kah...tahniah....sebab saya anak bangsa Malaysia...

diploma lecturer said...

dear zorro,

how can u say chinese school is superior in quality? any proof to support your statement? please explain.

i'm just wondering ok, not being racist or whatsoever. because teaching in univ, i cannot see how chinese students from chinese schools are to have more quality compared to to those malay/indian students.

Anonymous said...

TDM "always" says whatever he wants coz he knows he can get away with it...!!!

That's your answer...!!!!!!!!!

Now..., "who's" starting a racial problem again...???
I thought the older he gets, the wiser one'll be.

Must be reaching senial mode...!!!

ANN BK3 said...

Looks who's talking when he conveniently forgot 'I STARTED IT ALL!!!