Saturday, June 4, 2011







Anonymous said...

IAEA did nothing to stop Iraq from being invaded in the pretext of WMD. What makes you think they care about the people in Gebeng or Kuantan or Pahang or even Malaysia.

They were just here for a junket to be feted. They will fly back on first class with expensive gifts from their host.

That, in exchange for a report that will say the plant is safe ... if protective measures are taken ... and a thousand other "ifs".

All of you are dumb idiots to think that you can get experts to give an independent view.

No experts will dare opine in the negatives. Have you seen any stock analysts who analyse a public listed company and then says you should sell the company's stocks? The last one who did that is probably selling char kueh teow at the hawker centre now.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest problem of this world today is IGNORANCE.
A deadly problem is when IGNORANCE is combined with POLITICS as seen by the PR Stooges echoed in many blogs and taking to the streets in protest.

Old man, What do you know about radioactivity? are you a physicist?
Ever studied in detail the subject matter of an isotope and/or nuclide? Tell me the radioactive relationship between isotops and radioisotopes/ radionuclides.

So old man, how much radiation is produced in mobile phones? Do you happen to own one?
Or are you just dangerously spinning lies and misinforming people?

Talk about standards of education being lowered, well one of the produce of low education are people just like you. People who talk shit without facts.
And yet we wonder why the standard of education in Malaysia is in the dumps. It is because of teachers like you. Do we blame the government or blame half past six teachers like you? Well, I'm sure its easier to lay all the blame on the government

Anonymous said...

Not at all. The IAEA panel will also take back with them plenty of souvenirs and memories of a wonderful holiday in Cherating and Genting.

zorro said...

Anon933pm....I will not answer you here. Your comments "merit" a posting on this blog tomorrow. Be prepared for some fun! For now have a good rest as I have to watch the England match. Sweet dreams....tomorrow is another day. Ta ta.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Pls ignore anon 9.33pm. He is a typical example of our failed edu sys - total disrespect for someone older [ which teacher taught him to call a senior 'old man'?] and arguing without facts and figures, simply throwing in big words like he knows them all when actually he's a complete ignoramus trying to be clever - typical of those vain conceited ones. He's a disgrace to the country.

Anonymous said...

Old Chinese chauvinist like Bernard Khoo does not deserve any respect. Not when he spent a good part of his life abusing Indian students and sexually molesting them. Dont think that people who knew of his past have forgotten.

zorro said...

Anon1158am....I dared to put up your comment. Now, I dare you to make a police report! Do it if you are a man. Meanwhile I will get your IP and will expose you.

new fart said...

Yes, bro, expose this asshole! It is a serious crime to accuse someone of sexual molest without concrete proof. These Dumno goons have resorted to garbage attacks and we must all stand up to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.33am & 11.58am,

Tsk, tsk, is that all you have to insult Zorro? Remember, Zorro has eaten more salt than you have eaten rice.

Anonymous said...

So damn sad that UMNO, Perkasa and MCA can only come up with people who write abusive languages, not put up a rational argument.

Let the British return to rule Malaysia. I'm sure the people from this triumvirate will suck up to the British and lap everything the Brits say, do and even excrete.